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Russia meets resistance from Ukrainians

Ukraine’s capital was preparing for battle Friday as the Russian advance reached the city and its leader issued a desperate plea to the outside world for help.

Coverage here has ended but find the latest updates here.

Ukraine’s capital was rocked by explosions and the sound of air-raid sirens early Friday, on the second day of a Russian advance that left residents and leaders bracing for the city to be overrun.

Ukraine said that hundreds of Russian troops were killed and injured as they bore down on Kyiv — with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy calling on Western governments to take stronger action against Russia and anyone with military experience in Europe to help defend the country's independence.

Russia is meeting "greater resistance" from the Ukrainians than they might have expected, a senior U.S. defense official told NBC News on Friday. "They are fighting for their country," the official said, referring to Ukrainian troops and freedom fighters.

Zelenskyy said that at least 137 people had been killed and 316 injured after Russia launched its invasion Thursday, attacking key cities and taking control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

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391d ago / 3:02 PM UTC

Pope calls for weapons to be 'silenced,' urges support for those fleeing Ukraine

392d ago / 10:20 PM UTC

Ukrainian ambassador to U.S. accuses Russia of war crimes

392d ago / 9:33 PM UTC

Russian offensive unexpectedly slowed by stiff Ukrainian resistance

392d ago / 9:22 PM UTC

Biden, in call to Zelenskyy, praises 'the brave actions of the Ukrainian people'

393d ago / 8:55 PM UTC

White House will directly sanction Putin

393d ago / 8:44 PM UTC

Ukrainian defense minister urges Russian citizens to protest invasion

393d ago / 8:41 PM UTC
393d ago / 8:18 PM UTC

A growing number of cultural, sports institutions cut ties with Russia

393d ago / 7:18 PM UTC

NATO deploys elements of Response Force for first time for collective defense

393d ago / 6:41 PM UTC

Biden, Zelenskyy hold phone call as Russian troops attempt to enter Kyiv

393d ago / 6:27 PM UTC
393d ago / 6:25 PM UTC

Video shows military vehicle run over car in Kyiv; driver survives

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393d ago / 6:23 PM UTC

Russia will be held "accountable" for its actions, NATO secretary-general says

393d ago / 6:15 PM UTC

United Kingdom to sanction Putin, Russian foreign minister

393d ago / 6:13 PM UTC

NATO secretary-general warns cyberattacks could trigger Article 5

393d ago / 6:09 PM UTC

NATO leaders promise that Russia and Putin "will pay a severe price" for Ukraine invasion

393d ago / 5:23 PM UTC

Barren grocery store shelves in Kyiv spark fears

393d ago / 4:55 PM UTC

Amnesty International says Russia's 'indiscriminate attacks' may constitute 'war crimes'

393d ago / 4:53 PM UTC

Russia to limit Facebook access in response to media 'censorship'

393d ago / 4:48 PM UTC

Russia captures Chernobyl site. What if it were hit by a missile?

393d ago / 4:44 PM UTC

U.S. concerned Russia will use disinformation to encourage Ukrainian surrender

393d ago / 4:41 PM UTC

Russian acts not allowed in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

393d ago / 4:37 PM UTC

Head of European Space Agency says member states 'will take any decisions needed'

393d ago / 4:26 PM UTC

Russia has launched an amphibious assault near the city of Mariupol, U.S. defense official says

393d ago / 4:17 PM UTC

Kyiv resident sings the national anthem as she clears apartment debris after bomb

393d ago / 3:22 PM UTC
393d ago / 3:17 PM UTC

Ukraine's capital in 'defense phase,' Kyiv mayor says

393d ago / 2:52 PM UTC

Embassies, Boris Johnson turn to Chinese social media to mediate Russia-Ukraine conflict

393d ago / 2:39 PM UTC

393d ago / 2:18 PM UTC

U.S. public sees Russia-Ukraine conflict as a critical threat, Gallup finds

393d ago / 2:15 PM UTC
393d ago / 1:58 PM UTC

Hillary Clinton calls on U.S., European allies to move 'more quickly' on sanctions, targeting Putin and Russian oligarchs

393d ago / 1:22 PM UTC

Reports of at least 25 civilians killed, more than 100 injured, U.N. human rights office says

393d ago / 1:17 PM UTC

393d ago / 1:15 PM UTC

Ukrainian official says Russian shrapnel hit orphanage but no casualties

393d ago / 1:13 PM UTC

Formula One cancels Russia Grand Prix

393d ago / 1:09 PM UTC

Russia is ready for talks with Ukraine, Putin tells Xi

393d ago / 1:04 PM UTC

393d ago / 12:54 PM UTC

Pope Francis visits Russian embassy in Rome to express personal concerns over conflict


393d ago / 12:22 PM UTC

Ukrainians donate blood in large numbers as fighting continues

393d ago / 12:20 PM UTC

393d ago / 12:18 PM UTC

393d ago / 12:16 PM UTC

Sean Penn is in Ukraine making a documentary about Russia’s invasion

393d ago / 12:14 PM UTC

Zelenskyy says he missed call with Italy's PM due to deadly fighting: 'Next time I'll try to move the war schedule'


393d ago / 11:35 AM UTC

393d ago / 11:23 AM UTC

As many as 4 million people could flee Ukraine 'if the situation escalates,' UN refugee agency warns

393d ago / 11:22 AM UTC

Age restriction removed for joining Ukrainian military

393d ago / 11:07 AM UTC

393d ago / 11:02 AM UTC

Russia retaliates to sanctions, bans all British flights from its airspace

393d ago / 10:24 AM UTC

393d ago / 10:09 AM UTC

UEFA moves Champions League soccer final to Paris from St. Petersburg

393d ago / 9:40 AM UTC

393d ago / 9:39 AM UTC

Pacific island nation severs diplomatic ties with Russia

393d ago / 9:17 AM UTC

China says it opposes any 'illegal' sanctions against Russia

393d ago / 9:12 AM UTC

393d ago / 9:09 AM UTC

Ukraine warns Russian forces are using disguise to enter the country

393d ago / 8:53 AM UTC

Gamma radiation dose rates exceed control levels after Russian troops seize Chernobyl, officials say

393d ago / 8:16 AM UTC

International Criminal Court says it may investigate possible war crimes after Russian invasion

393d ago / 8:07 AM UTC

Taliban calls for peaceful resolution of Ukraine conflict

393d ago / 7:37 AM UTC

393d ago / 7:22 AM UTC

Ukrainian forces blow up bridges to impede Russian forces, interior ministry says

393d ago / 7:19 AM UTC

393d ago / 6:58 AM UTC

'We'll prevail,' Ukraine minister says

393d ago / 6:48 AM UTC

Ukraine prohibits men ages 18 to 60 from leaving

393d ago / 6:11 AM UTC

Sirens activate in Kyiv as city warns to seek shelter

393d ago / 5:57 AM UTC
393d ago / 5:23 AM UTC

Large explosion rocks Kyiv apartment building

393d ago / 4:41 AM UTC

Macron says he called Putin because Zelenskyy couldn't reach him

393d ago / 4:30 AM UTC

Top Pentagon official: Russian troops 20 miles from Kyiv


393d ago / 3:54 AM UTC
393d ago / 3:27 AM UTC

'Enemy sabotage groups' in Kyiv, Zelenskyy says

393d ago / 3:04 AM UTC

E.U. leaders vow 'massive and targeted' sanctions on Russia

393d ago / 2:31 AM UTC

IOC condemns Russia for violation of Olympic Truce

393d ago / 2:01 AM UTC

Lawmakers received unclassified briefing with White House officials on invasion

, , and

393d ago / 1:03 AM UTC

U.N. Security Council to vote Friday on condemning invasion

393d ago / 12:52 AM UTC

White House is aware of Zelenskyy's location

393d ago / 12:48 AM UTC
393d ago / 12:48 AM UTC

Russia sanctions are a ‘big deal,’ experts say. But effects could take years.

393d ago / 12:30 AM UTC
393d ago / 12:10 AM UTC

Sanctions are focused on preventing 'worst-case scenario,' Price says

393d ago / 12:03 AM UTC

White House says Biden administration is prepared to welcome Ukrainian refugees