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OFF TO THE RACES: What to watch

The Wall Street Journal offers a good primer on what to watch in tonight's primary contests.

A problem for Democrats, noted by the New York Times: Yes, the economy is getting better, but not for the party's key constituencies like minorities and young women.

American Crossroads is kicking off a $9 million ad spree in four states, the Washington Post writes.

ARKANSAS: Election officials are expecting turnout in the state to be somewhere around 20 percent.

CALIFORNIA: Gov. Jerry Brown is pushing climate change to the forefront, calling the state the "epicenter" of its effects, the New York Times reports.

GEORGIA: The Wall Street Journal looks at the rise of David Perdue, a little-known executive who rose to the top of the polls by stressing his business background.

(Related: The Washington Post finds that only six current senators got to the upper chamber with no previous political experience.)

Here's the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's primer on the state's races.

IDAHO: Wolf politics are big in Idaho. Gov. Butch Otter met Monday with advocates calling for his ouster over policies that allow the wolf population to be thinned out. The Idaho Statesman: "Since most of the Republican Party in Idaho has opposed in one fashion or the other the reintroduction and the remarkable growth of the wolf population over the last 19 years, the protesters may actually may help Otter in his primary race against State Sen. Russ Fulcher, and now perhaps Harley Brown, the biker whose Idaho Public Television debate performance last week made the nation laugh and may help him to become a factor in the race."

KENTUCKY: Turnout in the state is expected to be less than thirty percent, writes the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Big money is coming for McConnell in the general election. Kentuckians for Strong Leadership and the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition have bought a combined $5.2 million in ad time for the weeks after today's primary.

Via NBC's Kasie Hunt and Ben Mayer, McConnell's closing pitch to voters includes this line: "There’s only one thing we can do in 2014: make me offensive coordinator instead of defensive coordinator."

MONTANA: Sen. John Walsh's campaign is targeting Republican Steve Daines on outsourcing, saying that Daines helped "pioneer" the practice of moving manufacturing jobs to China during his time working with Procter and Gamble.

OREGON: This story continues. Per the Oregonian: "The ex-husband of Republican Senate candidate Monica Wehby accused her of "ongoing harassment" as they were going through a divorce in December 2007 and also called the police on her in December 2009 over a dispute about seeing their children."

PENNSYLVANIA: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offers its primer for voters here.

Meanwhile, embattled Gov. Tom Corbett argues that he's already set in motion the kind of political programs his Democratic opponents are touting. "The things talked about that they would like to do, and I’m saying check, we’ve already started that process, check, we’ve started that process," he said in a radio interview.

VIRGINIA: The Richmond Times-Dispatch: "A federal judge is expected to rule Tuesday on defense motions to dismiss the 11 corruption charges against former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, or to separate their trials."


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