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Judge Refuses To Dismiss Case Against Rick Perry

The development threatens his presidential ambitions
Image: Rick Perry Addresses Media
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is appeared in court on charges he abused his official capacity and coerced a public servant.

A judge refused to dismiss a case against former Texas Governor Rick Perry Tuesday, which means that a case over abuse of power will move forward against the potential presidential candidate.

Perry asked the judge to dismiss the case, saying his constitutional authority to veto was used appropriately. But District Judge Bert Richardson disagreed.

Perry was indicted this past summer over a June 2013 veto of the $7.5 million budget of a federal agency after its director refused to resign after she was convicted of drunk driving.

The case could disrupt Perry's presidential aspirations. Meanwhile Republicans, including potential presidential challengers, took to social media to show their support for the former governor.

In a statement to his supporters, Perry said he "will explore every legal avenue to expedite this matter, and I intend to win."

Perry is expected to address the judge's decision Wednesday from Texas.

- Leigh Ann Caldwell