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Hillary Clinton Said She Was 'Thinking' About a 2016 Run. So. Many. Times.

/ Source: NBC News

It’s finally all happening.

At long last, Hillary Clinton is finally about to do the thing that the world has speculated that she would do ever since the slow-motion failure of her last bid: She's going to say she's running for president again.

The long-awaited announcement comes after years of speculation, featuring psychoanalysis of Clinton’s hints and nonanswers about her career aspirations, as well as a dictionary’s worth of headlines questioning whether she would run, why she might not run and when she might announce that she wasn’t running.

All of those headlines can head straight into the same bin where those dusty “Why Mitt Romney Will be the 2016 GOP Nominee” stories now reside.

But nonetheless, it’s worth taking a stroll down memory lane to remember all myriad ways in the past two years that Hillary Clinton communicated her mystic future plans.

"Let me say this, hypothetically speaking, I really do hope that we have a woman president in my lifetime”

June 21, 2013, at a conference in Toronto

"I don't think we should be looking at the next election...I haven't made up my mind"

December 19, 2013, in an interview with Barbara Walters

“I will certainly ponder that.”

February 27, 2014, at the University of Miami

"I'm obviously thinking about all kinds of decisions"

March 24, 2014, in a speech at the Clinton Foundation

“I am obviously deeply honored to have some people ask me and people encourage me … and I am obviously thinking about it”

April 8, 2014, at a Marketo marketing summit


April 9, 2014 at a forum in Portland, Oregon, read a question from a 6 year-old about a possible run

“I'm going to decide when it feels right for me to decide”

June 8, 2014, in an interview with Dianne Sawyer

"It is an unfinished business but I think there is more than one way to finish the business"

June 10, 2014, in an interview with NBC Nightly News

“I’m about to have my first grandchild, which I’m thrilled about. I can’t wait. I want to see what that feels like. I’m not going to skip over it. I want to really be present, as I meet this … new person in our family.”

July 17, 2014, in an interview with Charlie Rose

“I am going to be making a decision around probably after the first of the year.”

September 5, 2014, at the Telmex Foundation

"It is true, I am thinking about it. But for today, that is not why I'm here. I'm here for the steak."

September 14, 2014, at the Iowa Steak Fry

“It is such a hard job. I don’t care whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, where you’re from, what your political aspirations are. It is such a challenging job.”

December 4, 2014, at the Massachusetts Conference for Women

"I am obviously talking to a lot of people, thinking it through"

February 24, 2015, Re/code interview

“All in good time”

April 1, 2015, at an event in Brooklyn