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OBAMA AGENDA: “A unanimous rebuke”

The New York Times: “The Supreme Court issued a unanimous rebuke to President Obama on Thursday, saying he had overreached in issuing recess appointments during brief breaks in the Senate’s work.”

The Washington Post: “The Obama administration asked Congress on Thursday to authorize $500 million in direct U.S. military training and equipment for Syrian opposition fighters, a move that could significantly escalate U.S. involvement in Syria’s civil war.”

Obama left Washington yesterday for a “day in the life” trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he enjoyed a famous local burger and some ice cream before a town hall discussion. “President Obama, saying he was feeling ‘super loose,’ tried to connect with ordinary people Thursday, the latest attempt by the former community organizer to get out of the White House and back on the streets,” writes the Los Angeles Times.

Before concluding the town hall, Obama took a moment to deliver “an impassioned plea reminding voters he is fighting for them despite the “phony scandals” that have dominated headlines for much of his second term,” per NBC.

CONGRESS: Praising Howard Baker

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to House Speaker Boehner on Thursday urging him “to consult with Democrats in their formal examination of the surge of immigrant children attempting to cross the Southwest border,” Roll Call writes.

Pelosi and other Democratic members of Congress will travel to Texas this weekend to visit a South Texas detention center holding unaccompanied minors who have crossed the border.

Both sides of the aisle joined together to praise former Republican Majority Leader Howard Baker, who died Thursday.

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Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called Baker “an earnest man [who] worked with any members in passing legislation for the good of America, someone that could do everything.”

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) said Baker will “be remembered with fondness.”


Good news for Scott WalkerClinton Watch: “[Bill] Clinton has delivered hundreds of paid speeches, lifting a family that was “dead broke,” as wife Hillary Rodham Clinton phrased it earlier this month, to a point of such extraordinary wealth that it is now seen as a potential political liability if she runs for president in 2016,” the Washington Post reports.

Scott Walker Watch: Wisconsin governor and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker is not a target in an investigation into illegal fundraising, a prosecutor said Thursday.

FLORIDA: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist released ten years of tax returns after Gov. Rick Scott accused him of “hiding,” the Miami Herald reports.

TENNESSEE: Tea Party Senate candidate Joe Carr released his first television ad on Thursday, hitting incumbent Sen. Lamar Alexander on immigration: “Thousands of illegal aliens are overrunning our border. President Obama created this crisis only after Lamar Alexander voted for amnesty.”

WISCONSIN: Congressional candidate Karen Mueller said a federal ruling that would open the door for gay couples to wed could lead to incestuous marriages, per the Tomah Journal.

VIRGINIA: David Bratt, the Tea Party-backed conservative who defeated Rep. Eric Cantor this month, said Obama’s policies are to blame for the influx of children illegally crossing the border, per Politico.


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