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Catch up with Meet the Press blog posts from past years leading up to May 17, 2022
Image: Illustration of photos depicting voters on line, voting booths, the Capitol, the White House and raised hands.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

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1085d ago / 7:44 PM UTC

Pete Buttigieg launches PAC aimed at electing young leaders


1085d ago / 5:45 PM UTC

Biden leads Trump in new national poll

1086d ago / 6:46 PM UTC

Trump campaign demands Sessions stop tying his Senate campaign to the president

1086d ago / 6:18 PM UTC

Tweet the Press talks with NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres

1086d ago / 5:01 PM UTC

With Biden or Sanders at the top of the ticket, Democrats look down-ballot for diversity

1087d ago / 6:59 PM UTC

Biden leads Sanders in Wisconsin primary poll


1088d ago / 8:48 PM UTC

Laid off Bloomberg staffers docked taxes for campaign phones, computers

1088d ago / 6:59 PM UTC

Democratic groups significantly outspending GOP groups on airwaves since coronavirus crackdown

1088d ago / 4:19 PM UTC

Physician embraces his expertise while campaigning in the coronavirus era

1088d ago / 1:11 PM UTC

Sanders: 'There is a path' to the nomination

1089d ago / 9:34 PM UTC

Republican, Democratic super PACs place initial ad buys in fight for Senate

1089d ago / 9:08 PM UTC

NYC Democratic House candidate announces positive COVID-19 test

1089d ago / 5:39 PM UTC

Texas Republicans back Lt. Governor on controversial coronavirus comments

1089d ago / 3:40 PM UTC

Here's what the Democratic presidential primary schedule looks like in the age of coronavirus

1090d ago / 6:12 PM UTC

New Biden digital ad argues Trump's 'ego will cost lives' to coronavirus

1091d ago / 3:29 PM UTC

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump in latest national poll

1093d ago / 4:28 PM UTC

Democratic super PAC expands ad on Trump's coronavirus response

1093d ago / 3:42 PM UTC

Bernie Sanders' big delegate math problem

1093d ago / 1:01 PM UTC

Former Obama labor secretary among those launching new pro-Biden super PAC

1094d ago / 7:11 PM UTC

Administration’s mixed messaging on Defense Production Act causes confusion

1094d ago / 6:33 PM UTC

Biden says there have been 'enough debates' with Sanders

1094d ago / 4:25 PM UTC

Brenda Jones announces bid against Rashida Tlaib in 2018 rematch

1095d ago / 6:59 PM UTC

Congressional candidates put elections on back burner


1095d ago / 5:32 PM UTC

Sanders campaign ramps up virtual organizing ahead of potential New York primary

1095d ago / 3:20 PM UTC

Biden edges out Trump in new national poll

1095d ago / 1:47 PM UTC

Trump re-elect effort campaigns virtually as coronavirus outbreak pauses normal voter interaction

1096d ago / 6:40 PM UTC

Dem super PAC launches ads hitting Trump on coronavirus response

1096d ago / 4:59 PM UTC

Bloomberg campaign faces potential class action lawsuit for layoffs

, and

1096d ago / 4:25 PM UTC

The Affordable Care Act is turning 10. Where does the landmark law go next?

1096d ago / 3:52 PM UTC

Biden ally Larry Rasky passes away at 69

1096d ago / 2:57 PM UTC

Sanders wins big in Democrats Abroad primary, party says

1096d ago / 11:43 AM UTC

Biden calls on Trump to drop Obamacare lawsuit amid coronavirus crisis

1098d ago / 3:16 PM UTC

Sanders' campaign raises over $2 million for coronavirus charities

1099d ago / 5:30 PM UTC

Sanders turns his campaign to coronavirus relief


1099d ago / 3:02 PM UTC

Bloomberg gives $18 million to DNC in lieu of starting his own group to beat Trump

, and

1100d ago / 11:17 AM UTC

Yang nonprofit announces coronavirus relief effort for the Bronx

1100d ago / 8:57 PM UTC

Disability community vote up for grabs in 2020, poll finds

1100d ago / 4:23 PM UTC

National parties give House members, candidates new campaign guidelines amid coronavirus


1101d ago / 4:22 PM UTC

Biden, Sanders campaigns ramping down ad spending amid coronavirus spread


1102d ago / 4:53 PM UTC

While Maryland delays primary, special election to replace Cummings will stay as mail-in only


1102d ago / 1:45 PM UTC

Biden under Secret Service protection again

, and

1103d ago / 3:08 PM UTC

Illinois governor backs Biden for president

1105d ago / 1:02 AM UTC

Biden touts support of Warren's bankruptcy reform plan as a bridge to progressives

, and

1105d ago / 4:22 PM UTC

Biden's first virtual event encounters technological glitches

1106d ago / 3:30 PM UTC

Biden, Sanders increase ad spending amid virtual campaign

1106d ago / 3:04 PM UTC

Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman formally backs Biden

1107d ago / 6:19 PM UTC

Sanders will 'wholeheartedly' support Biden if he's the nominee, adviser says

1107d ago / 2:13 PM UTC

What might Michigan's primary turnout say about the general election?

1109d ago / 9:30 AM UTC

Gabby Giffords backs Biden ahead of Arizona primary

1109d ago / 6:33 PM UTC

Biden leads Sanders by dozens of endorsements after big wins

1109d ago / 3:35 PM UTC

Sanders and Biden scrap on the airwaves in Tuesday's states


1110d ago / 5:07 PM UTC

Biden holds double-digit lead in new Michigan primary poll

1110d ago / 2:05 PM UTC

After it got stymied in Washington, Democrats hope to show key reform package can advance in states

1111d ago / 11:34 AM UTC

Trump campaign 'proceeding normally,' but no rallies scheduled

1111d ago / 3:12 PM UTC

Sanders: 'Establishment put a great deal of pressure on Pete Buttigieg, on Amy Klobuchar' to back Biden

1112d ago / 4:17 PM UTC

Biden campaign invests $12 million in ad buys

1113d ago / 6:56 PM UTC

President Trump plays on Sanders' supporters dislike of Joe Biden

1114d ago / 7:40 PM UTC

Sanders cancelling speech in Mississippi as campaign pivots to Michigan


1115d ago / 3:54 PM UTC

Bloomberg's massive Super Tuesday spending netted little

1115d ago / 3:51 PM UTC

Sanders launches three new ads targeting Biden

, and

1116d ago / 8:53 PM UTC

'Delegate math': Inside the Biden campaign's Super Tuesday strategy


1116d ago / 3:57 PM UTC

Biden campaign adds ad buy in post-Super Tuesday states

1117d ago / 5:55 PM UTC

Biden rakes in endorsements after definitive South Carolina win


1118d ago / 3:21 PM UTC

Buttigieg: Campaign pressing onto Super Tuesday despite South Carolina result

1118d ago / 3:16 PM UTC

Warren campaign memo: 'We're in this race for the long haul'

1119d ago / 1:30 AM UTC

'It's all hands on deck:' Pence on U.S. response to coronavirus threat

1120d ago / 10:33 PM UTC

2020 is a referendum on socialism, CPAC speakers say


1120d ago / 7:44 PM UTC

Virginia Rep. Wexton looks to hold onto suburban women in November

1120d ago / 4:52 PM UTC

Tim Kaine endorses Joe Biden


1120d ago / 2:59 PM UTC

On the South Carolina airwaves: Negative ads and appeals to black voters

1120d ago / 2:11 PM UTC

A warm welcome for Buttigieg from diverse caucus groups on Capitol Hill


1121d ago / 10:17 PM UTC

DNC holds briefing with House Dems amid concerns of contested convention


1121d ago / 8:24 PM UTC

South Carolina Democratic Party ready for its say in 2020

1121d ago / 7:21 PM UTC

Pelosi projects unity of House Democrats as Sanders rises

1121d ago / 6:15 PM UTC

CPAC speakers celebrate Romney's absence, prompting cheers


1121d ago / 4:46 PM UTC

Klobuchar cleans up on endorsements — from newspaper editorial boards

1121d ago / 3:07 PM UTC

Biden holds big lead in new South Carolina primary poll

1122d ago / 8:35 PM UTC

Biden campaign mobilizes in Super Tuesday states

, and

1122d ago / 4:09 PM UTC

Jim Clyburn endorses Joe Biden

1123d ago / 12:18 AM UTC

New Buttigieg campaign memo outlines strategy for Super Tuesday and beyond


1123d ago / 9:21 PM UTC

Bloomberg surrogates preview debate tactics against Sanders

, and

1123d ago / 7:25 PM UTC

How previous Dems won South Carolina and the nomination

1123d ago / 6:29 PM UTC

Biden clinches support from all House Dems from N.C.

1124d ago / 11:48 PM UTC

Catholic support for Trump is up but bloc favors 2020 Dems, according to new survey

1124d ago / 5:50 PM UTC

Vandalism hits Bloomberg campaign offices across the U.S.


1125d ago / 5:46 PM UTC

Steyer poised to make debate return in South Carolina

1126d ago / 5:31 PM UTC

Buttigieg looks to cement viability before Super Tuesday


1126d ago / 4:35 PM UTC

Buttigieg hits Sanders, Medicare for All in two South Carolina ads


1127d ago / 4:23 PM UTC

Nevada GOP House candidate hopes to gain traction

1128d ago / 2:03 AM UTC

Bloomberg has spent more than $400 million on presidential campaign


1128d ago / 12:20 AM UTC

Biden makes emotional speech to pass gun reform legislation

1128d ago / 7:28 PM UTC

Bloomberg surpasses Warren in major endorsements after debate debut

1129d ago / 6:11 PM UTC

New PAC backs Warren with seven-figure Nevada ad buy

1129d ago / 5:30 PM UTC

Biden debuts new web ad hitting Bloomberg on Obama criticisms

1129d ago / 4:46 PM UTC

Sanders press secretary walks back 'heart attack' comments on Bloomberg


1130d ago / 5:41 PM UTC

A new Super PAC gets behind Amy Klobuchar ahead of Super Tuesday

, and

1130d ago / 2:19 PM UTC

Trump counter-programs Dems with West Coast swing

1131d ago / 7:55 PM UTC

Over 26,000 vote early in Nevada caucuses


1131d ago / 4:24 PM UTC

Candidates battle in ad spending race ahead of Nevada caucuses

1131d ago / 2:00 PM UTC

Klobuchar campaign releases first Spanish-language ad in Nevada

1133d ago / 10:17 PM UTC

DNC announces debate qualification threshold for South Carolina

1133d ago / 5:23 PM UTC

Bill de Blasio endorses Bernie Sanders in presidential bid

1133d ago / 4:24 PM UTC

Amy Klobuchar launches ad campaign in South Carolina

1134d ago / 9:57 PM UTC

Biden puts gun control front and center in new ads

1134d ago / 8:56 PM UTC

Buttigieg is relying on grassroots movement in California


1135d ago / 7:52 PM UTC

Bloomberg catches up to Warren in congressional endorsements

1136d ago / 10:33 PM UTC

Tom Steyer's wife moves to South Carolina ahead of primary

1136d ago / 1:03 PM UTC

Bloomberg gets endorsed by two CBC members


1137d ago / 1:12 AM UTC

Chants of '46' raise prospect of Donald Jr. as a dynasty builder

1137d ago / 5:35 PM UTC

Nevada Democratic Party prepares for caucus after Iowa chaos


1137d ago / 4:21 PM UTC

Most voters think President Trump will win reelection, new poll finds

1138d ago / 10:35 PM UTC

Klobuchar declines to set expectations for New Hampshire

1138d ago / 9:13 PM UTC

Poll roundup: Sanders and Buttigieg on top in New Hampshire, Bloomberg rising in national poll

1138d ago / 8:19 PM UTC

Sanders and Buttigieg campaigns request partial recanvass of some Iowa caucus precincts

, , and

1138d ago / 7:01 PM UTC

New Hampshire leaders stay on the sidelines ahead of primary

1138d ago / 4:17 PM UTC

Sanders, Buttigieg raised more money online in N.H. than rest of Democratic field


1138d ago / 3:08 PM UTC

Klobuchar releases new ad ahead of New Hampshire primary

1139d ago / 5:30 PM UTC

Steyer to skip primary night in New Hampshire

1139d ago / 4:24 PM UTC

Sanders on his medical records: I 'released as much' as 'any other candidate'

1140d ago / 7:45 PM UTC

Klobuchar campaign announces it's raised $2 million after debate performance


1140d ago / 6:40 PM UTC

Biden hits Buttigieg on experience in new video


1141d ago / 10:00 PM UTC

New Hampshire officials anticipate high turnout, clean reporting for election


1141d ago / 6:54 PM UTC

Sanders hits Buttigieg for billionaire support ahead of New Hampshire primary

1141d ago / 6:22 PM UTC

Democratic group says congressional fundraising dominance isn't trickling down-ballot

1141d ago / 3:53 PM UTC

Former presidential candidate Joe Sestak endorses Klobuchar

1141d ago / 3:34 PM UTC

Andrew Yang campaign sheds staff after Iowa results


1141d ago / 1:28 PM UTC

Joe Walsh ends long shot presidential campaign

1142d ago / 10:00 AM UTC

Michael Bloomberg releases plan for military families


1142d ago / 12:51 AM UTC

Buttigieg gets endorsement from swing-district N.J. Rep. Kim

1142d ago / 6:00 PM UTC

New Hampshire poll shows Sanders leading, Buttigieg and Biden fighting for second

1142d ago / 1:38 PM UTC

Bernie Sanders raises $25 million in January, announces new ad campaign


1143d ago / 6:11 PM UTC

Republicans rest on Trump legal team’s arguments for acquittal votes

1143d ago / 3:17 PM UTC

Warren highlights Obama praise in new ad

, and

1143d ago / 2:30 PM UTC

Candidates shuffle ad dollars ahead of New Hampshire primary

1143d ago / 12:43 PM UTC

New Hampshire Democrats say they're ready for their turn in the spotlight

1144d ago / 6:35 PM UTC

RGA hits Michigan governor ahead of SOTU rebuttal

1145d ago / 6:54 PM UTC

Bloomberg: 'No question' that Trump is 'worried about me'

1145d ago / 5:32 PM UTC

Iowa will test whether Steyer's spending strategy works

1145d ago / 5:03 PM UTC

Bernie Sanders raised more online from Iowans than rest of Dem field

, and

1147d ago / 12:59 AM UTC

For Warren, 'unity' is more than a talking point

1147d ago / 8:24 PM UTC

What we learned from the Q4 candidate filings


1147d ago / 5:44 PM UTC

Warren surrogates preach party unity

1147d ago / 5:06 PM UTC

Michael Bloomberg releases tax plan


1147d ago / 4:43 PM UTC

Biden campaign releases new Iowa ad, Super Bowl ad before caucuses

1147d ago / 3:22 PM UTC

Sanders surrogate Rashida Tlaib says she erred by booing Clinton

1148d ago / 10:28 PM UTC

FEC reports bring new details about pro-Biden super PAC

1148d ago / 6:37 PM UTC

Klobuchar holds first N.H. tele-town hall amidst impeachment

1148d ago / 5:32 PM UTC

McConnell opponent Amy McGrath endorses Joe Biden

1148d ago / 4:19 PM UTC

Vulnerable Republican senators deal with challengers at home on impeachment

1148d ago / 12:36 PM UTC

Andrew Yang chokes up as Iowa campaign winds down