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Catch up with Meet the Press blog posts from past years leading up to May 17, 2022
Image: Illustration of photos depicting voters on line, voting booths, the Capitol, the White House and raised hands.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

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1262d ago / 4:40 PM UTC

Democrat John Bel Edwards at 45 percent in new poll of crowded field days before Louisiana gubernatorial election

1262d ago / 9:36 PM UTC

Trump campaign touts Republican rule changes to keep 2020 convention delegates in line

1262d ago / 8:30 PM UTC

Harris: I would vote in Senate to remove President Trump from office

1262d ago / 6:40 PM UTC

Prominent New York Dems face a new crop of young primary challengers for 2020

1262d ago / 5:29 PM UTC

Trump remains underwater in Virginia, Northam’s approval jumps up

1263d ago / 4:33 PM UTC

Trump campaign spends more than $500,000 on anti-Biden, anti-impeachment ads

1263d ago / 6:55 PM UTC

Eight presidential candidates stump at SEIU summit

1264d ago / 7:04 PM UTC

ICYMI: Stories that got lost in the shuffle

1265d ago / 12:41 AM UTC

Biden bashes Trump as 'most corrupt president we've had'

1266d ago / 5:05 PM UTC

New Hampshire voters scrutinize health care plans in 2020 candidates


1266d ago / 3:33 PM UTC

Trump campaign targets Biden in key early states

1266d ago / 7:47 PM UTC

Sanders campaign says candidate is 'looking forward to the October debate' after hospitalization

, and

1267d ago / 5:03 PM UTC

Immigration, health care dominating Kentucky gov airwaves

1267d ago / 11:48 AM UTC

Biden to Trump: 'I'm not going anywhere'

1267d ago / 9:59 AM UTC

Booker rolls out child poverty plan

1267d ago / 5:38 PM UTC

Trump campaign spends more than $2 million on Facebook after Dems begin impeachment push

1268d ago / 10:00 AM UTC

Klobuchar makes first TV ad buy in Iowa, New Hampshire

1268d ago / 12:19 AM UTC

Trump, RNC combine for $125 million raised in third quarter

1268d ago / 9:32 PM UTC

More than 50 former female ambassadors call on administration to protect Yovanovitch


1268d ago / 8:10 PM UTC

S.C. poll: Biden leads, retains huge advantage with black voters

1268d ago / 8:05 PM UTC

Sanders to go up on air with first buy of $1.3 million

1268d ago / 5:55 PM UTC

Claudia Tenney joins group of former GOP lawmakers running for revenge in 2020

1269d ago / 7:03 PM UTC

Sanders releases income inequality tax proposal


1269d ago / 5:50 PM UTC

Tom Steyer's ad spending approaches $20 million

1270d ago / 3:27 PM UTC

Sixth Texas House Republican announces retirement

1272d ago / 3:54 PM UTC

ICYMI: Political stories of the week that didn't include the "I" word

1273d ago / 3:52 PM UTC

Twelve candidates will share the stage at next Democratic debate

1273d ago / 1:12 PM UTC

Elizabeth Warren releases plan to combat lobbyists


1273d ago / 7:10 PM UTC

Booker: Withholding Ukraine aid for political gain would be 'treasonous'

1275d ago / 4:27 PM UTC

Pete Buttigieg’s latest television ad takes aim at Medicare For All

1275d ago / 12:57 AM UTC

Trump campaign launches rapid reaction to impeachment push

1275d ago / 8:36 PM UTC

13 House Democrats in Trump districts support some action on Trump impeachment

1276d ago / 4:01 PM UTC

N.H. poll: Warren holds slim lead, Gabbard qualifies for October Democratic debate

1276d ago / 3:39 PM UTC

'Sometimes I am misread': On bus tour, Buttigieg looks to pull back the curtain


1276d ago / 5:40 PM UTC

Booker campaign raises more than $500,000 since Saturday as it seeks to stay afloat in Dem primary

1277d ago / 3:37 PM UTC

NBC/WSJ poll: Voters divided over environmental, energy proposals

1278d ago / 11:10 PM UTC

Democratic candidates stump at the Iowa Steak Fry – Part 2

, and

1278d ago / 11:10 PM UTC

Democratic candidates stump at the Iowa Steak Fry – Part 1

, and

1278d ago / 5:50 PM UTC

2020 Democrats make big entrances at the Iowa Steak Fry

1279d ago / 2:09 PM UTC

Bernie Sanders releases new plan to eliminate medical debt

1279d ago / 9:50 PM UTC

DNC offers conditional approval for Iowa’s plan to satellite caucus

1279d ago / 7:55 PM UTC

Black progressives condemn 'racist' attacks on Working Family Party leaders after Warren endorsement

1280d ago / 5:19 PM UTC

For Democratic presidential field, timing has been almost everything

1280d ago / 3:21 PM UTC

Congress holds first DC statehood hearing in 25 years

1280d ago / 8:15 PM UTC

Trio of Senate candidates stare down history as they look to rebound from high-profile House losses

1280d ago / 7:28 PM UTC

Joe Biden picks up three Congressional endorsements

, and

1281d ago / 4:12 PM UTC

Harris campaign vows "strong top three" Iowa finish, announces doubling of Iowa staff


1281d ago / 10:00 AM UTC

Buttigieg unveils health plan, calls it 'glide path' to Medicare for All


1281d ago / 9:32 AM UTC

Pence taps former DHS press aide as new press secretary

1281d ago / 11:52 PM UTC

Joe Kennedy to announce Massachusetts Senate primary bid against incumbent Ed Markey


1282d ago / 4:19 PM UTC

Booker releases new labor plan as auto strike continues

1282d ago / 1:20 PM UTC

ACLU dings Joe Biden in new radio ads

1282d ago / 10:17 AM UTC

As Harris falters, campaign and allies mull next steps

, and

1283d ago / 4:58 PM UTC

Michael Bennet targets Iowa Caucus-goers with new TV ad


1283d ago / 4:11 PM UTC

Elizabeth Warren's anti-corruption speech highlights


1283d ago / 3:44 PM UTC

Trump expected to rake in $15 million in 24 hours in California

1283d ago / 1:29 PM UTC

Both parties in New Hampshire prepare for potential Lewandowski Senate bid

1283d ago / 12:29 PM UTC

Pete Buttigieg to unveil disaster relief plan in South Carolina

1283d ago / 12:19 AM UTC

Joe Biden gets another high-profile Latino endorsement

1284d ago / 4:33 PM UTC

Trump trip to New Mexico highlights his border state problems

1284d ago / 11:32 AM UTC

Elizabeth Warren unveils anti-corruption reform proposals

1284d ago / 10:47 PM UTC

Bernie Sanders' campaign shuffles New Hampshire staff

, and

1285d ago / 3:49 PM UTC

Booker on health care: Don't 'sacrifice progress for purity'

1285d ago / 2:35 AM UTC

Joe Biden to give most his most expansive remarks to date on race Sunday


1286d ago / 8:29 PM UTC

ICYMI: Debate rewind

1286d ago / 6:42 PM UTC

Fourth Democratic debate announced

1287d ago / 1:46 PM UTC

Conservative PAC ad using AOC ran in just three markets during Democratic debate

1288d ago / 4:30 PM UTC

Several candidates didn’t make tonight’s debate stage. What are they doing instead?

1288d ago / 1:41 PM UTC

Surrogates for other campaigns preview possible lines of attack against Warren

1288d ago / 9:59 AM UTC

On debate day, Harris nabs endorsement from prominent Latino congressman

1288d ago / 5:56 PM UTC

Trump team boasts that the president delivered North Carolina victory

1289d ago / 11:07 AM UTC

Texas’ Democratic Senate candidates stake out tough positions on guns


1290d ago / 12:24 PM UTC

Jon Ossoff announces Georgia Senate bid

1290d ago / 6:18 PM UTC

Stacey Abrams sends 2020 'playbook' to every presidential campaign

1291d ago / 5:22 PM UTC

Hagerty jumps into Tennessee Senate race with Trump's blessing

1291d ago / 4:04 PM UTC

On the airwaves, NC special election sounds a lot like 2018

1291d ago / 1:43 PM UTC

Harris releases her criminal justice reform plan


1292d ago / 3:36 PM UTC

Pompeo on possible Kansas Senate bid: 'I'm incredibly focused on what I'm doing'

1293d ago / 9:53 PM UTC

This week's round-up of the biggest political and campaign stories

1293d ago / 7:07 PM UTC

Gary Hart to endorse Michael Bennet ahead of New Hampshire convention

1294d ago / 4:07 PM UTC

Pete Buttigieg becomes latest presidential hopeful to hit the Iowa airwaves

1294d ago / 1:34 PM UTC

Firefighters Union begins ad push to tout endorsement of Biden

1294d ago / 8:35 PM UTC

Climate town hall shows how candidates prioritize climate change

1294d ago / 7:13 PM UTC

Amy O'Rourke holds first solo campaign event with NH gun violence roundtable

1295d ago / 3:41 PM UTC

Stacey Abrams joins board of Priorities USA

1295d ago / 7:27 PM UTC

Trump trails Biden and Sanders in Wisconsin poll

1296d ago / 3:58 PM UTC

On climate, pay attention to the priorities as much as the plans

1296d ago / 1:59 PM UTC

A fifth House Republican from Texas says he won't run again in 2020

1296d ago / 10:02 AM UTC

Buttigieg becomes latest candidate to roll out plans to combat climate change

1296d ago / 9:59 AM UTC

Harris outlines new climate plan ahead of forum


1296d ago / 11:41 PM UTC

Elizabeth Warren releases new plan to fight climate change


1296d ago / 9:03 PM UTC

Biden campaign prepares for 'dog fight' that could extend into Spring

1297d ago / 5:01 PM UTC

Julián Castro releases part of new climate plan, with Jay Inslee's input

1297d ago / 9:28 AM UTC

Biden campaign launches new digital ads in Iowa

1299d ago / 2:52 PM UTC

Castro: I can 'supercharge' Obama coalition

1300d ago / 7:01 PM UTC

This week's biggest campaign stories

1301d ago / 8:41 PM UTC

Kamala Harris out of running for progressive group's endorsement

1301d ago / 7:29 PM UTC

Democrats look to flip Virginia state legislature narrowly controlled by Republicans

1302d ago / 4:18 PM UTC

Darrell Issa launching exploratory committee for indicted Rep. Hunter's seat

1303d ago / 5:16 PM UTC

Poll: Trump approval on economy goes underwater

1303d ago / 8:59 PM UTC

Efforts to elect Republican women get a boost, but not from the party apparatus

1303d ago / 8:12 PM UTC

Former Kansas Republican governor calls for primary challenge to incumbent Republican

1304d ago / 4:01 PM UTC

Harris wins endorsement from Emerge America founder

1304d ago / 11:46 AM UTC

Biden launches new Iowa ad defending Obamacare


1304d ago / 12:26 AM UTC

Andrew Yang picks climate change plan for his first major policy speech

1304d ago / 7:50 PM UTC

Younger Americans now less likely to prioritize patriotism, religion, children

1304d ago / 6:34 PM UTC

Facebook ad watch: Steyer and Buttigieg spent most in past week

1305d ago / 3:48 PM UTC

Joe Kennedy says he's considering primary bid against Ed Markey

1306d ago / 2:37 PM UTC

Buttigieg on beating Trump: 'Back to normal' is not 'good enough'

1308d ago / 5:12 PM UTC

Tim Ryan and Charlamagne tha God team up for some meditation

1308d ago / 10:00 AM UTC

Pete Buttigieg’s new mental health plan focuses on ‘healing’ and ‘belonging’


1308d ago / 1:00 AM UTC

Trump makes surprise call into campaign event to energize women voters

1308d ago / 6:35 PM UTC

Biden tweets video on anniversary of being picked as Obama's running mate


1309d ago / 12:20 PM UTC

Hickenlooper announces Senate bid week after ending presidential candidacy

1309d ago / 11:35 AM UTC

GOP gubernatorial candidate argues gender is binary in new ad

1309d ago / 10:00 AM UTC

Pete Buttigieg’s latest ad buy is aimed at college students

1310d ago / 4:21 PM UTC

RNC outraises DNC in July

1310d ago / 6:38 PM UTC

Campaign advertising heats up in key early states

1311d ago / 11:58 AM UTC

Joe Biden launches first Iowa TV ad

1311d ago / 6:57 PM UTC

Tom Steyer pauses campaign for jury duty

1312d ago / 4:55 PM UTC

Elizabeth Warren tells Native American forum she's 'sorry' for ancestry flap

1312d ago / 3:58 PM UTC

Biden, Warren and Sanders see popularity wane amid 2020 presidential campaign

1312d ago / 9:51 AM UTC

Elizabeth Warren's heritage flap re-emerges ahead of native American forum

1313d ago / 2:31 PM UTC

Beto O'Rourke: 'I'm going to be that candidate that shows up for everyone in America'

1313d ago / 2:19 PM UTC

Sanford says Trump doesn't deserve re-election, but would still support him over Democrat

1313d ago / 12:28 PM UTC

Beto O'Rourke stumps in locations hit by immigration raids

1315d ago / 3:45 PM UTC

Bernie Sanders, Cardi B discuss police brutality, 'Medicare for All' in new interview

1315d ago / 2:02 PM UTC

Elizabeth Warren releases plan to aid Native American communities

1315d ago / 5:54 PM UTC

Hickenlooper long lagged other presidential hopefuls in fundraising

1316d ago / 4:10 PM UTC

Beto O'Rourke vows to confront Trump directly in return to campaign trail


1316d ago / 3:34 PM UTC

2020 Democrats prepare counter-programming in New Hampshire for Trump visit

1316d ago / 5:42 PM UTC

Kamala Harris announces plan to require background checks for online gun sales

1317d ago / 5:01 PM UTC

Joe Biden holds 19-point lead in latest South Carolina primary poll

1317d ago / 1:00 PM UTC

Beto O'Rourke to deliver campaign reset speech Thursday

1317d ago / 5:57 PM UTC

Trump tweet praises prospect of House bid by controversial Curt Schilling

1318d ago / 5:00 PM UTC

President Trump's GOP challenger has quiet visit to Iowa State Fair

1318d ago / 3:14 PM UTC

Castro targets Trump's vacation in Bedminster with small, Fox News ad buy about El Paso shooting

1318d ago / 2:46 AM UTC

Kamala Harris scores endorsement from Iowa's Asian-Latino Coalition


1318d ago / 8:12 PM UTC

Mark Sanford heads to New Hampshire, warns of “big storm” in newly released video

1318d ago / 6:37 PM UTC

GOP ad ties Kentucky Democrat to Warren, Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez

1318d ago / 5:38 PM UTC

Tom Steyer spends big in race to make debate stage

1321d ago / 10:41 PM UTC

Presidential hopefuls descend on Iowa State Fair


1322d ago / 3:06 PM UTC

Democratic presidential nominees historically younger than Republican nominees

1322d ago / 11:01 AM UTC

Buttigieg unveils rural health plan as he starts Iowa swing

1323d ago / 3:25 PM UTC

Biden maintains lead in new Iowa poll as Warren surges

1323d ago / 10:09 AM UTC

Harris to air her first Iowa television ad

1323d ago / 7:24 PM UTC

Booker talks gun violence at Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston

1323d ago / 5:49 PM UTC

Biden campaign launches digital ad highlighting assault weapons ban in '94 crime bill


1324d ago / 12:42 PM UTC

Warren rolls out plans for rural health care and farm economy ahead of Iowa swing


1324d ago / 10:01 AM UTC

Ahead of Iowa tour, Klobuchar releases rural and agriculture plan