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President Obama's Organizing for Action is releasing a new video highlighting Americans who have benefitted under the new health-care law -- this one from California resident Amy Zock.

"When I was one year's old, I was diagnosed with a coarctation of my aorta -- it means my aorta is really narrow. I tried to get health insurance through the private market, and it said right there in bold letters, 'You are denied because of your pre-existing heart condition.'"

She adds, "Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I am no longer denied coverage based on my pre-existing condition."

After the Obama administration worked to (mostly) fix its federal health-care website, the fight over the president's health-care law has largely turned into a battle over anecdotes. Republican opponents have highlighted stories about Americans who have seen their premiums increase and their access to doctors narrowed, while Democrats have featured stories like Amy Zock's.