Scrap TPP: Trump Team Issues Handout Video of First 100 Days Plan

Trump Team Releases Video on Legislative Priorities 2:38

President-elect Donald Trump on Monday announced a list of "executive actions" he plans to implement on the first day of his presidency meant to “restore our laws and bring back our jobs.”

Trump said he will signal the United States' intention to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, roll back energy regulations, take steps to guard against cyber attacks, investigate visa program abuses and implement rules against members of his administration leaving to become lobbyists.

Trump's Business Ties Could Present Numerous Conflicts of Interest 2:41

The Trump transition team created and distributed the video. Trump himself has not held a formal press conference in the 12 days since winning the election, and he has so far declined to allow journalists to participate in a formal “protective pool,” which allows a small group of reporters to broadcast information about the movements of the president or president-elect.

Trump has also declined to allow reporters access to his meetings with foreign leaders, providing some photographic handouts created and distributed by his transition team.