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Videos: Posturing for 2016

MORNING JOE: Top Talkers: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has criticized Washington's inability to avert the sequester cuts, and the Morning Joe panel -- including GOP strategist Steve Schmidt and Time's Mark Halperin -- discusses why Christie is in the right and why he's well-positioned if he chooses to run in 2016.


DAILY RUNDOWN: Politico's Maggie Haberman, Alex Wagner, the Host of MSNBC's Now with Alex Wagner, and Editor at Large for Time Magazine Nancy Gibbs join The Daily Rundown's Chuck Todd to talk about the 2016 presidential election and whether Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton will possibly run.

NIGHTLY NEWS: As he starts a tour to publicize his new book about immigration reform, former Florida governor Jeb Bush is initiating a tough conversation about his party's inability to reach minority voters. NBC's Chuck Todd reports.