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Decision 2016: A Look Back 'On the Trail'

The political unit at NBC News blogged about the 2016 election for a year. Here's what we wrote about.
Image: Trump acknowledges the crowd along during his election night event
Trump acknowledges the crowd along with his son Barron Trump and his wife Melania Trump during his election night event at the New York Hilton Midtown in the early morning hours of Nov. 9, 2016 in New York City. Donald Trump defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president-elect of the United States.Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

The NBC News politics team created the "On the Trail" blog to capture campaign moments from our correspondents and embeds. Here's a look back at what we blogged over the past year.

2322d ago / 11:00 PM UTC

Trump's Inaugural Committee Yet to on Decide Lobbyist Ban

While President-elect Donald Trump's transition has placed restrictions on some lobbyists from serving in the transition, the inaugural committee has not yet made such determinations

Three members of the inaugural committee, which is stacked with Trump's and Vice Preisdent-elect Mike Pence's top donors and fundraisers, told NBC News that a decision hasn't yet been made on whether restrictions will be placed on the amount a person could give to or if a ban on lobbyists or corporations would be instituted. 

An announcement could come out as early as tomorrow but more likely next week the sources said. 

The inaugural committee is tasked with raising money for the inauguration beyond what the government allows. It also pays for balls, parties and events surrounding the event. 

In 2008, President-elect Barack Obama placed a $50,000 limit on individual donors and banned contributions from lobbyists, corporations and super PACs. The committee also entertained no sponsorship agreements.  

In 2012, President Obama loosened those restrictions and allowed for contributions from corporations but not from lobbyists or super PACs

The law allows unlimited contributions from corporations and U.S. permanent residents. 

2322d ago / 7:55 PM UTC

Romney and Trump to Meet This Weekend

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will meet with President-elect Donald Trump this weekend, NBC News confirms.  

Romney delivered a blistering takedown of Trump in a speech in March, calling the then-candidate “a phony” and “a fraud.” Trump has called Romney a loser and said he “choked like a dog” during his 2012 bid against President Obama.

A source close to Trump with direct knowledge of the president-elect's thinking confirms the meeting is to discuss the position of Secretary of State. 

Trump endorsed Romney during his campaign four years ago. The former Massachusetts governor began to repair the relationship last week by calling to congratulate Trump on his surprise win.   

2322d ago / 7:01 PM UTC

Obama 'Cautiously Optimistic' About Trump Presidency

President Obama on Thursday said he is “cautiously optimistic” about Donald Trump’s presidency once the reality of his immense responsibilities sets in. 

“There's something about the solemn responsibilities of that office, the extraordinary demands that are placed on the United States, not just by its own people, but by people around the world that forces you to focus,” Obama said during a press conference in Germany on Thursday.

“If you're not serious about the job, then you probably won't be there very long because it will expose problems,” Obama added.

The president added that he “wouldn’t advise” those opposed to Trump to be silent or stop protesting, but said the election should be an important reminder about the importance of voting.

2323d ago / 4:37 AM UTC

Trump Considering Mike Flynn to Be National Security Adviser

President-elect Donald Trump is considering retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn to be his national security adviser, a source familiar with the transition process told NBC News on Wednesday.

The source said the decision shouldn't be considered final until and unless Trump, himself, announces it. The appointment wouldn't require confirmation by the Senate.

Flynn — a controversial figure in his own right who has been known to eschew "political correctness" — is a Trump loyalist who stayed by the GOP candidate's side even as other national security experts sharply criticized him during the campaign. NBC News reported in July that Trump's team vetted Flynn as a possible vice presidential running mate.

Flynn, 57, was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2012 to 2014, but his tenure was reportedly cut short over clashes with top Obama administration officials.

In an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" in August, Flynn said that NATO needs to be "modernized" and called the Obama administration's announcement ahead of time of the operation to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS "just insane."

2323d ago / 11:15 PM UTC

Effort to Bring Back Congressional Earmarks Blocked


Speaker of the House Paul Ryan blocked an amendment that would have brought back earmarks - the mechanism to add specific funding items to federal spending bills. 
Earmarks came under fire for contributing to corruption in Washington. But proponents of earmarks say that it's better that elected officials decide how money is spent at federal agencies instead of the executive branch, which determines how funds are spent if not directed by Congress. 
But Speaker Ryan said allowing earmarks would be a slap in the face to President-elect Donald Trump's "drain the swamp" win. 
Members of the conservative Freedom Caucus said they wanted reforms added to any effort to bring back earmarks, something that wasn't part of the proposed plan.
Ryan didn't discount a vote on earmarks early next year. 
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid defended earmarks Wednesday. 
I'm one of the kings of earmarks," Reid said. "I think it was a terrible disservice to America to come up with this stupid idea ... to stop congressional-directed spending."
2323d ago / 8:22 PM UTC

Joe Biden Welcomes Mike Pence to VP Residence

2323d ago / 6:55 PM UTC

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Visits Trump Tower

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio visited Trump Tower on Wednesday for what he described as a “candid and substantive dialogue” with President-elect Donald Trump.

“I let him know that so many New Yorkers were fearful, and that more has to be done to show that this country can heal and that people be respected,” de Blasio told reporters following the meeting.

The Democratic mayor, who supported Hillary Clinton, said he and Trump discussed topics like immigration, Wall Street reform, taxes and the Republican’s rhetoric. De Blasio also said he expressed concerns over Trump’s decision to appoint former Breitbart News head Steve Bannon to a top White House post.  

“The balls in his court, people in this city and all over the country are looking to see what he’s going to do,” de Blasio said.  

2324d ago / 4:43 PM UTC

Sens. Schumer and McConnell Elected Senate Leaders

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer was easily elected by his caucus to lead Senate Democrats for the next two years and Republicans unanimously re-elected Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky to serve as Majority Leader.

Schumer, who is set to replace retiring Sen. Harry Reid, will spearhead the party's messaging and policy priorities in the first two years of a Donald Trump administration.

Read more here. 

2324d ago / 4:32 PM UTC

Martin O'Malley Withdraws From DNC Race

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley pulled himself out of contention to be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee Wednesday, days after he said he was considering a bid.

"While I'm grateful to the supportive friends who have urged me to consider running for DNC Chair, I will not be seeking our Party's Chairmanship. The DNC needs a Chair who can do the job fully and with total impartiality. The national interest must come first," O'Malley said in an email to supporters.

Read more here.

2324d ago / 6:39 PM UTC

McCain Warns Against Russian Reset

Republican Sen. John McCain on Tuesday warned against any attempt to reboot U.S.-Russia relations under Donald Trump’s presidency.

“With the U.S. presidential transition underway, Vladimir Putin has said in recent days that he wants to improve relations with the United States. We should place as much faith in such statements as any other made by a former KGB agent who has plunged his country into tyranny, murdered his political opponents, invaded his neighbors, threatened America’s allies, and attempted to undermine America’s elections,” the Arizona senator said in a statement.

Russia on Tuesday launched a major military offensive in Syria where Putin is backing Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Throughout the campaign, Trump spoke highly of Russian President Vladimir Putin and said he would improve relations between the two countries. Putin and Trump spoke after his victory last week.

“The Obama Administration’s last attempt at resetting relations with Russia culminated in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and military intervention in the Middle East,” McCain said. “At the very least, the price of another ‘reset’ would be complicity in Putin and Assad’s butchery of the Syrian people.”

2325d ago / 5:47 PM UTC

Trump, Pence Expected To Receive Daily Briefing Tuesday

President-elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence are expected to receive their first President’s Daily Briefing on Tuesday at Trump Tower in New York, sources tell NBC News.

President Barack Obama has authorized that the same briefing given to him each day be prepared for Trump and Pence. It contains more sensitive information than the briefings provided to the candidates during the presidential campaign.

Trump has designated retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and son-in-law Jared Kushner as his staff level companions for such briefings, however, Kushner does not have any clearance.


2326d ago / 5:41 PM UTC

Conway Defends Bannon's White House Appointment

Kellyanne Conway, who successfully navigated the final months of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, dismissed criticism of former Breitbart News executive Steve Bannon’s appointment as "chief strategist and senior counselor” to the new administration.

“I work very closely with Steve Bannon, he's been the general of this campaign, and frankly, people should look at the full resume,” Conway told reporters Monday.  “He's got a Harvard business degree, he's a naval officer, he has success in entertainment, I don't know if you're aware of that, and he certainly was a Goldman Sachs managing partner. Brilliant tactician.”

Bannon’s former news site has been closely associated with the “alt-right” movement, which has been criticized for promoting white nationalism.

“I know that people weren't prepared for us to win, and so they're reaching around to find extreme examples,” she added.

Some Republicans leaders have struggled to defend Bannon's past work.  

“I do not know Steve. I do not know what he has said,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters Monday. 

2327d ago / 12:48 AM UTC

Brexit's Farage Meets Trump, Wants Churchill Bust in Oval Office


Nigel Farage, a key figure in the Brexit movement, met with President-elect Donald Trump Saturday —and said he raised the issue of returning a bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office.

While protesters chanted outside, the two met inside Trump Tower and spoke for more than an hour.

“It was a great honor to spend time with Donald Trump,” Farage wrote on Twitter. “He was relaxed and full of good ideas. I'm confident he will be a good president.”

He also wrote that Trump’s support for the U.S.-UK relationship was “very strong,” adding — in an echo of former PM Margaret Thatcher’s famous comment about Ronald Reagan — “this is a man with whom we can do business."

Farage also write that he was “especially pleased” at Trump’s “very positive reaction to the idea that Sir Winston Churchill's bust should be put back in the Oval Office.”

President Barack Obama said he removed the bust of Britain's wartime PM because, as the first black president, he thought it necessary to include a bust of Martin Luther King in the Oval Office and feared the potential clutter. He moved the Churchill bust to just outside the office.

The issue of the bust was raised last year British foreign secretary Boris Johnson after Obama appeared to urge British voters to reject Brexit.

2327d ago / 6:49 PM UTC

Young Voice of France's Far-Right Party Agrees to Help Trump

A prominent member of France's socially conservative nationalist party and niece of its leader tweeted Saturday that she is looking forward to partnering with the Trump administration.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, 26, wrote she was accepting the invitation of Stephen Bannon, CEO of President-elect Donald Trump's campaign, "to work together."

Maréchal-Le Pen's far-right party, the National Front, is staunchly anti-immigration. She is the niece of influential conservative French politician Marine Le Pen and the granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, who started the National Front before being expelled by his daughter for a series of racially charged statements.

Maréchal-Le Pen is one of the youngest members of the French Parliament and is considered a rising star in the National Front.

2328d ago / 5:07 PM UTC

Hillary Clinton Receives 1,200 Roses After Election Loss

After Hillary Clinton's loss in the presidential election, a group of supporters sent her a special delivery Friday to cheer her up: over a thousand long-stemmed red roses.

"Someone sent 1000 red roses to @HillaryClinton. She brought them to distribute at our staff party tonight. Of course," tweeted Clinton's digital director, Jenna Lowenstein. The number of roses was later confirmed at 1,200.

The flowers were given on behalf of the women's rights group, Ultra Violet. While they were delivered to Clinton's Chappaqua, New York, home, the Democratic nominee shared them during her appearance at her Brooklyn campaign headquarters Friday night to thank her staff and volunteers. She gave the roses out to every staffer as a token of her appreciation, Lowenstein said. 

But roses are far from the only message that Clinton has received since losing to Donald Trump. Children writing in chalk scrawled "thank yous" to her in front of her Brooklyn office.

2329d ago / 5:38 PM UTC

Martin O'Malley: 'I'm Taking a Hard Look at DNC Chair'

Even though the election for the next Democratic National Committee chairman will not take place until next year, the race is heating up quickly with former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley adding his name to the mix Friday. "Since the election, I have been approached by many Democrats who believe our party needs new leadership. I'm taking a hard look at DNC Chair because I know how badly we need to reform our nominating process, articulate a bold progressive vision, recommit ourselves to higher wages and a stronger middle class, and return to our roots as a nationwide, grassroots party," O'Malley said in a statement.O'Malley ran for the Democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders this year, but withdrew after a disappointing showing in the Iowa caucuses, where he finished with less than 1 percent of the delegates. O'Malley has experience on TV and in the national spotlight, and he led a party organ as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, where he helped raise millions of dollars. He's seen as a loyal party solider, though that may not be as much of an asset at a time when many are demanding a fresh take. Former DNC Chair and Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has also said he's interested in the job, while Rep. Keith Ellison is expected to announce his bid Monday after securing the support for Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and warm words from Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Others are likely to join the fray as well.

2329d ago / 4:52 PM UTC

Carson on Trump's Transition: 'I Could Be Education Secretary'

Ben Carson said he would be interested in becoming Education Secretary or Health and Human Services Secretary in Donald Trump's new administration.

"I could see [myself] as continuing to help improve the educational environment, the healthcare environment.My preference would be to do that from outside the government as a friend...or an as adviser," Carson said on Fox News."If it can't be done that way, I will do whatever necessary to make sure we succeed."

Carson said all cabinet positions are "things that are under discussion" and will take a few weeks to become clear as "good decisions have to be made."

2329d ago / 3:54 PM UTC

Major Donor Leading Trump's Inaugural Committee

Tom Barrack, a major financial backer of Donald Trump and CEO of Colony Capital, a real estate development and investment firm, will lead Donald Trump's Inaugural Committee, a source close to Barrack told NBC News. 

Barrack launched a super PAC, Rebuilding American Now PAC. When he announced the super PAC he said he had $32 million in commitments. He was never able to raise that much but did raise $20 million in three months, including $6 million from Linda McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment and $5 million from Home Depot's Bernard Marcus.

As head of the Inaugural Committee, Barrack will oversee preparations and raise money for Trump's inauguration. President Barack Obama's first inaugural committee raised $53 million. 

2329d ago / 3:04 PM UTC

Schumer Backs Ellison for DNC Chair


As Democrats plot a path forward after Donald Trump's victory, incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer backed progressive Rep. Keith Ellison for chairman of the Democratic National Committee Friday, an aide confirmed. The two spoke yesterday, according to the aide, who said Schumer believes the DNC should take on the role of coordinating grassroots organizing in sync with legislative battles on Capitol Hill. 

Schumer adds momentum behind Ellison, following support from Sen. Bernie Sanders and several liberals groups. Sen. Elizabeth Warren told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Thursday night that Ellison would be a "terrific" DNC chair. 

Ellison, who backed Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary, has been quiet as allies move quickly around him. He told the liberal group Democracy for America Thursday night he would make an announcement on Monday. 

Former DNC Chair and Vermont Gov. Howard has tossed announced his bid. "I am very interested in the chairmanship of the DNC, not so much because I think I’m the only person that can fix it, but I think we need a full-time chair," he told MSNBC Friday. 

After the tenure of former chairwoman Debbie Wassmerman Schultz, some DNC members want a full-time leader who does not hold elected office, which could complicate Ellison's bid. Some close to Hillary Clinton are pushing former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm to run as well.

2329d ago / 7:54 AM UTC

Trump Reveals 'Great Chemistry' With Obama

Donald Trump's verdict on his first meeting with President Barack Obama?

"Really good meeting, great chemistry," he tweeted late Thursday.

There is no love lost between the pair.

Trump kept the birther movement going long after the president released his birth certificate. In August 2012, Trump he tweeted that an "extremely credible source" called his office and said Obama's "birth certificate is a fraud."  And in Sept. 2014, he called on internet hackers to find Obama's college records to "check 'place of birth.'"

During the campaign, Obama told Trump to "stop whining." Last month, he also slammed the Republican's "unbelievable rhetoric." Speaking on Oct. 9, Obama said: "Demeaning women, degrading women, but also minorities, immigrants, people of other faiths, mocking the disabled, insulting our troops, insulting our veterans —that tells you a couple of things. That tells you that he's insecure enough that he pumps himself up by putting other people down, not a character trait that I would advise for someone in the Oval Office."

Trump has threatened to undo much of Obama's policies and programs. At stake is the president's legacy on health care initiatives, immigration, a global climate change pact and a nuclear deal with Iran.

2330d ago / 6:20 PM UTC

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Congratulates Trump, Pledges an 'Open Mind'

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos extended an olive branch to Pres.-elect Donald Trump Thursday, congratulating him on his election and echoing Hillary Clinton's pledge to give him an "open mind."

"I for one give him my most open mind and wish him great success in his service to the country," Bezos wrote on Twitter.

Bezos also owns The Washington Post. The media outlet was a frequent target of Trump's criticism during his campaign. In June, Trump revoked the newspaper's press credentials calling its reporting "phony" and "dishonest." 

At the realization of four years of a Trump presidency, Silicon Valley leaders expressed their sorrow but said they're ready to get back to work.


2330d ago / 5:16 PM UTC

Pistons Coach: Trump Supporters Threw Part of Country 'Under the Bus'

When Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy lashed out at President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday, calling him "brazenly racist" and suggesting that his supporters had thrown "a good part of this country under the bus," he wasn't just speaking for his own players — he was articulating the viewpoint of a number of NBA athletes.

In the wake of Trump's shocking Election Night upset, several pro basketball players took to social media to express their disappointment and anger at the results. Meanwhile, the New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, one of the most outspoken stars in league, has called for more activism in the aftermath of Trump's election.

The league has demonstrated its clout already in the last two years by taking a stand against religious freedom bills in Indiana and North Carolina. With the commissioner's blessing, the league relocated a planned 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte to New Orleans after the state of North Carolina passed a law curtailing LGBTQ rights, enraging fans and players alike. That move had a real economic impact on the city and state, and may have contributed to Republican Gov. Pat McCrory's imperiled (but currently unsettled) re-election bid. And in 2014, player protests contributed to the national outcry and eventual permanent expulsion of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the league following an unearthed audio of him making bigoted remarks.

2330d ago / 4:23 PM UTC

Trump Affirms US, UK Alliance in Call With British PM

President-elect Donald Trump spoke with British Prime Minister Theresa May to affirm the “very special” relationship between the two countries, according to a readout of the conversation.

May congratulated Trump on his election and said his commitment to unite America must extend across the globe.

“The prime minister said that we have a long history of shared values and added that she looked forward to that continuing in the future,” according to the press release from the British Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Trump called the United Kingdom a “very, very special place for me and for our country.”

2330d ago / 4:12 PM UTC

Trump's Transition Team Wants to Hear From You

Donald Trump's transition team is asking on Twitter for people to share how they want to "make America great."

"Tell us your story or share your idea here," the new account tweeted Thursday morning, it's second tweet to date.

The new account has over 17,000 followers as of Thursday morning and is sending followers to the new website

2330d ago / 4:03 PM UTC

Christie Takes Big Pause After Chief of Staff Question

Christie’s early endorsement of Trump was seen as shocking at the time, given how critical he was of the real estate developer-turned-reality show star when the two were rivals. But the gamble paid off following Trump’s surprise Election Day victory over Hillary Clinton.

Christie said he and Trump spoke on election night, "but we didn't speak about me, we spoke about the transition."

Asked specifically whether he’d like to serve as Trump’s chief of staff or attorney general, Christie refused to answer.


2330d ago / 3:47 PM UTC

Trump Arrives for White House Meeting

2330d ago / 2:17 PM UTC

Giuliani Calls Trump Protesters 'Spoiled Crybabies'

Donald Trump advisor and rumored potential cabinet pick Rudy Giuliani lashed out at the thousands of protesters who took to the streets on Wednesday in cities across America to protest the Republican real estate mogul's upset victory on Tuesday.

During a Thursday morning appearance on Fox News, the former New York City mayor told host Steve Doocy: "The reality is they’re a bunch of spoiled crybabies."

In that same interview, Giuliani was coy about the possibility of being nominated to be the U.S. Attorney General, and suggested the President Obama should not pardon Hillary Clinton -- overlooking the fact that she has not been charged with any crimes and the FBI has cleared her of wrongdoing twice in its investigation of her private email server.

Meanwhile, Giuliani is not the only Trump surrogate to throw shade at the protesters. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie questioned whether the demonstrations were "spontaneous" during a phone interview Wednesday on MSNBC's "The 11th Hour."

"My take on this is these things will happen especially after a highly charged emotional campaign that went on for the better part of 18 months in this country," he said. "You can't shut it off -- that emotion and that energy and that commitment -- overnight."

2330d ago / 1:16 AM UTC

Bernie Sanders Releases Biting Statement in Response to Trump Presidency

Bernie Sanders was one of the last major politicians to release a statement that responded to Donald Trump's presidential victory.

One of his advisers started the day by telling CNN's Jeff Zelaney, "We have nothing nice to say right now," when asked to comment.

In the evening, Sanders' office finally provided an official statement. In it, Sanders did not offer congratulations. 

“Donald Trump tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media. People are tired of working longer hours for lower wages, of seeing decent paying jobs go to China and other low-wage countries, of billionaires not paying any federal income taxes and of not being able to afford a college education for their kids — all while the very rich become much richer."

He then outlined exactly where he could find common ground with the Republican — and where he could not.

"To the degree that Mr. Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, I and other progressives are prepared to work with him. To the degree that he pursues racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environmental policies, we will vigorously oppose him."

2330d ago / 10:19 PM UTC

Ayotte Concedes to Hassan in N.H. Senate Race

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte conceded her re-election campaign against Gov. Maggie Hassan, giving Democrats their second Senate pickup of 2016.

The two were separated by just a few hundred votes come Wednesday afternoon. The presidential race in the state is still too close to call.

Hassan becomes the second Democrat this year to defeat an incumbent Republican senator. The first came in Illinois, where Democratic Rep. Tammy Duckworth defeated incumbent GOP Sen. Mark Kirk.

2330d ago / 9:32 PM UTC

McConnell Differs From Trump on Term Limits, NATO

Sen. Mitch McConnell congratulated Donald Trump for a “stunning election” and pledged to work closely with the new president-elect on Wednesday.

Though McConnell has refused to comment on Trump in the past, he opened up during a press conference, saying that Senate Republicans are “enthusiastically for” many of Trump’s positions. The first thing McConnell is expecting from Trump during the next Congress is his recommendation for SCOTUS nominee.

McConnell also talked about some of the differences he and Trump had throughout the campaign. He said the Senate will not discuss term limits on member of Congress at all, a position Trump advocated strongly during his “Drain the Swamp” pitch. He also mentioned that the US will not break away from NATO, issuing this warning to Russia in particular: “If you attack any member of NATO you have us to deal with.”   

The Majority Leader was encouraged to see that voters chose to keep the Senate under Republican control given that the races were against their favor. 

2330d ago / 9:23 PM UTC

Pelosi Congratulates Trump on Victory

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke with President-elect Donald Trump on the day after his historic victory, her office announced.

Pelosi encouraged Trump to work to find common ground, especially when it comes to an infrastructure jobs bill, according to a readout of the call.

House Republicans easily maintained their majority on Tuesday, giving the GOP control of both Congress and the White House.

2330d ago / 8:09 PM UTC

Sen. Rand Paul Predicts Trump's First Month in Office

Along with Donald Trump, Sen. Rand Paul was also a big winner last night. He won his re-election race in Kentucky with 57 percent of the vote and the state went completely Republican.

The senator made his predictions for the first month of the Trump presidency on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"I think we're going to spend the first month passing repeal of Obama regulations. And they will be signed by Trump. I think there will be a half a dozen repeals in the first week of Congress," Paul said. 

When co-host Willie Geist asked how Republicans plan to come together after Trump has gotten into fights with many of them, Paul replied, "He was even nice to Hillary Clinton last night so I figure he'll be nice to me now."

2330d ago / 7:35 PM UTC

Who's Ready for 2020? Kanye West.

2330d ago / 7:32 PM UTC

In Unprecedented Move, NYPD Setting Up Security for President-Elect in NYC

The New York Police Department is setting up security for a President-elect in New York City for the first time in the department's 171-year-old history.

"We are assisting the Secret Service with security measures for the President-elect," a NYPD spokesperson said.

Barricades and a mobile command post were spotted by a NBC News photojournalist being put into place at Trump Tower where Trump lives. The tower, which houses Trump's residence, has already been unofficially dubbed "White House North" by some.  While Trump's security protection is handled by the U.S. Secret Service, the manpower of the NYPD and the possibility of crowds wanting to visit the tower or protesting its most famous resident means both agencies will need to work hand-in-hand. The NYPD will likely release more information in the near future on what restrictions may be put into place for pedestrian and vehicular traffic near the Trump Tower.

2331d ago / 5:31 PM UTC

George W. Bush Congratulates Donald Trump

Former President George W. Bush congratulated Donald Trump Wednesday on his victory.

"This morning I called President-elect Donald Trump and congratulated him on his election as President of the United States of America," Bush said in a statement. "Laura and I wish the President-elect, Melania, and the entire Trump family all our very best as they take on an awesome responsibility and begin an exciting new chapter in their lives. We pray for the success of our country and the success of our new President."

NBC News confirmed Tuesday that the former president and first lady voted for down-ticket Republicans, but abstained from casting ballots for Trump.

2331d ago / 4:18 PM UTC

Clinton to Address New York Crowd Momentarily

2331d ago / 4:09 PM UTC

How to Talk to Your Kids About Election Results

It's the morning after Election Day, Donald Trump is the U.S. President-elect, and as President Obama promised, the sun has indeed risen.

But in the wake of many controversial and vitriolic soundbites from the campaigns over the past year, parents all over social media are genuinely asking, "What do I say to my kids this morning?"

TODAY Tastemaker and child development expert offers a plan for how to address the election with children this morning, particularly if parents are disappointed themselves. Read here.

2331d ago / 2:52 PM UTC

Newspaper Calls Election for Clinton in Echo of Truman Blunder

Donald Trump’s election victory was a surprise to many people around the world — not least to the readers of a Turkish newspaper that mistakenly called the result for Hillary Clinton early Wednesday.

Tabloid Posta printed the headline “CLINTON PRESIDENT” on its front page, over the sub-heading “The polls weren’t wrong” and a picture of the Democratic nominee smiling.

The “Dewey Defeats Truman" moment came as Turkish newspapers were going to print at about 2 a.m. Wednesday local time (6 p.m. ET Tuesday).

It echoed the Chicago Daily Tribune’s 1948 front page headline “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN” which incorrectly suggested President Harry Truman had lost.

Posta’s front page was shared on social media in Turkey. "Hang on to a fantasy," quipped Twitter user Aslihan Tumer.

2331d ago / 11:57 AM UTC

President-elect Trump Tweets on 'Beautiful and Important' Election Victory

Donald Trump sent his first tweet as president-elect early Wednesday, promising that Americans would “come together as never before.”

Trump’s Twitter biography was also updated overnight to reflect the surprise election result.

2331d ago / 11:51 AM UTC

Trump's White House Win Was Foreshadowed by 'Brexit': Expert

While Donald Trump’s presidential victory left pundits and pollsters flabbergasted, some experts have suggested that the foreshocks of this political earthquake were apparent months ago, thousands of miles across the Atlantic.

Just like the U.S. race, Britain's "Brexit" referendum saw voters reject an establishment campaign that for months had led in the polls.

What tripped up the pollsters during the U.K. vote was an unexpectedly high turnout among white working-class voters. Many people within this demographic said they were angry with a complacent political establishment for putting a project of globalization and immigration ahead of their communities.

Although hows and whys of the U.S. presidential vote will be analyzed for months, the NBC News Exit Poll suggested these same grievances formed some of the main drivers of Hillary Clinton’s crushing loss.

"Undeniably Brexit was a foreshadowing of what happened in the U.S. last night," Ben Page, chief executive of British pollster IPSOS Mori, told NBC News on Wednesday.

It was not the first time these parallels have been drawn, with Michael Moore among the commentators predicting the forces of Brexit would secure a Trump victory.

On Wednesday this prediction was realized. According to the exit poll, white voters without a college degree broke for Trump by a huge 30 points in the Rust Belt swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. This demographic was underrepresented by pollsters because they haven't voted in such large numbers before.

Although the parallels are clear, the bigger picture is likely more nuanced, according to Page.

"The simple narrative is that this vote is the revenge of the white working class, but it's a bit more complicated than that," he explained. "It's clearly part of the story but it's not exhaustive. For example, it looks like more Hispanics voted for Trump than voted for [2012 Republican nominee Mitt] Romney, so we need to look at the whole picture."

2331d ago / 10:06 AM UTC

President Obama Called Donald Trump After Upset Victory

President Barack Obama tried to reach Donald Trump just as Republican winner was taking his victory lap, the Republican's campaign said. 

"He called when Mr. Trump was on stage," campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told NBC News. 

Obama and his wife Michelle had aggressively campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the final days before the election, holding rallies in a number of key battleground states where the Democratic nominee was eventually unable to hold. 

The out-going president addressed Clinton supporters in Michigan, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania in the final election sprint. But ultimately results in those states were either carried by Trump or are still too close to call. 

2331d ago / 8:11 AM UTC

Donald Trump Wins the Presidency

2331d ago / 7:57 AM UTC

Trump: 'I Just Received a Call From Secretary Clinton'

Donald Trump tells the crowd Hillary Clinton called him to concede.

2331d ago / 7:12 AM UTC

Republicans Maintain Control of the U.S. Senate

2331d ago / 7:08 AM UTC

Clinton Won't Speak Tonight

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta appeared at the Javits Center in New York and said every vote should be counted and campaign will have more later today. Clinton not speaking tonight.

"We're not going to have anything more to say tonight," Podesta told the crowd still waiting for results to come in after 2 a.m. ET.

2331d ago / 7:06 AM UTC

Engel: World Reaction to a Trump Win 'Absolutely Catastrophic'

Richard Engel describes international sentiment towards a Donald Trump win and how it affects the world standing of the United States.

2331d ago / 7:05 AM UTC

Clinton Wins Maine, NBC News Projects

Clinton wins Maine, taking 3 of 4 electoral votes; Trump wins 1, NBC News projects.

2331d ago / 6:42 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll in Iowa: White Men Abandon Democrats

Iowa remains one of the least racially diverse states in the country, and thus the battle for the state's white voters is key to victory there. Exit polls showed a dramatic gap opening up over the past few elections among white men in Iowa. They split between Obama and GOP rival John McCain in 2008, swung solidly toward Republican Mitt Romney in 2012 and are soundly rejecting Clinton this year.

NBC News characterized Iowa as too close to call when polls closed at 10 p.m. ET on Election Day.

2331d ago / 5:33 AM UTC

Clinton Wins Nevada, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 5:24 AM UTC

Nevada Democrat Cortez Masto Becomes First Latina Senator

Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto has defeated Republican Rep. Joe Heck for Senate in Nevada, according to NBC News, making history by becoming the first Latina U.S. Senator.Cortez Masto was hand-picked by retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid to replace him, and he put the full weight of his vaunted Nevada turnout operation behind her. Though Heck was a highly-touted Republican recruit who served as an Army medic during multiple deployments to the Middle East, he was unable to overcome that operation coupled with the state’s sizable Latino population.

2331d ago / 5:17 AM UTC

Arizona: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Loses Re-Election Bid

The Arizona sheriff who became a national symbol of harsh anti-immigration tactics lost his bid for re-election.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost the race for a seventh term to retired police sgt. Paul Penzone. Arpaio, 84, has been sheriff since 1993.

Latino, civil rights and immigrant groups who had mobilized against the controversial sheriff were celebrating Tuesday night.


2331d ago / 5:13 AM UTC

Election Results Indicate Polls Underestimated Rural Voters

As results come in from states with large rural populations, all indications seem to be that Donald Trump’s supports among rural precincts across the nation has bolstered his lead.

The ‘silent Trump’ vote has been underestimated, NBC’s Chuck Todd explains. 

2331d ago / 5:05 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll in Michigan: Confidence in Trump's Ability on the Economy Lower in Mich. Than Ohio

Unlike in Ohio, voters in Michigan are not necessarily convinced that Trump is the stronger candidate when it comes to the economy. In Ohio, more voters felt Trump would better handle the economy than Hillary Clinton. But in Michigan, Clinton has a narrow 2 point lead on handling of the economy.

Another bright spot for Clinton in Michigan are attitudes about jobs. About four in 10 Michigan voters feel that the job situation in their area is better now than it was four years ago, while a quarter say it is worse than four years ago, and 36 percent say it is about the same.

2331d ago / 4:55 AM UTC

Canadian Immigration Site Goes Down Amid Trump Surge

The Canadian government's immigration website appeared down for a time late Tuesday as Donald Trump’s surprise performance put him on course for the White House.

Americans hoping to head up to the Great White North during a Trump presidency were greeted with an error message.

2331d ago / 4:45 AM UTC

Trump Wins Georgia, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 4:41 AM UTC

Brokaw Predicts Either Side Will Contest Race

Tom Brokaw said that it won't be a surprise if either side decides to contest the results of the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Brokaw believes the results won't be over tonight. 

"It will be contested. Either side at this point in the country will be in a state of suspension until we get it all worked out," Brokaw said.

"Now,we survived this when we went through it in 2000, and we'll do it again," Brokaw added.


2331d ago / 4:40 AM UTC

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson Wins Reelection

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson will win reelection in his rematch with former Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold, NBC News projects, reversing a double-digit deficit in the polls with a late surge of support.Feingold, a deft campaigner who held the seat for three terms, opened an early lead on the relatively unknown Johnson and led him in nearly every public poll of the race. But as the presidential race tightened and Donald Trump gained ground in Wisconsin, the Senate race followed, with Johnson eventually embracing the GOP nominee and campaigning across the state with his son.

2331d ago / 4:36 AM UTC

Trump Wins Iowa, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 4:32 AM UTC

Trump Is Apparent Winner in Florida, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 4:13 AM UTC

Trump Camp In Party Mode

Donald Trump's election night rally has taken on a party atmosphere as good news rolls in for the Republican presidential nominee. 

Staffers began hugging one another and drinks kept flowing after North Carolina was announced as a win for Trump. 

Staffers immediately started spontaneously chanting "Florida" as VIPs and Trump supporters watched to see if Trump emerged the clear winner in the key battleground state. It is still too close to call. 

The Trump Organization's Friends of Trump are currently all-smiles and some staffers are pleasantly surprised to not have gone back home yet.  

2331d ago / 4:06 AM UTC

Trump Wins North Carolina, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 4:05 AM UTC

Michigan, Michigan, Michigan

Team Trump expressing real confidence about Michigan. "It will be tight, but we will win Michigan," a source watching the results with Trump tells me.

Michigan is where Trump made the last stop of his campaign, in the wee hours of this morning. He said, tomorrow will be our "Independence Day."  Added, "We're hours away from once-in-a-lifetime change."

Sources close to Trump were touting particularly high turnout in MI and NH. The source points to lower than normal African-African support for Clinton. "She simply doesn't have the Barack Obama coalition."

Separate aide remarks: "Clinton camp should be freaking out. We're in great spirits."

2331d ago / 4:02 AM UTC

With Polls Now Closed in All States Except for Alaska, Clinton Leads Trump 209 to 172 Electoral Votes

2331d ago / 3:41 AM UTC

Florida OKs Medical Marijuana as Nine States Vote on Pot

Floridians with a debilitating medical illness – as determined by a state physician -- will soon be able to use medical marijuana, after voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot provision legalizing it on Tuesday.

Just two years after the state rejected a similar measure, a vast majority of Florida voters cast ballots in favor of Amendment 2, according to an early count posted by Florida’s Secretary of State, exceeding the 60 percent threshold needed to approve the legislation and insert an amendment into the state constitution that would allow people with cancer, epilepsy, and other serious conditions to use the substance if their doctor recommends it.

Nine states are voting on how to handle marijuana use on Tuesday, with five states voting on full legalization and four states weighing medical marijuana on the ballot.

2331d ago / 3:36 AM UTC

Clinton Wins Colorado, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 3:32 AM UTC

History Made: First African-American Woman Elected to Congress From Delaware

Lisa Blunt Rochester made history tonight as the first woman and first African-American to be elected to Congress from Delaware. Rochester is no stranger to firsts and no stranger to politics. She was the first black woman to serve as Delaware's Secretary of Labor, and as Delaware's first African-American Deputy Secretary of Health and Social Services and State Personnel Director, where she investigated the Delaware State Police for racial and sexual discrimination.

The mother of two college grads made jobs, affordable education, women’s health and equal pay, and preventing gun violence key pillars of her campaign.  

Her father, Ted Blunt, also served as Wilmington City Council president.

2331d ago / 3:32 AM UTC

Democrats are 'Much More Nervous'

While the Clinton Campaign and top surrogates insist they still have a path to 270 and are hopeful their firewall of Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan and will hold.

Top Democrats who have been invited to watch with the Clinton team acknowledge they're "much more nervous."

One person who is in a small room off the main floor of the Javits Center where the Clinton watch party is said the mood is "quiet." Another Democrat just looked stunned and shook his head. 

UPDATE: NBC News projects that Clinton has won Colorado. 

2331d ago / 3:28 AM UTC

Clinton Wins Virginia, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 3:24 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll in Virginia: Why So Close for Clinton?

More than six in 10 Virginian voters are bothered by Hillary Clinton's use of private email.

Virtually all Trump voters said they were bothered by Clinton's use of a private email server while she was U.S. Secretary of State. But a sizable minority of Clinton voters were bothered, as well. About a third of Clinton voters in Virginia were bothered at least some by her use of private email.

But helping Clinton is the fact that she is holding her own with veterans and those serving in the U.S. military, a group that typically votes reliably for Republicans. And more Virginians think she would be the better commander in chief and better able to handle foreign policy.

2331d ago / 3:23 AM UTC

North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr Wins Reelection

Sen. Richard Burr will win reelection, NBC News projects, pulling out a win in a tough battle with Democrat Deborah Ross.With polls tight up until Election Day, even operatives in Burr’s own party were privately unsure about his chances after he ran what many Republicans said was a frustratingly lackluster and flat-footed campaign. But the typically red lean of the state proved to be too much for Ross, who, as a former state rep and head of the state's ACLU chapter, was attacked as too liberal by Republicans.

2331d ago / 3:22 AM UTC

'Rural America is basically screaming at us'

Clinton is running out of runway in Florida to win the state, NBC's Chuck Todd says.

"I don’t see the path forward for her in Florida," Todd said on NBC's special Election Night broadcast. 

He added this nugget: "The last time a democrat lost Florida and won the White House was Bill Clinton." 

"Rural America is basically screaming at us, ‘stop overlooking us!’" Todd said. 

Veteran NBC anchor Tom Brokaw added, "What we underestimated was the depth of the anger."

2331d ago / 3:21 AM UTC

Trump Wins Ohio, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 3:18 AM UTC

Nervous Clinton Supporters Captured on Camera in Javits Center

Voters spotted in Hillary Clinton's election night venue — the Javitz Center in New York — looking nervous. By 10:18 p.m. ET, Donald Trump was leading Clinton with 150 to 109 electoral votes. 

2331d ago / 3:08 AM UTC

Trump Wins Missouri, NBC News Projects


2331d ago / 3:05 AM UTC

Clinton Wins New Mexico, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 3:05 AM UTC

Ivanka Trump Posts Photo of Family Watching Results at Trump HQ

Ivanka Trump tweeted out a photo of her family and and GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence anxiously watching election results roll in. 

The Trump family, including Tiffany Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr. and Trump HQ staffers had concentrated faces on while watching the action.

Donald Trump held on to his granddaughter as he watched the results. 

2331d ago / 3:04 AM UTC

All Eyes on Florida

Donald Trump's team and political watchers are in agreement: All eyes are on Florida. 

Sources close to Donald Trump's war room says the focus is "all Florida right now."

With 95 percent of the vote in, there is about a 100,000 vote difference between Trump and Clinton, with Trump in the lead right now. 

While Clinton is doing well in cities, Trump is over performing in rural and exurban areas. 

Trump must win Florida if he wants a chance to win 270 electoral votes, and the campaign is very "encouraged." 

2331d ago / 3:01 AM UTC

Polls Have Now Closed in Iowa, Montana, Nevada and Utah. Trump Leads Clinton With 140 to 104 Electoral Votes.

2331d ago / 2:43 AM UTC

Exit Poll in FL: Favorability Ratings of the Candidates Vary by Race

According to the NBC News Exit Poll in Florida, more than half of voters today hold unfavorable opinions of each of the major party candidates, though attitudes differ by race.

Overall, half of voters say they have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton and nearly six in 10 have an unfavorable opinion of Trump

2331d ago / 2:43 AM UTC

Woman-Led Mariachi Group Plays Outside Trump Tower As Results Roll In

A group of Mariachis have been continuously playing in front of Trump Tower to remind Donald Trump that the U.S. still has longstanding relations with Mexico. 

The women-led group, known as Mariachi Sol Mixteco, intended to serenade Trump with classical Mexican tunes such as "Canto y no llores" and have been waiting for Trump to come out of the building since 6 p.m. ET.

"Perhaps, ironically, a Mexican tradition can offer an opportunity to come together and celebrate the end of the campaign. We won’t criticize or flatter any candidate — make no mistake, we’re not associated with any campaign," Coutino explained in a post on Medium. "We just think this is a fun idea and we hope you join us in the best spirit of fun and unity."

2331d ago / 2:38 AM UTC

Ryan Enjoying His Own Party

A relaxed House Speaker Paul Ryan mingled with supporters as they watched election night results roll in. Candidates traditionally shy away from making appearances at their election day rallies before the final results roll in. But Ryan, who easily survived a primary challenge earlier this year, is expected to easily win reelection in his Wisconsin district.   

2331d ago / 2:27 AM UTC

People Gather at Corner of Clinton and President Street in Brooklyn

People are gathering at the corner of President and Clinton street in Brooklyn, N.Y., home to the Clinton campaign headquarters.

2331d ago / 2:25 AM UTC

Deadly Shooting in Los Angeles County Puts Polling Location on Lockdown

A polling location in Los Angeles County was put on lock down Tuesday after a shooting that left one dead and two wounded, officials said.

Three people are confirmed to have been shot in Azusa, a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles County.

Two women and one man were hit, and there is potentially a fourth victim, officials said. One of the victims was confirmed to have been heading to a polling location to cast a ballot, said Azusa Acting Police Chief Steve Hunt at an afternoon press conference. 

But Hunt said the shooting seemed to be unrelated to the election and appears to have been perpetrated by a woman with an assault rifle.

According to Hunt, those still in the Memorial Park polling location — now closed — were put on lock down for about an hour and did not leave until officers deemed it safe to follow their evacuation plan.

Los Angeles County officials identified four alternative locations that voters can use.

“The county has determined other locations to vote and we are putting out on social media locations where we want those people to go,” Hunt said.

2331d ago / 2:24 AM UTC

Mike Pence Leaves NYC Hotel to Join Trump at Trump Tower

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and wife, Karen Pence left their NYC Midtown hotel a few minutes ago to join Donald Trump's Election party at Trump Tower. 

When asked if he had spoken to Trump so far, Pence said, "I have and we're actually on our way to Trump Tower now." 

Pence declined to comment on how he and his wife were feeling about the projections coming in so far. 

2331d ago / 2:14 AM UTC

Charlie Crist Elected to U.S. Congress

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist — party-switcher and perennial political candidate — won election to Congress Tuesday night, according to the Associated Press, defeating Republican Rep. David Jolly.The former Republican governor ran for senate in 2010; became an Independent to stay competitive in that race after facing a likely GOP primary defeat from now-Sen. Marco Rubio; and formally became a Democrat in 2012. He challenged Republican Gov. Rick Scott in 2014 and narrowly lost.But tying Jolly, a freshman representative, to Donald Trump seemed to finally do the trick for Crist, who heads to Congress to represent Florida’s 13th district in January.

2331d ago / 2:13 AM UTC

Bill Clinton Not Expected to Speak at Election Night Rally

It’s unclear who will be introducing Hillary Clinton ahead of her election night speech. But it won’t be Bill Clinton.

Clinton aides say the former president won’t have a speaking slot Tuesday night. Advisers told reporters the couple is working on a victory speech as they watch results come in at a hotel in New York City.

Speakers tonight include New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, musician Katy Perry, and Gold Star parent Khizr Khan.

2331d ago / 2:09 AM UTC

Trump Holds Narrow Lead, All Eyes on Crucial Battleground States

Donald Trump holds a narrow lead over Hillary Clinton as polls closed in half the states in the country and a bitter race for the White House reached its conclusion.

Trump leads Clinton by 33 electoral votes, NBC News projects — 137 to 104.

Follow our live coverage here

2331d ago / 2:02 AM UTC

Rubio Wins Reelection, Outrunning Trump in Florida

Republican Marco Rubio will be reelected to the U.S. Senate, defeating Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy, according to NBC News.

Rubio's victory comes as Donald Trump remains locked in a tight race in the state. With the victory, Rubio maintains his option to launch another presidential bid in 2020. Many Florida political observers widely expect that, despite his recent insistence he plans to serve out his full Senate term, "God willing." Some saw that as a caveat meant to leave open the door to another run.


2331d ago / 2:00 AM UTC

Trump Wins 7 States at 9 p.m. ET Poll Closings, Clinton Wins One, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 1:59 AM UTC

Tim Kaine Posts Cute Father-Daughter Pic

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine posted an intimate throwback photo of him holding his daughter, Annella a few hours ago to confidently state a Hillary Clinton win. 

"Thinking about my daughter right now. No little girl will ever again have to wonder whether she, too, can be president," Kaine tweeted. 

2331d ago / 1:55 AM UTC

Chuck Todd: 'It's Way Too Easy to End in a Tie'

2331d ago / 1:41 AM UTC

Khizr Khan: After Election, 'Journey of Reconciliation' Will Continue

As polls begin to close across the United States, Khizr Khan, the Muslim-American Gold Star father whose son was killed in combat in Iraq 12 years ago, is optimistic that Americans will heal after what many have seen as a campaign season filled with divisive and hate-filled rhetoric.

"We have been continuing on this journey that partly ends tonight, but that partly continues the journey of reconciliation and the journey of removing the division and hatred of this great nation that lies ahead of us," Khan told NBC News after appearing with his wife, Ghazala, during NBC News' election coverage.


2331d ago / 1:39 AM UTC

Twitter Users Prep for Kanye 2020

While waiting to find out the results of the 2016 Election, Twitter users are already preparing for Election 2020, and more specifically, Kanye West. 

"Reality star Trump made it all the way to the general election ballot. Gives me faith that 2020 will see a Kanye West race to the WhiteHouse," Kate Mowgli tweeted. Mowgli is one of the millions already campaigning for West.

Kanye West 2020 is currently trending at No.5 on Twitter's Today and Election 2016 sections. 

Although West hasn't commented recently, West told BBC radio in August 2016 that he fully intends to run for the presidency in 2020 and plans to create policies according to "human values" rather than "political values." 

2331d ago / 1:36 AM UTC

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey Shares Who He is Supporting for President

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey on Tuesday finally said he voted for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump after dodging the question for months.   

Toomey is in a tough reelection fight against Democratic challenger Katie McGinty, who has been a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton. As Trump chances in the state became more uncertain, Toomey, the incumbent senator, refused to answer who he would support in the general election.

He finally said he is supporting his party's nominee after leaving his polling location in Zionsville, Pennsylvania, in the early evening on Tuesday.

In the April primary, Toomey voted for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and he did not appear with Trump at any rallies.

2331d ago / 1:32 AM UTC

Conway Feels Good About Outcome

Trump's campaign manager is optimistic about tonight's outcome. 

2331d ago / 1:31 AM UTC

Republicans Hold Onto Indiana Senate Seat

Republican Rep. Todd Young will win the Indiana Senate race, NBC News predicts, orchestrating a surprise defeat of well-known former Sen. Evan Bayh to hold retiring Sen. Dan Coats' seat for Republicans.The popular former senator was a highly-touted Democratic recruit, but media reports raising questions about his residency and revealing he spent much of his last year in the Senate pursuing jobs in the financial sector hampered his bid.

2331d ago / 1:31 AM UTC

Trump Wins Arkansas, NBC News Projects


2331d ago / 1:30 AM UTC

Republicans Maintain Control of the U.S. House of Representatives

2331d ago / 1:15 AM UTC

Exit Polls: Voters in Ohio Say Economy Most Important Issue

The polls have closed in Ohio, and the race is too close to call there. One reason may be voters' concerns about the economy. More than half of Ohio voters said that the economy is the most important issue facing the country, NBC News exit poll results show, and 49 percent say Trump would handle the economy better. 

2331d ago / 1:07 AM UTC

My Year With Trump: Katy Tur Reflects On Historic Election

NBC News Correspondent Katy Tur has covered every twist and turn in Donald Trump's campaign, tonight she reflects on her personal experiences during this historic race for the White House. 

2331d ago / 1:06 AM UTC

Polls Have Just Closed in 16 States and D.C. Here are the NBC News Presidential Race Updates for 8 p.m. ET

2331d ago / 1:05 AM UTC

Trumps Wins South Carolina, NBC News Projects

2331d ago / 1:02 AM UTC

Rep. Tammy Duckworth Wins Illinois Senate Race in First Democratic Senate Pickup

Rep. Tammy Duckworth will win the Illinois Senate race, NBC News projects, defeating Republican Sen. Mark Kirk and delivering Democrats their first Senate pickup of the night.

Both candidates offered compelling personal stories — Duckworth, an Army veteran, lost both her legs when her helicopter was shot down by Iraqi insurgents,  while Kirk returned to the Senate after recovering from a debilitating stroke. Kirk was the first Republican senator to denounce Donald Trump, but his early and outspoken efforts to distance himself from the GOP presidential nominee weren’t enough to overcome the blue lean of the state.

2331d ago / 12:42 AM UTC

Seeing Double: Trump Cake for 'Victory Party' Looks Like Him

Donald Trump's campaign workers have unveiled the official cake of the night and it's a mirror image of the candidate — down to the red tie. 

The Trump campaign will be watching the results of tonight's historic election in a ballroom at the Hilton Midtown hotel in Manhattan.  

Trump campaign advisers say they're feeling good about tonight's election results. 

2331d ago / 12:31 AM UTC

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman Wins Reelection

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman will win reelection, NBC News projects, easily defeating Democrat Ted Strickland and delivering Republicans their first win of the night in a top-targeted race.Portman was initially seen as one of the cycle’s most vulnerable Republicans, but easily defeated the former governor—who started out as a highly-touted Democratic recruit—with a combination of a strong field operation and savvy outreach to split-ticket Democratic voters.

2331d ago / 12:30 AM UTC

Here are the NBC News Presidential Race Updates for 7:30 p.m. ET

2331d ago / 12:25 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll Results: Large Share of Voters Feel Obamacare Went Too Far

According to early NBC News Exit Poll data, voters nationwide are divided about the federal health care law known as Obamacare. A 45 percent plurality of voters nationwide feel that the federal health care law went too far, but a slightly larger share say that either it was about right or did not go far enough.

This issue has been a vulnerability for Hillary Clinton, as she has vowed to improve but largely preserve Obamacare, despite the recent announcement of large premium cost increases in several states. Since it became law, public opinion about Obamacare has tended to be more negative than positive, though in the early exit poll, opinion is more evenly divided.

Not surprisingly, voters feeling that the law went too far are breaking decisively for Trump, 80 percent to 13 percent.

2331d ago / 12:16 AM UTC

Pennsylvania Voters Report Cases of Vote Flipping

Scattered reports of voting machine glitches in Pennsylvania — where some voters said they tried to vote the Republican ticket only to see the Democratic boxes checked on their touchscreen — caught the attention of Donald Trump.

"There are reports that when people vote for Republicans, the entire ticket switches over to Democrats. You've seen that. It's happening at various places today," Trump said.

Numerous reports about the issue across several counties in Pennsylvania — where four of five voting machines do not have a paper trail — popped up on social media and local news outlets."We have to be careful, we have to see what it is," Trump said.

Numerous reports about the issue across several counties in Pennsylvania — where four of five voting machines do not have a paper trail — popped up on social media and local news outlets.

NBC News did not witness any of the issues, and it was not clear if the phenomenon was the result of voters not tapping the screen correctly or a technical issue with some machines.

2331d ago / 12:14 AM UTC

George W. Bush Abstains From Voting For President

Former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush put to rest some intense speculation about where they aligned politically in the 2016 race. 

NBC News has confirmed Tuesday that both voted down ballot Republican but chose to abstain for voting for the presidency two weeks ago, snubbing their party's nominee Donald Trump. 

Trump has been highly critical of many aspects of President Bush's administration, particularly his controversial decision to got to war with Iraq in 2003. There have also been reports that George W. Bush's father, former President George H. W, Bush, would be casting his vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. 

The only living former Republican nominee to support Trump's candidacy is former Sen. Bob Dole. The 2008 nominee, Sen. John McCain, initially pledged to back the party's choice but rescinded his endorsement after a now infamous "Access Hollywood" audio tape featuring Trump making lewd statements about groping women. 

The party's 2012 nominee Mitt Romney has long said he would never support Trump's candidacy, and delivered a blistering speech earlier this year detailing why he believes the real estate mogul is unfit. 

George W. Bush, on the other hand, has stayed largely out of limelight and has completely eschewed partisan politics since he left office. 

2331d ago / 12:09 AM UTC

Clinton Campaign Urges Voting Extension in North Carolina County

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is urging the North Carolina Board of Elections to extend voting hours in Durham County after several precincts there experienced technical glitches.

Earlier in the day Tuesday, CNBC learned that the state board ordered Durham County to switch from electronic poll books — which are used to verify voter registrations — to paper versions because of unspecified technical problems. At the time, the state said there had been no disruptions in voting.

The glitches prompted Durham County officials to request an extension of 90 minutes in eight precincts in order to compensate for delays.

North Carolina is a crucial state for both presidential candidates and could also play a pivotal role in which party controls the Senate. In a statement, Hillary for America Campaign Manager Robby Mook urged voting hours in Durham County to be extended.

“The Durham County Board of Elections — made up of two Republicans and one Democrat — has agreed that voting hours must be extended due to technical problems that occurred earlier today,” said Mook. “We are urging the North Carolina Board of Elections to heed this bipartisan call and approve this urgent measure so that every voter can have their voice heard. Especially in light of the fact that Durham County had limited early voting sites, we have to ensure that voters have equal access to the ballot box."

2331d ago / 12:08 AM UTC

Rand Paul Easily Wins Reelection

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul will win reelection, NBC News projects, easily defeating Lexington Mayor Jim Gray.Paul was an early Republican presidential contender but dropped out of the race after his disappointing fifth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

2331d ago / 12:00 AM UTC

The First Polls Have Closed. Here are the NBC News Presidential Race Updates for 7 p.m. ET

2331d ago / 11:57 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Future Supreme Court Appointments Important Factor in Presidential Voting

According to early NBC News Exit Poll results, Supreme Court appointments were a more important factor in how votes were cast today than in the 2008 contest between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Seven in 10 voters nationwide say Supreme Court appointments were either the most important factor or an important factor in their decision to support a candidate. In contrast, nearly three in 10 say appointments to the Supreme Court were not an important factor in their presidential vote decisions.

In 2008, only 7 percent said future appointments to the high court were the single most important factor in their votes for president, compared to about one in five today.

2331d ago / 11:14 PM UTC

Exit Polls: Trump Voters Less Likely to Trust Results

Most voters are confident that votes cast in their states today will be accurately counted, according to early results of the NBC News Exit Poll. Most Donald Trump's voters are less confident than Hillary Clinton's voters that the count will be accurate, but even among them, 78 percent are at least somewhat confident. 

For more exit poll information, go here.

2331d ago / 10:57 PM UTC

President Obama Makes Final GOTV Appeal: 'Go Vote! It's Up to You'

After holding events in multiple states for Hillary Clinton, President Obama on Tuesday made his final, brief appeal to voters of all stripes to get to the polls and cast their ballots.

"Go vote! It's up to you," Obama said to the White House press corps cameras Tuesday as he walked down the colonnade and into the Oval Office.

The president appeared alongside Clinton a day earlier in Philadelphia, where the Democratic candidate held a massive, star-studded rally on Independence Mall. Obama also held events in Michigan and New Hampshire on Monday.

Asked if he was feeling nervous on election day, Obama appeared optimistic.

"As long as the American people vote, I think they will do a good job," he told reporters. He then walked into the Oval Office and the doors closed behind him.

2331d ago / 10:52 PM UTC

N.C. Voters Demand Polls Stay Open Late After Technical Glitches

Voting rights groups have filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina board of elections in an effort to force the state to extend voting in Durham County.

The suit alleges that some voters faced excessive wait time after electronic poll books stopped working and the county switched to paper books. The switch also prevented the precincts from printing out new “Authorization to Vote” forms, the suit claims, adding: “As a result, numerous voters were turned away and could not vote.”

Wake County Superior Court Judge Don Stephens is expected to preside over the emergency hearing shortly.

The state board has so far declined requests to extend the hours, but has said a meeting will be held at 6 p.m. ET to consider the issue.

"We have received dozens of calls as of 11 a.m. today of issues in Durham County," wrote Allison Riggs, a lawyer with the Southern Coalition for Justice, to the state Board of Elections. 

Riggs wrote that electronic poll books broke down, forcing precincts to use paper books and causing long delays. She added that this also caused precincts to run out of paper "Authorization to Vote" forms. As a result, Riggs wrote, some voters were told to come back later.

"This is not acceptable," wrote Riggs.

She asked that the polls be kept open until 8:30 p.m., an hour later than scheduled, and said if the board declines to do so, “we will pursue all legal options available to us."

Patrick Gannon, a spokesman for the state board, said the board would meet later Tuesday to decide whether to extend voting hours.

“We had some glitches in a few precincts with the computers, so the state board, out of an abundance of caution, directed all of Durham County to use paper poll books instead of the computer poll books. We are working right now with the county to try to speed up the process so there are not major delays," he said in a statement to NBC News. 

In a statement, the state board of elections said: “The State Board Office has been in constant communication with Durham elections officials and has sent staff to assist throughout the day. Durham County employees have been dispatched to Durham precincts to ensure they have the supplies they need and to collect information about voting disruptions in each precinct, if any."

It added, "Durham elections officials have not reported significant wait times in most precincts throughout most of the day Tuesday."

The board is expected to meet later Tuesday to consider the request to extend voting hours.

2331d ago / 10:52 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Honesty Vs. Temperament

This election has been marked by intense focus on character, with each campaign trying to paint the other candidate as unfit to serve as president due to a fundamental character flaw.

For the Trump campaign, the drumbeat has focused on whether Clinton is honest and trustworthy. His message stems in part from her long history as a lightning rod for conservative ire and is fueled by the on-again, off-again FBI inquiry into Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state, which roiled the final two weeks of the campaign.

Indeed, nearly six in 10 voters interviewed in NBC Exit Polls so far today say that Clinton is not honest and trustworthy. Slightly more than one-third say she is.

But views of Trump's honesty are equally negative. Roughly a third of voters nationwide say Trump is honest and trustworthy; nearly two-thirds say that he is not.

2331d ago / 10:49 PM UTC

Down-Ballot Candidates Describe Anti-LGBTQ Sentiment on The Trail

The past few years have seen a significant extension of LGBTQ rights in the United States, and both major parties have made explicit overtures to the LGBTQ community. However, this election season has not passed without instances of anti-LGBTQ legislation and rhetoric.

The most well publicized example of anti-LGBTQ legislation was the passage of House Bill 2 (HB2) in North Carolina — and its rigorous public defense by several politicians. And for some LGTBQ candidates, hateful rhetoric continues to be mobilized and personalized by those who wish to discourage their political ambitions.


2331d ago / 10:41 PM UTC

LGBTQ Celebrities and Allies Urge Fans to Vote

LGBTQ celebrities and allies flooded social media on Election Day to urge their fans to get out to the polls and vote. 

"Let's go you modern suffragettes, go put on your hats and #GoVote "Corsets Off," Lady Gaga tweeted Tuesday.  

Gaga and Jon Bon Jovi headlined a midnight rally for Hillary Clinton supporters alongside in North Carolina early Tuesday. 


2331d ago / 10:35 PM UTC

Arizona Students Stage Walkout to Canvass Neighborhoods

Hundreds of students in Phoenix, Arizona staged a walkout in protest of local Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Despite many not being old enough to vote themselves, the students canvassed local communities to encourage registered voters to head to the polls to cast ballots against against Trump and the longtime controversial sheriff.

Carlos, a local student, said he was marching to show his support for his family, after his uncle was stopped by immigration control and deported while the family was traveling to a funeral.

Arpaio has openly endorsed Trump and praised his immigration policies. The sheriff is currently facing criminal charges stemming from a racial-profiling case and is accused of defying a 2011 court order to stop his signature immigration patrols.  

2331d ago / 10:24 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Two Unpopular Candidates

One enduring theme of the campaign has been how unpopular both candidates are, and it's pretty clear that the campaign didn't change the voters' minds about that. Majorities of those interviewed in our NBC News Exit poll have an unfavorable view of each candidate.

About six in 10 voters so far today have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump; only four in 10 has a favorable view, according to NBC News exit poll interviews with those who have voted thus far in the election. Fewer voters — but still a majority — have an unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton.

For full exit poll results, click here. 

2331d ago / 9:44 PM UTC

Police at Florida Polling Places Intimidate Minorities, Monitor Groups Say

Groups monitoring polling activity in Florida say they have received complaints from voters about a visible police presence considered intimidating at three polling places in Orange County.

That presence, they argue, could have a chilling effect on some minority voters.

But elections officials and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department say deputies are there to ensure safety at highly-trafficked polling places — including schools and libraries — and keep pedestrian and vehicle traffic moving.

Election monitors say the complaints came from the following polling locations: #203 (Alleging deputies were sitting in car for much of day, 10 feet from place); #331 (Deputy in car near polling location); #429 (Deputy standing right near polling place entrance).

A spokeswoman for the Supervisor of Elections office told NBC News that deputies have been given these assignments in previous elections to safeguard public safety. Approximately 30 in-uniform, on-duty deputies were assigned to polling places around Orange County. Approximately six deputies are assigned to election headquarters.

Capt. Angelo Nieves said they accommodating the Supervisor of Elections Office and deputies were there for safety purposes.

2331d ago / 8:39 PM UTC

Arizona Election Officials Scramble to Confirm Ballot Signatures

Elections officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, say they have been working to contact 7,000 early voters in recent weeks by phone and e-mail to confirm signatures on their ballots. 

Those signatures must be verified by 7 p.m. Tuesday or their ballots don’t count, said Elizabeth Bartholomew, executive assistant at the Maricopa County Elections Department. 

Approximately 2,000 ballots received by elections officials had no signature, and voters who sent in those ballots are required to report to elections officials at their polling place or main County Election Office. 

Some 5,000 ballots had signatures but were in question, because they did not match those on record with their County Elections Department voter registration form. 

The 5,000 voters have been contacted by phone, e-mail and mail, Bartholomew said. Voters contacted by phone could verify their identity/verify their signature by giving their date of birth, address, or social security number, said Bartholomew. 

Voters who did not sign their ballot needed to resolve the issue by going to their polling place before the polls close at 7 p.m. or going to the County Election Department Office, also known MCTEC Office.

2331d ago / 8:00 PM UTC

Which Way Will Florida Swing This Year?

NBC News correspondent Gabe Gutierrez spoke to voters in Little Havana, a neighborhood of Miami, to check in on the critical swing state.

2331d ago / 8:00 PM UTC

Ohio Sec. State: 'No Danger' of Cyber Attacks

Only a handful of voters were casting ballots in Grandview High School’s gym early Tuesday afternoon, but Ohio’s Secretary of State said he’s not worried about voter turnout.

“At this polling location, more than 50 percent of the people on the rolls voted early,” said Sec. John Houston on MSNBC. “We had a big rush this morning … there was a lot of excitement, people came out and voted.”

Ohio is a swing state and could be the key to a victory for Donald Trump. The FBI and state officials have examined Ohio’s voting machines amid concerns of possible cyber-attacks, but Johnson said voters shouldn't worry.

“There is no danger because (the booths) are not connected to the Internet in any way,” Houston said. “The cybersecurity risk is not available … For every vote that’s cast there will be a paper trail so every ballot can be re-created.”

About 70 percent of Ohioans have voted in every election since 2000. 

2331d ago / 6:59 PM UTC

No, There Aren't 'Buses of Mexicans' Crossing the Border to Vote, Officials Say

Federal officials told NBC News they have no reports or evidence to support claims made in a tweet Tuesday that there were "buses of Mexicans coming across the border" to go to polling places.

Officials at U.S. Customs and Border Patrol described it as rumors.

“It’s just a normal day for us,” an official said, adding that this kind of claim was a bid “to create something out of nothing.”

2331d ago / 6:55 PM UTC

Why Women Are Wearing White to the Polls

The #WearWhiteToVote movement was born on social media, where many women are sharing photos of their white Election Day outfits and their tributes to the women who came before them, urging others to do the same.

Of course, many of the women opting into the trend are excited about the possibility of electing America's first female president. READ MORE

2332d ago / 6:32 PM UTC

Trump Campaign Sues, Accuses Nevada County of Keeping Polls Open Too Late

Donald Trump’s campaign has filed a lawsuit in state court accusing Clark County, Nevada, of keeping the polls open beyond closing time Friday, the final night of early voting. 

Both Trump and Nevada GOP chairman Michael McDonald complained Friday night that a polling location in a Hispanic neighborhood in Las Vegas was kept open improperly. Trump called it evidence of a "rigged system." 

Dan Kulin, a spokesman for Clark County, told NBC News on Sunday that nothing improper happened. Under Nevada law, voters may vote as long as they were in line at the time that the poll was scheduled to close. (This is standard in most, if not all, states.)

At 7 p.m. PT, the scheduled closing time, there was still a long line, Kulin said. He said the last vote at the site was cast shortly before 10 p.m. PT.

"Nothing happened that wasn't supposed to happen," Kulin said. "Voters who were in line by the scheduled closing time were allowed to vote." 

The Trump campaign claims otherwise: that voters who were not in line at 7 p.m. were allowed to vote.

 A hearing is scheduled for 11 a.m. local time Tuesday.

2332d ago / 6:10 PM UTC

Two Topless Women Protest at Trump's Polling Station

Two topless anti-Trump protesters were arrested at the Midtown polling place where Donald Trump cast his vote.

One woman had “Trump, grab your balls” written on her exposed body. The other woman had “Hate out of my polls” written on hers. Together, they walked through the crowd chanting "Trump! Grab your balls! Out of our polls!” until they were removed by police. It is not illegal for a woman to be topless in New York. However, electioneering within 100 feet of a polling station is a crime and the pair was arrested.

The women also had FEMEN written on their bodies. FEMEN is an international women’s group known for topless female protesters.

Trump was not at the poll when the incident occurred.

2332d ago / 6:09 PM UTC

No Major Threats or Violence at the Polls, Officials Say

There do not appear to be any significant threats or violence at the polls so far on Election Day, multiple major city law enforcement agencies told NBC News. 

The officials say they haven’t seen any types of denial-of-service attacks or Internet disruptions so far, either.

Two weeks ago, local and state officials told NBC News the contentious election had heightened their concerns about violence on Election Day — and beyond, if Republican nominee Donald Trump refuses to concede.

"It's a genuine concern," on senior official said at the time, "but we haven't seen anything that goes beyond rhetoric."

2332d ago / 5:52 PM UTC

Trump Says He Spent More Than $100 Million On His Bid. He Didn't.

"I will have spent over $100 million on my own campaign. Meaning ... I don't have to take the money from all the fat cats that are going to tell you what to do. I think it's a big asset. It doesn't get talked about much," Trump said on Monday on Fox News.

This is a promise Trump has been making for a year and a half — that he'd spend more or close to $100 million dollars on his presidential bid — and it's been hard to fact check that until now.

He hasn't: Trump has spent just more than $66 million on his campaign, according to required FEC filings. After the final October filing date, campaigns are required to report large donations within 48 hours, so as of Election Day, it's clear that Trump is still $34 million short of his promised goal.

The candidate is also wrong to say his decision to partially self-fund is not discussed often: It's been reported on at length in the media and supporters often cite it as a popular feature of the candidate.

2332d ago / 5:39 PM UTC

A Year of Election Confessions

There were the secret Donald Trump supporters, secret Hillary Clinton supporters, people who claim to vote but have never done so, and boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives contemplating break-ups over their significant others' politics — to name a few.

What started as an experiment ultimately shed light on a previously hidden aspect of the American body politic to tell a — sure — non-scientific, but human, complex and nuanced story about one of the most contentious elections in recent memory.

Here are some of the most pointed confessions (and favorite confessional moments) of the 2016 election — your secret's safe with us.

2332d ago / 5:20 PM UTC

Need A Ride to the Polls? Ask Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is offering a helping hand — and a set of wheels — on Election Day.

The billionaire investor and staunch Hillary Clinton supporter is offering rides to voters who need a lift via trolley in Omaha, Nebraska as part of his “Drive 2 Vote” campaign. Buffett has said the goal of the initiative is to have the highest percentage of turnout in any district of the country — regardless of party.

Before giving out rides, Buffett was spotted waiting in line to vote at a church in his hometown.

The 86-year-old Buffett has joked that his eyes are good enough to drive and that he’ll even allow selfies. “You bet they can take selfies,” he has said. “We’re not going to a funeral.”

2332d ago / 5:19 PM UTC

Woman Wore Actual Trump Sign Final Rally

NBC correspondent Katy Tur spotted a woman wearing an actual Trump sign at his final rally in  Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The popular Make America Great Again hats were apparently too basic for this Trump supporter. She opted to show her enthusiasm for the candidate by attaching a crumpled Trump-Pence 2016 sign to the back of her outfit. How she managed to attach it is a mystery.


2332d ago / 5:17 PM UTC

This Woman Brought Her Mom to Vote #MyVoteStory

2332d ago / 5:06 PM UTC

Brooklyn Voters Sent Away From Polls After Book Goes Missing

A missing poll book caused major problems for some voters at a Brooklyn voting site. 

David Riemenschneider, 35, said he showed up to his polling place at 671 Prospect Place shortly after 6 a.m. Tuesday. He said the on-site inspector told him and others “that the book that had all of the last names N through Z in it…was not at the polling place. So what I was told was that they couldn’t give us ballots because we couldn’t sign for them.”

“‘The place that has the books doesn’t open until 9,’ the inspector said, according to Riemenschneider. "‘We’ll hopefully get it before 9:30 or 10, so come back later.’” 

He said no provisional ballots were offered. 

“I will hopefully be able to go back later,” Riemenschneider, who teaches in Manhattan, said. “The big concern I have is what about the people for whom, that’s the only time? They were told, ‘Sorry, you just can’t vote now.’ It had nothing to do with being registered or not. I’m confident there are people who went to vote who will not vote now because of this situation.” 

“We’re not talking about a technical error,” he added. “To just not have the materials there, and not to have a voting inspector who knows enough to be able to say, ‘Oh, actually, there is an alternative…That’s what I find really frustrating.” 

He said he reported what happened to the Board of Elections. 

The Board of Elections has not responded to NBC News’ calls.

2332d ago / 4:14 PM UTC

Why There's a Surge of Interest in Susan B. Anthony on Election Day

With Democrat Hillary Clinton poised to potentially become the first female president in the history of the United States, there has been a surge of interest in feminist icon and suffragette Susan B. Anthony.

She was a trending topic early on Election Day, and reports have surfaced that there has been a huge spike in visitors to her tombstone in Rochester, New York.

Enthusiastic citizens have been attaching "I Voted" stickers to her gravestone in tribute to her historic effort to win the right to vote for women, a movement which was ultimately successful in 1920. Anthony died in 1906 having never had the chance to realize her dream of American women participating equally in democracy.

Although her gravesite is usually closed to the public after 5:30 p.m., Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren told the Associated Press on Monday that posting the stickers was a “rite of passage for many citizens" and she has extended the time for visitors until 9 p.m. on Election Night.

Meanwhile, Clinton, who has openly embraced the groundbreaking nature of her White House run, is believed to have been paying homage to Anthony and other suffragettes with her choice of an all-white pantsuit at the Democratic National Convention in July and again at the third and final general election debate.