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Michelle Nunn on Ferguson Flyer: 'It Merits a Conversation'

In an interview with NBC, Georgia Senate candidate says she views the shooting through the lens of "being a mom."

Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn isn’t denouncing the Georgia Democratic Party for using the Ferguson shooting as a campaign issue, and she’s not ruling out the idea that her campaign could also invoke the incident on the trail.

When asked by NBC whether her campaign would have put out the party’s get-out-the-vote flyer warning of future similar shootings, Nunn said “It is not something we have done, and yet, I think it is something that merits a conversation by Georgia voters.”

The flyer disseminated last week urged black voters “if you want to prevent another Ferguson in their future… Vote” over a photo of two young African-American children holding signs that read “don’t shoot.”

In the interview, Nunn said that she views the shooting, which has become a major animating issue for black voters in the state’s closely-watched Georgia Senate race, through the lens of “being a mom.”

“I think we all relate to it as parents in thinking about the tragic loss of a young man,” she said. “Think about the conversation that we need to have as a community.”

In the interview, Nunn also praised her state’s government, including Republican Gov. Nathan Deal, for taking steps to address the Ebola outbreak with mandatory quarantines judged to be unnecessary by some medical professionals.

Deal announced Monday that travelers from “high risk” areas could be quarantined even if they are not showing symptoms of the disease.

Nunn said that’s a “step in the right direction.”

“I have said before that I am for a temporary travel ban, and I think we need to take every deliberate caution,” she said. “And I also think we need to look to our scientists and medical practitioners to help us address this.”

“They're taking steps in the right direction to ensure that we're protecting our citizenry,” Nunn added.