Make Sure This is Competent’ : Chris Christie’s Advice for House GOP Freshmen

Fortifying his national leadership role, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie visited Capitol Hill Monday to address newly elected Republican House members.

The event was private, and Christie declined to speak with reporters either entering or leaving the Capitol.

But Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy described Christie's message to the class of new lawmakers this way: "Make sure that this is competent and that we're working, that we find solutions. Exactly what these people ran on."

Newly elected Montana Representative-Elect, Ryan Zinke, a former Navy SEAL, told reporters that Christie's message was about achieving practical reforms and legislation. Zinke referred to tax reform, energy independence and limited government regulation.

Zinke added that there was no discussion of Christie's potential national aspirations but that Christie was asked how he could work to unite the party. "His answer was to focus on things that we can agree on," Zinke said.

The event was organized by the Committee on House Administration, which sets up the new orientation.