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First Read's Morning Clips: Walker says reelection race will be toughest yet

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day.
Image: Scott Walker
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin speaks during the third day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, July 20.J. Scott Applewhite / AP

MIDTERM MADNESS: Scott Walker vows re-election fight will be toughest one yet

The Washington Post sums up Mitch McConnell’s troubles as the party faces nasty primaries and intraparty tensions in key Senate races.

And the New York Times writes on how Republicans are seizing on the specter of impeachment to motivate their base.

2020: POLITICO writes that Kamala Harris remains something of a mystery to voters in her home state.

AZ-GOV: NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard reports that the RGA is going up with TV ads to tout Gov. Doug Ducey’s education plan amid the announcement of teacher walkouts.

CA-GOV: The Los Angeles Times notes that Gavin Newsom has skipped some of his duties as lieutenant governor.

GA-GOV: A new AJC poll shows Stacey Abrams leading Stacey Evans among Democratic voters, but 52 percent remain undecided.

IL-GOV: There’s a new third party candidate in the governor’s race, and it could be a headache for Bruce Rauner.

ND-SEN: Republicans are taking aim at Heidi Heitkamp for National High Five Day, writes Andrew Rafferty.

NY-GOV: Cynthia Nixon took aim at Andrew Cuomo during an appearance on The Late Show.

OH-SEN: Ted Cruz endorsed Mary Taylor.

TN-SEN: Donald Trump is backing Marsha Blackburn, saying “I will be there to campaign with her!”

TX-SEN: The Washington Post asks: Could a Democrat really win a Senate race in Texas?

VA-10: Why, exactly, is Barbara Comstock keeping up the fight when so many of her fellow Republican lawmakers are calling it quits? The Washington Post takes a look.

WI-GOV: Scott Walker says “This election is going to be tougher than any one I have been involved with, including the recall.”

WV-SEN: Democrats are aiming to boost Don Blankenship.

TRUMP AGENDA: Everything you wanted to know about the Comey memos (but were afraid to ask)

Here’s everything you need to know about the Comey memos, via Mike Memoli.

Rudy Giuliani has joined Trump’s legal team.

POLITICO writes that Mitch McConnell is aiming to confirm conservative judges in case the Senate flips.

Leigh Ann Caldwell sums up Tammy Duckworth’s history-making vote yesterday — with her new baby in tow.

McClatchy writes that a group of Democratic senators is asking the White House to explain how much the Koch brothers are influencing public policy.

There are some cracks in GOP support for Scott Pruitt, writes the New York Times.

Chuck Schumer will introduce a bill to decriminalize marijuana, per Vice News Tonight.