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Perdue: 'No Idea' If He's Confident in McConnell as GOP Leader

In an interview with NBC News, the Republican Senate candidate declined to say whether he’ll back McConnell if elected.
by Frank Thorp

Georgia Republican Senate candidate David Perdue says he has “no idea” if he’s confident in Mitch McConnell as the Senate GOP leader, saying he would be such a newcomer to Washington that he doesn’t even know how the nomination of party leadership works.

In an interview with NBC News, Perdue declined to say whether he’ll back McConnell if elected, saying that “my first job is to make sure that Harry Reid isn’t the Majority Leader” and that he has not yet had a chance to discuss his top priorities with the current GOP chief.

“Again, I’ve never done this before,” he added. “I’ve been to Washington just a couple times since I became the [GOP Senate] nominee. I have no idea how that process even works, of nomination and voting.”

In May, during the hotly contested Republican primary, Perdue said definitively during a debate that he would not support McConnell as GOP leader.

But he told NBC Tuesday that he answered that way because he was asked to give a one-word answer to the question.

“I honored the request and gave a one-word answer with no context,” he said. “So what I’ve done since then is given context.”

Perdue’s Democratic opponent, Michelle Nunn, has also declined to say if she’ll vote for her party’s leader, Harry Reid.

“I've said I will vote for the person who I think best represents the Democratic party and our capacity to break through that gridlock,” she told NBC earlier Tuesday.