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Catch up with Meet the Press blog posts from past years leading up to May 17, 2022
Image: Illustration of photos depicting voters on line, voting booths, the Capitol, the White House and raised hands.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

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997d ago / 10:54 PM UTC

Analysis: Trump makes school reopening a referendum on Trump

997d ago / 4:34 PM UTC

Democratic challengers announce big fundraising hauls as party looks to take back Senate


998d ago / 4:12 PM UTC

Sen. Ernst releases first campaign ad of 2020 cycle with China center stage

998d ago / 2:42 PM UTC

Previewing the New Jersey primary contests

1002d ago / 7:01 PM UTC

Tipton the latest incumbent to lose party's nomination

1002d ago / 5:30 PM UTC

Biden VP Watch: Spotlight on Harris, Duckworth and Rice

1002d ago / 3:44 PM UTC

President Trump expected to host fundraiser in Florida despite coronavirus spike

1003d ago / 7:01 PM UTC

Police union head lashes out at AFL-CIO leadership over police reform comments

1003d ago / 5:21 PM UTC

NRCC will back Colorado candidate who has expressed support for fringe theory

1003d ago / 4:28 PM UTC

Trump campaign scraps idea of Alabama rally ahead of Senate runoff


1003d ago / 2:00 PM UTC

MoveOn endorses Joe Biden

1004d ago / 6:47 PM UTC

Club for Growth targets Lincoln Project in new D.C. TV ad buy

1004d ago / 6:00 PM UTC

Growing number of Black and Latino Americans are optimistic for future generations

1004d ago / 2:43 PM UTC

Trump campaign reserves more than $95 million in TV time for the fall

1004d ago / 12:31 PM UTC

Liberal groups unveil seven-figure Spanish-language ad campaign in Ariz. Sen race

1005d ago / 8:35 PM UTC

Trump campaign hits Biden in first Spanish-language TV ad of general election

1005d ago / 8:08 PM UTC

GOP convention will abide by mask-wearing rules, if still in effect


1008d ago / 8:39 PM UTC

Heading into July, women of color dominate Biden VP speculation


1008d ago / 4:00 PM UTC

Progressive PAC launches $5 million digital ad buy in battleground states

1008d ago / 1:34 PM UTC

Virginia's 5th congressional district race shows widening political divide

1009d ago / 8:32 PM UTC

Trump campaign hits Biden on energy, trade around Pennsylvania speech

1009d ago / 6:32 PM UTC

Biden wins nod from all Democratic state attorneys general

1009d ago / 6:15 PM UTC

Partisan gap in coronavirus fears grows

1009d ago / 5:46 PM UTC

Trump campaign staffers who traveled to Tulsa rally working remotely

1009d ago / 4:11 PM UTC

Everytown for Gun Safety pledges $5 million investment in North Carolina ahead of key presidential, downballot races

1009d ago / 2:02 PM UTC

Priorities USA drops new ad criticizing Trump on Affordable Care Act

1010d ago / 6:20 PM UTC

Polls: Biden expands lead in Wisconsin, tight race emerges in Ohio

1010d ago / 4:00 PM UTC

Trump trails Biden by 14 points in latest national poll

1010d ago / 3:32 PM UTC

Nancy Mace, GOP House candidate in South Carolina, tests positive for COVID-19

1011d ago / 11:00 PM UTC

Lincoln Project to endorse Democratic Senate candidate in new ad

1011d ago / 5:23 PM UTC

The final spending disparity in Kentucky's Democratic Senate primary: Nine-to-one

1011d ago / 4:57 PM UTC

Hogan Gidley, White House spokesman, to move to Trump reelection campaign

1011d ago / 2:05 PM UTC

Obama-Biden event expected to bring in at least $4 million

1012d ago / 6:40 PM UTC

Biden campaign commits to three presidential debates amid reports Trump's team is pushing for more

1012d ago / 5:25 PM UTC

New outside group drops big money to help Hickenlooper ahead of primary

1012d ago / 4:54 PM UTC

Biden campaign releases two new ads focused on the Black community

1015d ago / 6:59 PM UTC

With Klobuchar out, the V.P. pool narrows for Biden


1016d ago / 1:15 AM UTC

Multiple bills in the works to make Juneteenth a federal holiday

1016d ago / 1:51 PM UTC

Biden campaign debuts first general election ads in $15 million effort across key states


1018d ago / 7:33 PM UTC

Nebraska Democratic Party calls on Senate nominee to withdraw after 'sexually inappropriate comments'

1018d ago / 9:58 AM UTC

DNC launches ad campaign on Trump 'descent'

1019d ago / 8:09 PM UTC

Amy McGrath books big ad buy against Charles Booker as Senate primary heats up

1019d ago / 7:09 PM UTC

Biden and DNC say they raised more than $80 million in May


1019d ago / 6:32 PM UTC

Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorses Biden

1019d ago / 2:59 PM UTC

Trump re-elect brings in $27 million in four-day fundraising spree

1022d ago / 7:01 PM UTC

Black women take center stage hedging for Biden's veep slot


1022d ago / 1:30 PM UTC

American Federation of Teachers launches $1 million ad campaign for HEROES Act

1022d ago / 12:04 PM UTC

New Biden digital ad hits Trump for reaction to protests

1023d ago / 8:17 PM UTC

Poll: 57 percent of registered voters think government should be doing more to solve problems

1024d ago / 8:55 PM UTC

Georgia Republican poised to make House runoff after comparing pandemic punishments to socialism

1024d ago / 5:20 PM UTC

Priorities USA electoral projection puts Biden over 300, while cautioning election still volatile


1024d ago / 3:20 PM UTC

Trump approval rating drops 10 points in Gallup poll

1025d ago / 2:57 PM UTC

Republican senators launching ads attacking Joe Biden

1025d ago / 1:42 PM UTC

Multiple states hold key primaries as coronavirus pandemic, Floyd protests continue

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1026d ago / 6:18 PM UTC

Dem group American Bridge launches $20 million battleground state ad buy

1026d ago / 5:20 PM UTC

Trump campaign seizes on calls for Dems to support 'defund the police' movement

1026d ago / 4:08 PM UTC

Biden campaign launches turnout effort targeting LGBTQ voters

1026d ago / 3:16 PM UTC

Trump campaign touts May job gains in new TV ad

1026d ago / 1:55 PM UTC

Mask-wearing habits could indicate how you'll vote

1029d ago / 7:00 PM UTC

Protests put spotlight on women of color as potential Biden running mate


1030d ago / 8:06 PM UTC

State ethics board votes to hold Hickenlooper in contempt after refusing to testify at hearing

1030d ago / 4:08 PM UTC

Trump super PAC launches multi-million dollar ad campaign in three battleground states

1030d ago / 2:42 PM UTC

Biden campaign releases digital ad on Floyd protests, swipes at Trump

1031d ago / 5:45 PM UTC

Gun violence grows during coronavirus pandemic group's data shows

1031d ago / 3:04 PM UTC

Joe Biden up 11 over President Trump in new poll

1032d ago / 6:17 PM UTC

New poll: Majority believe anger that led to George Floyd protests justified

1032d ago / 6:10 PM UTC

D.C. mayor 'not concerned' about voting going past city-wide curfew

1032d ago / 4:47 PM UTC

Rep. Steve King on the ropes and other Tuesday races to watch


1033d ago / 10:37 PM UTC

Biden vows to address institutional racism if elected

1033d ago / 6:37 PM UTC

Kansas Senate primary field set as Pompeo sits race out

1033d ago / 4:03 PM UTC

Outside groups spending big for Greenfield in Iowa with primary a day away

1034d ago / 2:41 PM UTC

Demings: 'Long overdue' for nationwide review to address police misconduct

1036d ago / 9:44 PM UTC

Amid Floyd fallout, Clyburn says it's not the right time for Klobuchar to be named VP

1036d ago / 9:17 PM UTC

President Trump to resume in-person fundraisers

1036d ago / 8:09 PM UTC

Biden's VP list narrows and unrest in Minnesota enters discussion


1036d ago / 11:30 AM UTC

Despite Trump's threats, Charlotte convention preparations continue

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1037d ago / 8:09 PM UTC

Trump campaign committee Facebook ad draws mask on Biden

1037d ago / 5:02 PM UTC

As Kansas Republicans squabble in Senate primary, Democrat pitches herself a 'sensible centrist'

1038d ago / 8:25 PM UTC

Biden condemns death of George Floyd, says black lives are 'under threat'

1038d ago / 5:39 PM UTC

The most expensive 2020 Senate races so far, by ad spending

1039d ago / 9:27 PM UTC

Joe Biden nabs AFL-CIO endorsement

1039d ago / 8:20 PM UTC

Democratic super PAC wades into New Mexico GOP primary

1039d ago / 4:00 PM UTC

The NBC Political Unit's Senate primaries and run-offs to watch

1039d ago / 3:03 PM UTC

The NBC Political Unit's House primaries to watch

1043d ago / 7:15 PM UTC

While some veep contenders confirm they're being vetted, others make subtler moves

1043d ago / 3:06 PM UTC

Most Americans favor mail-in voting, here's how states are adapting

1043d ago / 10:58 AM UTC

New Biden digital ad compares Trump to a 'deer in the headlights' on coronavirus

1044d ago / 7:23 PM UTC

Conservative group launches new ads calling to 'reopen America now'

1044d ago / 6:40 PM UTC

Jeanne Shaheen takes herself out of veepstakes


1044d ago / 2:13 PM UTC

A pandemic campaign is a lean campaign, and other campaign finance takeaways

1045d ago / 2:33 PM UTC

Man who helped thwart train attack in 2015 poised to win GOP nomination in Oregon House district

1046d ago / 2:44 AM UTC

Senate Democrats still looking for answers on agency cooperation with probes

1046d ago / 6:18 PM UTC

Attack ads and bear hugs of Trump dominate airwaves in Tuesday's contested Oregon House GOP primary

1046d ago / 3:34 PM UTC

Federal appeals court orders New York to hold Democratic presidential primary


1046d ago / 10:10 AM UTC

Democratic super PAC Priorities USA says it's on track to spend more than $200 million in 2020

1047d ago / 4:47 PM UTC

Trump and Pence opt for battleground states as backdrop to coronavirus response


1047d ago / 3:45 PM UTC

GOP governors balk at being used in ad by Kentucky Democrat

1049d ago / 2:49 PM UTC

RNC plans in-person convention 100 days out

1050d ago / 6:08 PM UTC

Biden veepstakes heat up with joint appearances, public backings


1050d ago / 4:41 PM UTC

Projection: $6.7 billion could be spent on advertising in 2020 election

1050d ago / 12:35 PM UTC

Progressive Super PAC targets Sanders supporters, urges support of Biden in new memo


1051d ago / 9:27 PM UTC

Tweet the Press: NBC's Ken Dilanian discusses Sen. Richard Burr and Chinese hacking

1051d ago / 7:19 PM UTC

Steve King committee flap comes as GOP primary opponents hammer him for absence

1051d ago / 5:08 PM UTC

White House quietly sets up panel for possible Biden transition


1051d ago / 10:59 AM UTC

New Planned Parenthood ad campaign seeks to show coronavirus’ abortion access impact

1052d ago / 10:02 PM UTC

House Republicans balk at idea of giving Steve King back his committee assignments

1052d ago / 3:21 PM UTC

Michigan's Peters drops TV spot touting tough-on-China approach

1053d ago / 12:18 AM UTC

Democrats lay the groundwork for possible virtual convention

1053d ago / 4:45 PM UTC

Nebraska Democratic House primary pits Medicare-for-All candidate against one calling for more 'realistic' plan

1053d ago / 3:45 PM UTC

Trump slightly outraises Biden in April, maintains large cash on hand

1054d ago / 7:25 PM UTC

First competitive special House elections in coronavirus age set for Tuesday

1055d ago / 3:10 PM UTC

Lamar Alexander: DOJ argument to repeal Obamacare 'flimsy'

1057d ago / 8:25 PM UTC

Debate over reopening gets heated in a key 2020 county

1057d ago / 7:43 PM UTC

How Michigan could affect the 2020 battle for the Senate

1057d ago / 2:10 PM UTC

Democratic super PAC, Trump campaign launch new ad campaigns


1057d ago / 9:00 AM UTC

Harris, Sanders, Markey push $2,000 monthly payments during coronavirus


1058d ago / 6:54 PM UTC

RNC adds public health expert to convention team

1058d ago / 1:05 PM UTC

Republican Jewish Coalition backs Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King's primary opponent

1059d ago / 1:51 PM UTC

Biden appeals to progressive groups to unite party

1060d ago / 6:31 PM UTC

Biden campaign launches digital letter series

1060d ago / 4:46 PM UTC

Never-Trump group's 'mourning' ad gets presidential reaction

1060d ago / 3:53 PM UTC

New Montana poll shows Bullock ahead and Biden inching forward

1061d ago / 9:05 PM UTC

Biden calls for immediate $13 minimum wage increase for frontline workers

1061d ago / 1:39 PM UTC

New Trump coronavirus ad hits critics, argues America writing the 'the greatest comeback story'

1065d ago / 10:26 PM UTC

Trump says Biden “should respond” to sexual assault allegation


1065d ago / 8:57 PM UTC

Tweet the Press: NBC's Kerry Sanders discusses coronavirus impacts in Florida, meat processing plants

1065d ago / 3:39 PM UTC

Trump campaign to hit airwaves with seven-figure coronavirus ad buy


1065d ago / 2:36 PM UTC

Amash's possible bid raises concerns about November implications


1065d ago / 11:29 AM UTC

Biden campaign announces vice presidential search committee


1066d ago / 4:23 PM UTC

Top Senate campaign groups announce biggest early investment in North Carolina, Arizona, Iowa

1067d ago / 6:26 PM UTC

Trump campaign touts virtual engagement as coronavirus turns campaign digital

1067d ago / 5:45 PM UTC

Hillary Clinton endorses Biden during women's virtual town hall


1067d ago / 4:10 PM UTC

New ad blasts Kobach as GOP Senate primary heats up in Kansas

1068d ago / 7:01 PM UTC

Bloomberg to pay laid-off staffers' health care through November amid lawsuits, public pressure


1068d ago / 5:51 PM UTC

Sanders' bid to collect delegates takes blow as New York cancels its Democratic presidential primary

1068d ago / 11:46 AM UTC

Pelosi becomes highest ranking elected Democrat to endorse Biden

1069d ago / 3:39 PM UTC

Stacey Abrams: Biden choosing a woman VP of color would promote 'trust' with black community

1071d ago / 5:44 PM UTC

Biden campaign signs joint fundraising agreement with DNC


1072d ago / 9:48 PM UTC

Trump's coronavirus approval rating underwater in key states, surveys find

1072d ago / 3:34 PM UTC

Trump campaign releases new mobile app, tooled for virtual volunteering

1072d ago / 3:09 PM UTC

One congressional race, three very different ways to advertise on coronavirus

1073d ago / 8:58 PM UTC

Al Gore backs Joe Biden in Earth Day online event

1073d ago / 3:00 PM UTC

Warren endorses down-ballot women candidates for the fall

1073d ago / 2:04 PM UTC

Jay Inslee endorses Biden for president


1074d ago / 2:33 PM UTC

RNC says "full steam ahead" with convention plans, Biden remains unsure for DNC

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1074d ago / 12:34 PM UTC

Joe Biden's presidential campaign raised $46.7 million in pivotal month of March


1075d ago / 10:09 PM UTC

Mike Bloomberg spent over $1 billion on presidential campaign, new FEC reports show


1075d ago / 9:13 PM UTC

GOP Super PAC pledges $100,000 to support Rep. Steve King's primary challenger

1075d ago / 6:53 PM UTC

Prominent environmental group endorses Joe Biden

1076d ago / 9:52 PM UTC

Democratic senators ask for $3.6 billion in next relief bill for mail-in voting