Liberal Billionaire Tops 2014 Donor List

Twenty-one Americans have already donated $1 million or more so far this election cycle. Topping the list is liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, who has contributed more than $11 million, according to updated Center for Responsive Politics data.

Steyer has promised to spend $100 million – and maybe even more – before Election Day.

Sarah Bryner, the Center’s research director, said donors such as Steyer exemplify a growing trend. “Post -Citizens United, people on the list are very ideologically-driven,” she said. “They tend to donate a lot of money, and they do so for ideological causes.”

(The list doesn’t include the conservative billionaire Koch Brothers, because it counts only money given to federal candidates, Super PACs and 527s.)

The Center for Responsive Politics also lists the most expensive race in the country – Kentucky’s Senate contest, where Republican Mitch McConnell, Democrat Alison Grimes and others have raised more than $33 million.