Hillary Clinton to Dem Women: ‘Midterms Matter’

Hillary Clinton worked to fire up Democratic women Friday as the party looks to turn out its base voters in November’s contested midterm elections. “I know they may not be as glamorous as presidential elections, but these upcoming midterm elections really are crucial to our country’s future,” she told the audience at a Democratic National Committee women’s leadership forum in Washington.

Highlighting the role that female lawmakers have had in breaking Washington gridlock and advocating for progressive policies, Clinton praised a “movement” of women making a difference in government. “Don’t let anyone dismiss what you’re doing here today as women’s work,” she said. “Don’t let anyone send you back to the sidelines.”

Clinton didn’t mention her own possible presidential ambitions, but she did note that she is on “grandbaby watch” as her daughter Chelsea prepares for the birth of her first child.

She also offered a vociferous defense of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who introduced the former secretary of state. Wasserman Schultz has been under the spotlight after POLITICO reported that her fellow Democrats believe she is “becoming a liability” to the committee.

- Carrie Dann