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President Bill Clinton had some choice feedback for the presidential speechwriters who drafted his December 1994 address to the nation on the middle class.

“Bulls---,” Clinton scrawled in the margin of a draft speech, appearing to indicate that he wasn’t pleased with the wording of a story about a struggling mother of two in Hammond, Ind.

The document was part of a tranche of newly-released records from the Clinton Library detailing the former president’s tenure in the White House.

The salty remark appeared to be in reference to the phrase “nothing brought this home to me better,” the proposed lead-in to a tale about a letter he received from a woman who “has been doing her best for years to hold down a decent job, make ends meet and raise her two sons the right way.” That phrase was surrounded by thick black brackets, with the dismissive swear wordhand-written above.

Clinton biographer David Maraniss confirmed to journalists on Twitter that the handwriting was Clinton’s.

The description of the Hammond woman’s day-to-day struggles in the draft speech would have been part of a larger rhetorical push by Clinton for opportunities and the improvement of America’s communities for the next generation.

But the feedback from the commander-in-chief must have been taken to heart. The actual address to the nation, delivered on Dec. 15, 1994, contained no reference to the Hammond letter.

You can see the original document here (warning: contains profanity).