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OBAMA AGENDA: No longer tempered when talking about the economy

From the AP: "For most of last year, President Barack Obama tempered his pitch on the economy: It may be improving, he would say, but millions of Americans had yet to benefit from the rebound. But now that caveat is gone, replaced by a bullish new message as Obama marches into his second-to-last year."

The Wall Street Journal: "The White House is pushing for new laws and executive actions that would tighten corporate defenses against cyberattacks, following major breaches at Target, Home Depot , and Sony Pictures Entertainment."

POLITICO looks at the White House's decision to skip the weekend's Paris march.

The New York Times, on the Paris terrorist attacks' political impact in France: "In the days after a series of terror attacks, Mr. Hollande, long seen by much of his electorate as weak and indecisive, has had a great boost politically. As he gathered around him dozens of world leaders for Sunday’s vast rally in support of liberty, solidarity and tolerance, he seemed for the moment to rise to their stature. But no one expects this mood of solidarity to last very long; indeed, the attacks have already sharpened his clash with the far-right leader Marine Le Pen."

John Kerry is headed to France on Thursday amid criticism that no high-ranking US officials went to this weekend's unity march.

Reuters reports that Cuba has freed all 53 prisoners it had promised to release.

CONGRESS: Dems draft “action plan” to combat income inequality

"Senior Democrats, dissatisfied with the party’s tepid prescriptions for combating income inequality, are drafting an “action plan” that calls for a massive transfer of wealth from the super-rich and Wall Street traders to the heart of the middle class," writes the Washington Post.

"Assuaging the conservative wing of their conference, House Republicans will vote to dismantle a series of White House immigration actions ranging back to Obama's first term. Among them are a measure from 2012 that defers deportation for undocumented immigrants brought to the country at a young age and Obama's executive action from last year that will grant temporary work status and deportation deferrals to millions more immigrants," writes the National Journal.

Writes Roll Call: "House Republicans emerged from a special conference meeting Friday with a new plan and a new tone pleasing to conservatives who have long been intent on defunding President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration."

OFF TO THE RACES: Jeb vs. Mitt

From over the weekend: The Washington Post looks at the sometimes tense relationship between Bush and Romney.

Bloomberg's take: "Even if Romney doesn't get into the race, his comments send a powerful signal to such prospective candidates as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Florida Senator Marco Rubio that the party's 2012 presidential nominee is convinced a Bush candidacy is flawed and there is room for other players in the primary."

Writes the Wall Street Journal: "Several Republicans eyeing presidential bids in 2016 are tackling policy questions not typically identified as conservative priorities, including wage stagnation and aid for the poor, an early bid to address a political weakness that helped sink the party’s last White House nominee."

And here's the Washington Post's take: "Presidential hopefuls in both parties agree on at least one thing: Economic mobility, and the feeling of many Americans that they are being shut out from the nation’s prosperity, will be a defining theme of the 2016 campaign."

The Ames Straw Poll lives on. The Des Moines Register: "The Iowa Straw Poll has fended off a barrage of criticism and will continue to be a milestone on the path to the White House. The governing board for the state GOP voted this morning 16 to 0 to proceed with planning for the summertime event, despite pressure from influential state and national Republicans to scrap it and focus instead on the presidential caucuses several months later."

The Boston Globe looks at the influence of Iowa's Rep. Steve King.

BUSH: From the New York Times, over the weekend: "Mr. Bush, 61, the former governor of Florida, insists that he will not contort himself to satisfy the ideologues of the Republican Party as he lays the groundwork for a possible presidential run in 2016. But as he pledges to stay true to his beliefs, an examination of Mr. Bush’s record reveals ways in which those views have already changed since his first run for elected office — in presentation, in tone, in language and, at times, in substance."

CHRISTIE: The New Jersey governor's team lost, AND he got ribbed by Packer fan Paul Ryan on Twitter.

PAUL: "Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is bringing on Republican strategist Chris LaCivita as a senior adviser as he prepares for a likely presidential campaign," writes the Wall Street Journal.

ROMNEY: From Perry Bacon Jr: There's no guarantee that Romney's third time would be the charm.

SANTORUM: The New York Times talks to Rick Santorum. "Discussing Mr. Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and winner of the 2008 Iowa caucuses, Mr. Santorum raised four policy issues that he said would prompt questions about Mr. Huckabee’s fealty to conservative principles. Mr. Santorum was even harsher when discussing Mr. Paul of Kentucky and Mr. Cruz of Texas, both first-term senators, dismissing them as “bomb throwers” with scant achievements."

And around the country…

CALIFORNIA: The LA Times reports that Tom Steyer is interested in Barbara Boxer's Senate seat.

And so is Antonio Villaraigosa.


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