It’s Official: Pelosi Maintains Post as House Democratic Leader

It’s official: Nancy Pelosi will lead House Democrats as their minority leader again.

Pelosi’s was already considered a shoo-in for re-election and had already announced her new leadership team before Tuesday morning’s caucus elections.

"It is humbling and it is prideful to be elected leader by your caucus," Pelosi to reporters after the announcement.

Pelosi Feels 'Liberated' By Support From House Dems 0:53

But amid reports of some party grumbling about Pelosi’s leadership style in the wake of painful Democratic losses, any audible opposition to Pelosi’s election would have grabbed plenty of media attention. An aide in the closed-door meeting said that she was unanimously selected by voice vote – with no dissenters.

The nomination of Pelosi was offered by California Rep. Eric Swalwell and seconded by three members.

“Divided government doesn't have to mean gridlock,” noted Illinois Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky during the proceedings, aides said.

Pelosi addressed the caucus as well, calling Democrats “the strongest team on the field,” according to sources in the room.

- NBC's Carrie Dann contributed