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Russia-Ukraine conflict updates: Biden unveils more sanctions after Russia takes Chernobyl

Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday by land, air and sea after weeks of tense buildup and efforts from global leaders to find a diplomatic solution.

This event has ended. For more updates, read here.

396d ago / 4:37 AM UTC

Putin says he is fighting a resurgence of Nazism. That's not true.

396d ago / 4:36 AM UTC

E.U. declares Ukraine air space a conflict zone

396d ago / 4:32 AM UTC

Senators in both parties condemn Russia’s military action against Ukraine

396d ago / 4:28 AM UTC

Trump says Russian aggression in Ukraine happening because of 'rigged election'

396d ago / 4:24 AM UTC

Ukrainian, Russian diplomats have heated exchange during emergency UN meeting

396d ago / 4:21 AM UTC

Russia's actions a 'grave breach of international law,' NATO secretary general says

396d ago / 4:18 AM UTC

Biden will announce 'further consequences' against Russia Thursday, White House says

396d ago / 4:15 AM UTC

Former Russian ambassador McFaul: 'This is a tragic day'

396d ago / 4:09 AM UTC

Ukraine 'will defend itself and will win' against Russian aggression, foreign minister says

396d ago / 4:07 AM UTC

Missile strikes have struck in Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Ukrainian official says

396d ago / 3:43 AM UTC

Biden says Putin 'has chosen a premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life'

396d ago / 3:36 AM UTC

Rep. Brendan Boyle: 'No doubt' about NATO's unity

396d ago / 3:19 AM UTC

Putin announces start of a special military operation in Ukraine

396d ago / 3:07 AM UTC

U.S. Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield tells Putin 'send your troops, your tanks, and your planes back'

396d ago / 2:59 AM UTC

Rubio predicts Russian attacks to begin 'in the hours to come'

396d ago / 2:48 AM UTC

U.N. Secretary General urges Putin to halt attack on Ukraine

396d ago / 2:35 AM UTC
396d ago / 2:34 AM UTC

'Not thinking about the stock market': Why sanctions are unlikely to stop Putin

396d ago / 2:29 AM UTC

Ukrainian airspace clears out, airliners make u-turns

396d ago / 2:16 AM UTC

'Truly horrifying': Ukrainian expats in the U.S. feel fear, anger — and guilt

396d ago / 2:15 AM UTC

Here are the latest updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict