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Prosecutors have alleged that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker -- up for re-election this year and mentioned as a possible presidential candidate -- was part of a "wide-ranging scheme" that illegally coordinated fundraising for the 2011-2012 recalls in the state, newly released documents show.

These prosecutors argue that Walker, a Republican, and his top aides worked with outside conservative groups -- like Wisconsin Club for Growth -- in these recalls, including Walker's own 2012 recall (which he won).

They cite one email that Walker sent to prominent Republican strategist Karl Rove on May 4, 2011 during the state Senate recall elections highlighting Walker adviser R.J. Johnson's importance in leading the coordination effort.

"Bottom line: R.J. helps keep in place a team that is wildly successful in Wisconsin. We are running 9 recall elections and it will be like running 9 Congressional markets in every market in the state (and Twin Cities)," Walker said to Rove in an email.

These documents were unsealed as part of a lawsuit by Wisconsin Club for Growth trying to halt the state's "John Doe" investigation into these campaign-finance allegations.

This isn't the first time this year a document release has caused problems for Walker. In February, thousands of pages of emails from a separate investigation suggested coordination between Walker's then-county-executive office and his 2010 gubernatorial campaign team.

Democratic National Committee press secretary Michael Czin said in a statement that Walkers's alleged action is a "clear violation of the public's trust."

"For years, Walker has refused to answer questions about his conduct," he said. "Now that prosecutors have alleged criminal conduct by Walker, it’s time for him to come clean to the people of Wisconsin and face the consequences, whatever they may be.”