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Hillary Clinton Has 'Love' for Snapchat in Joke About Email Scandal

"I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves," Clinton said Friday during an Iowa campaign stop dinner.
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Hillary Clinton couldn't help but rib her competition — and laugh at her own controversies — during a Democratic fundraiser dinner Friday night in Iowa.

In a packed ballroom for a Wing Ding Dinner event, the Democratic presidential candidate touched on the scandal surrounding her use of a private server to send emails while she was secretary of state.

"You may have seen that I recently launched a Snapchat account," she said. "I love it. I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves."

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The social media posts are known for disappearing within about 10 seconds after a user views them.

The joke drew laughs, but reporters got serious when they threw questions at Clinton during a brief session at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. The former New York senator was immediately asked about the controversy — and even if her Snapchat joke signaled she was taking the investigation too lightly.

"I never sent classified material on my email, and I never received any that was marked classified," Clinton said in a response similar to ones she has previously given.

Thousands of pages of Clinton’s released emails revealed that she did receive “top secret” messages, although the State Department maintains that the emails were not marked as classified when they were forwarded to Clinton.

"We’ll see how this all plays out, but it’s not something the people raise with me as I travel around the country," said Clinton, adding that voters in Iowa and around the U.S. are more focused on talking about other issues.

She blamed her Republican opponents for harping on the email probe. “This is the usual 'partisanization' of anything that goes on,” she said, acknowledging the made-up word.

Clinton agreed this week to turn over her personal email server and a thumb drive that contains work-related emails to the Justice Department as a part of an investigation. The probe is not looking into Clinton herself, but rather the security of her emails, which Clinton pointed out on Saturday.

Clinton was joined by former Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, who announced Friday he was endorsing her candidacy.

"She has the experience. I’ve watched her work in the Senate. I’ve watched her reach across the aisle. We need more of that in Washington," Harkin said Saturday.

Clinton thanked Harkin when he concluded his remarks to the press by saying that her campaign was "much better and involved" than it was when she ran in 2008.

"I believe, in the caucuses, Hillary is going to come out way on top," Harkin said.

Clinton also used the time to criticize remarks that potential Republican rival Jeb Bush made Friday at the fair when he said the U.S. shouldn’t have pulled troops out of Iraq when it did.

"He should present the entire picture, and the entire picture, as you know, includes the agreement that George W. Bush made with the Malaki government in Iraq that set the end of 2011 as the date to withdraw American troops," Clinton said.

Her speech at Friday's dinner also included sharp critiques of the Republican presidential candidates. But she saved her most pointed barbs for Donald Trump, saying the attention in the GOP race had centered on a "certain flamboyant front-runner."

The country, she said, shouldn't be distracted: "Most of the other candidates are just Trump without the pizzazz or the hair."

Trump arrived at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday in a helicopter. He spoke with the media before ending his talk by offering free chopper rides to children.