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Mayor Karen Bass rips Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for busing migrants to L.A. during Tropical Storm Hilary

Bass said Abbott sent a bus full of migrants to Los Angeles while the city was under "an unprecedented tropical storm warning," which she called "a despicable act beyond politics.”
Karen Bass during a news conference in Los Angeles
Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass described Greg Abbott's action as "evil," saying, "If anybody understands the danger of hurricanes and thunderstorms, it’s the Governor of Texas."Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP file

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass blasted Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott late Monday for transporting migrants to the city as Tropical Storm Hilary bore down on the region.

"It is evil to endanger the lives of vulnerable migrants by sending a bus with families and toddlers on board to a city that at the time was under an unprecedented tropical storm warning," Bass said in a statement.

Bass said that as she warned Angelenos about the storm, "the Governor of Texas sent families and toddlers straight for us on a path through extreme weather conditions."

"If anybody understands the danger of hurricanes and thunderstorms, it’s the Governor of Texas — who has to deal with this threat on an annual basis. This is a despicable act beyond politics," she added.

Bass' office said that migrants were transported by bus, which left Brownsville, Texas, on Sunday and arrived Monday evening at Los Angeles' Union Station. Her office said she mayor and her team became aware of the bus while Los Angeles' emergency operations center was activated at a higher level to handle the major storm.

Bass' office said it was the ninth bus of migrants to have been sent to Los Angeles.

Asked for comment, Abbott's press secretary, Andrew Mahaleris, said: "Bus drivers receive updated weather conditions along their routes and for their destination ahead of and while en route to the sanctuary cities. Yesterday’s bus rerouted out of an abundance of caution and took a cautious path to Los Angeles to keep all on board safe.

"Migrants willingly chose to go to Los Angeles, having signed a voluntary consent waiver available in multiple languages upon boarding that they agreed on the destination," he continued. "And they were processed and released by the federal government, who are dumping them at historic levels in Texas border towns because of the Biden-made crisis. Each bus is stocked with food and water and makes stops along the trip to refuel and switch drivers."

Tropical Storm Hilary blanketed Southern California on Sunday with intense rainfall, which led to flooded roadways, and a state of emergency was declared for much of the area. Flash flood warnings had been in place into early Monday.

Over the last several months, Abbott has been sending migrants to California and other cities run by Democrats. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who's running for president, has done the same, and he has feuded with California Gov. Gavin Newsom over it.

When Abbott sent a bus of migrants to Los Angeles in June, he justified the move by arguing that it is a major city "that migrants seek to go to" and said it provided "much-needed relief" for his state as people cross into the U.S. at the border between Texas and Mexico.