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Sanders Outspends Clinton in April 26 Primary States

Bernie Sanders is still outspending Hillary Clinton over the airwaves.
This combination of file photos shows Democratic presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders(L)on March 31, 2016 and Hillary Clinton on March 30, 2016, US presidential primaries spark back to life April 5, 2016 after an eventful 10-day break. For Clinton, a loss in Wisconsin would be more symbolic than anything else, as the state distributes delegates proportionally according to the primary results. But she comes into the contest having lost five of the last six states to Bernie Sanders, and polls show him finishing on top in Wisconsin. / AFP PHOTO / PHOTO DESKPHOTO DESK/AFP/Getty ImagesAFP - Getty Images

Bernie Sanders is still outspending Hillary Clinton over the airwaves.

His campaign has spent $4.6 million in ads in the April 26 primary states of Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, according to ad-spending data from SMG Delta.

By comparison, the Clinton campaign has spent $2.4 million in those same states. (Delaware is also holding a primary on Tuesday, but it shares a media market with Pennsylvania – so it doesn’t show up in the SMG Delta numbers.)

On the Republican side, outside groups opposing Donald Trump spent just $100,000 in these April 26 states, while Trump’s campaign aired $1.3 million -- in Pennsylvania alone.

Yet looking ahead to next week’s primary in Indiana, anti-Trump forces have spent $2 million in ads, while Ted Cruz and his allies have spent an additional $2.2 million. By contrast, Trump has spent $960,000 over the airwaves in the Hoosier State.