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Capitol police could face delayed paychecks because of shutdown

After a frightening incident with shots fired on Capitol Hill Thursday afternoon – leaving one Capitol Police officer injured – observers were quick to point out that the people protecting Congress from threats are also facing the impact of the ongoing government shutdown. 

Capitol Police officers aren’t subject to furloughs, so they’re still on the job. But – like all federal workers who are deemed essential and are working during the shutdown -- their next paycheck won't be until the shutdown ends.

Guidance from the Office of Management and Budget says that workers who are exempt from furloughs will receive pay for their time at work. But that can only happen after Congress passes and the president signs a new appropriation or continuing resolution.

Most federal workers get paid biweekly, although the day of the week varies by agency. A portion of federal employees received their last paycheck yesterday for the previous pay period.

The starting salary for USCP is $55,653 annually, plus benefits.

A response was not immediately available from the Capitol Police communications office.