Iowa Entrance Poll Results: What Happened Among Republicans

Record turnout was supposed to benefit Donald Trump, but this year’s incredible surge actually helped Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in Monday's Iowa caucuses.

One thing Trump was counting on was an increase in first time caucus-goers. That number went up from a 38 percent share in 2012 to a 45 percent share this year. However, given that overall turnout jumped from just under 122,000 to more than 180,000, a large number of past caucus participants who may not attend every four years decided to show up this time.

Old fashioned get-out-the-vote efforts seem to have played a role in this. More than one-in-three (36 percent) voters Monday said they had been contacted on behalf of at least one of the candidates before caucus night.

The traditional social conservative vote also came out in large numbers. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of the GOP electorate were evangelical Christians. In 2012, this group made up 57 percent of the Republican caucus vote.

And these were all groups with whom Cruz did very well.