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Russia-Ukraine conflict updates: Biden unveils more sanctions after Russia takes Chernobyl

Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday by land, air and sea after weeks of tense buildup and efforts from global leaders to find a diplomatic solution.

This event has ended. For more updates, read here.

398d ago / 12:57 PM UTC

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemns Putin's 'hideous and barbaric venture'

398d ago / 12:40 PM UTC

Russian forces make breakthrough in Kyiv region, Ukraine says

398d ago / 12:40 PM UTC

Biden to speak to American people; Congress calls for powerful sanctions on Russia

398d ago / 12:01 PM UTC

After weeks of waiting, Ukrainians face Russia's terrifying might

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398d ago / 11:45 AM UTC

398d ago / 11:43 AM UTC

NATO calls Russian attack 'unjustified and unprovoked,' deploys extra forces

398d ago / 11:32 AM UTC

Russia aims to neutralize Ukraine's 'military potential,' Kremlin spokesman says


398d ago / 11:26 AM UTC

World leaders condemn Russian attacks in 'Europe's darkest hour'

398d ago / 11:10 AM UTC

At least 40 Ukrainian soldiers killed, presidential adviser says


398d ago / 10:50 AM UTC

Russia has launched 'full-scale attack' from 'multiple directions,' Ukraine's foreign minister says

398d ago / 10:42 AM UTC

China avoids calling Russian action an 'invasion'

398d ago / 10:39 AM UTC

398d ago / 10:36 AM UTC

Zelenskyy says Ukraine has severed diplomatic relations with Russia, comparing attack to WW2

398d ago / 10:09 AM UTC

Lithuania and Moldova announce states of emergency

398d ago / 9:58 AM UTC

Ukrainian military says battles unfolding in Kharkiv and Kherson regions

398d ago / 9:28 AM UTC

Zelenskyy calls for unity among Europeans in call with Macron

398d ago / 9:25 AM UTC

398d ago / 9:04 AM UTC

398d ago / 8:54 AM UTC

Ukraine's defense minister says 'anyone who is ready and able to hold a weapon' can join forces

398d ago / 8:43 AM UTC

Military facilities in Kyiv, across Ukraine hit in missile strikes, interior ministry says

398d ago / 8:21 AM UTC

Ukraine announces first casualties: 6 dead in Odessa bombing

398d ago / 7:53 AM UTC

Oil prices jump as Russia launches attack on Ukraine


398d ago / 7:27 AM UTC

Video shows tanks entering Ukraine from Belarus border

398d ago / 7:22 AM UTC

Ukraine says it destroyed 2 Russian tanks


398d ago / 7:18 AM UTC

Behind the scenes at the White House

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398d ago / 7:17 AM UTC

Putin wants war with entire 'Democratic world,' Zelenskyy warns

398d ago / 7:13 AM UTC

Baltic states call for 'strongest possible sanctions' against Russia

398d ago / 6:57 AM UTC

German leader Scholz: 'A dark day for Europe'

398d ago / 6:21 AM UTC

Ukraine President Zelenskyy speaks with world leaders about 'anti-Putin coalition'

398d ago / 6:20 AM UTC

State Department issues security alert for U.S. citizens in Ukraine

398d ago / 6:18 AM UTC

Ukrainian officials say they have shot down Russian planes

398d ago / 6:14 AM UTC

Polish prime minister: 'Europe and the free world has to stop Putin'

398d ago / 6:04 AM UTC

Twitter publishes security advice in Ukrainian, Russian

398d ago / 6:01 AM UTC

House to receive unclassified briefing call on Ukraine on Thursday


398d ago / 5:54 AM UTC

Bitcoin, U.S. futures markets down sharply as Russia attacks Ukraine

398d ago / 5:50 AM UTC

Ukraine says Russian troops attacked border units with help from Belarus

398d ago / 5:50 AM UTC

Boris Johnson affirms support for Ukraine on call with Zelenskyy

398d ago / 5:46 AM UTC

Explosions, sirens heard in Kyiv as Russia launches attacks on key Ukrainian cities

398d ago / 5:32 AM UTC

Justin Trudeau condemns Russia’s 'egregious attack' on Ukraine

398d ago / 5:32 AM UTC

First emergency sirens heard in Kyiv

398d ago / 5:27 AM UTC

Biden to meet with G7 leaders to discuss 'severe sanctions' on Russia

398d ago / 5:25 AM UTC
398d ago / 5:23 AM UTC

Kyiv Mayor tells residents: 'Hold on! We must persevere!'

398d ago / 5:17 AM UTC

Residents of Kyiv 'waking up absolutely terrified'

398d ago / 5:17 AM UTC

Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemns Russian attack

398d ago / 5:12 AM UTC

Republican House committee leaders commit to 'enacting strongest possible sanctions' against Russia

398d ago / 5:08 AM UTC

Ukraine declares martial law as new explosions heard

398d ago / 5:06 AM UTC

Some internet disruptions reported in Ukraine

398d ago / 5:01 AM UTC

Sen. Mitt Romney slams Russia, past U.S. foreign policy

398d ago / 4:59 AM UTC

Attacks in heard in Ukraine appear to be 'pinprick' assaults on key targets

398d ago / 4:56 AM UTC

President of Romania, prepared for 500k refugees, condemns Russia

398d ago / 4:51 AM UTC

Biden briefed on ongoing attack by Russian military, Psaki says

398d ago / 4:48 AM UTC

Biden speaking to Zelenskyy, U.S. official says

398d ago / 4:45 AM UTC

Rubio says Russia launched 'full scale' and 'comprehensive military assault' in Ukraine

398d ago / 4:44 AM UTC

Russian shelling underway across Ukraine, government adviser says

398d ago / 4:37 AM UTC

Putin says he is fighting a resurgence of Nazism. That's not true.

398d ago / 4:36 AM UTC

E.U. declares Ukraine air space a conflict zone

398d ago / 4:32 AM UTC

Senators in both parties condemn Russia’s military action against Ukraine

398d ago / 4:28 AM UTC

Trump says Russian aggression in Ukraine happening because of 'rigged election'

398d ago / 4:24 AM UTC

Ukrainian, Russian diplomats have heated exchange during emergency UN meeting

398d ago / 4:21 AM UTC

Russia's actions a 'grave breach of international law,' NATO secretary general says

398d ago / 4:18 AM UTC

Biden will announce 'further consequences' against Russia Thursday, White House says

398d ago / 4:15 AM UTC

Former Russian ambassador McFaul: 'This is a tragic day'

398d ago / 4:09 AM UTC

Ukraine 'will defend itself and will win' against Russian aggression, foreign minister says

398d ago / 4:07 AM UTC

Missile strikes have struck in Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Ukrainian official says

398d ago / 3:43 AM UTC

Biden says Putin 'has chosen a premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life'

398d ago / 3:36 AM UTC

Rep. Brendan Boyle: 'No doubt' about NATO's unity

398d ago / 3:19 AM UTC

Putin announces start of a special military operation in Ukraine

398d ago / 3:07 AM UTC

U.S. Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield tells Putin 'send your troops, your tanks, and your planes back'

398d ago / 2:59 AM UTC

Rubio predicts Russian attacks to begin 'in the hours to come'

398d ago / 2:48 AM UTC

U.N. Secretary General urges Putin to halt attack on Ukraine

398d ago / 2:35 AM UTC
398d ago / 2:34 AM UTC

'Not thinking about the stock market': Why sanctions are unlikely to stop Putin

398d ago / 2:29 AM UTC

Ukrainian airspace clears out, airliners make u-turns

398d ago / 2:16 AM UTC

'Truly horrifying': Ukrainian expats in the U.S. feel fear, anger — and guilt

398d ago / 2:15 AM UTC

Here are the latest updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict