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Sarah Palin to Embark on New Gig: TV Judge

The program is still unnamed, said publicist Howard Bragman, but he told NBC News that the GOP star will do her best "Judge Judy."

Former Alaska Governor and one-time GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is embarking on a new gig: daytime TV judge.

The program is still unnamed, said publicist Howard Bragman, who is working with Palin on the project. But he told NBC News that Republican star — who recently endorsed presidential contender Donald Trump — that Palin will do her best "Judge Judy,” mediating and deciding cases brought before her fictional court.

Although not a lawyer or judge, Bragman noted that Palin appointed judges as Alaska governor. And, he added: "She calls them like she sees them."

He also suggested that the same public distress and restlessness than exists in the political landscape may play out in a court-related setting. The Hollywood publicist said that Palin's abilities on camera, her connection to real people in the kind of demographic sought after in daytime, make her an appealing figure to navigate the cases and real life concerns of future TV litigants.

A Montana based production company is working on the program and it will be sold at the big broadcasting gatherings like National Association of Television Program Executive and National Association of Broadcasters.

Production may be affected by the serious accident suffered by husband Todd Palin on a snow machine. Aides to Palin said that Todd's life changed in an instant and that "he has a very long and painful road ahead."

Production is expected to begin within about 18 months once the program is sold and a studio location for taping the five day a week "strip" is determined.