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Trump campaign manager: Time to fire the attorney general

Brad Parscale said Tuesday Jeff Sessions should be fired and the special counsel investigation should be ended.
Image: FILE: Brad Parscale Named President Trump's 2020 Campaign Manager
Brad Parscale, who led digital efforts for Trump's 2016 campaign, is heading the president's re-election effort.Drew Angerer / Getty Images file

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's campaign manager called on his boss Tuesday to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"Time to fire Sessions End the Mueller investigation," Brad Parscale wrote in a tweet. "You can’t obstruct something that was phony against you The IG report gives @realDonaldTrump the truth to end it all."

The "IG report" Parscale referred to is the Department of Justice inspector general's report that faulted then-FBI Director James Comey for violating protocol in publicly discussing the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email and his handling of a related disclosure about information found on former Rep. Anthony Weiner's laptop.

While the inspector general found no evidence that decisions in the Clinton email probe were made based on the bias of FBI employees, the report noted that text messages from FBI agent Peter Strzok displayed bias against then-candidate Donald Trump.

The IG found that a probe into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia was prioritized over the Weiner laptop investigation during the stretch run of the 2016 election. But the IG's office did not delve into the Russia probe, as Inspector General Michael Horowitz said in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday.

And FBI Director Chris Wray, at the same hearing, disputed Trump's assertion that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is acting improperly in pursuing his investigation into the Trump campaign and possible obstruction of justice by the president or his allies.

"I do not believe Special Counsel Mueller is on a witch hunt," Wray said.

As for Sessions, Trump has often mused about firing his attorney general, whom he has criticized for recusing himself from the Russia investigation and allowing the special counsel to proceed.