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Ketanji Brown Jackson Supreme Court confirmation hearings begin in Senate Judiciary

Jackson is the first Black woman to be nominated to the high court.

This event has ended.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday began the first day of confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Joe Biden's Supreme Court pick.

If confirmed, Jackson would be the first Black woman to serve on the high court.

The day is set to feature opening remarks by the chair and members of the committee, followed by remarks from Jackson.

365d ago / 7:50 PM UTC

In first remarks at her own hearing, Jackson vows to defend the Constitution, respect precedent

366d ago / 7:39 PM UTC

Day 1 of hearings concludes

366d ago / 7:34 PM UTC

Jackson sworn in

366d ago / 7:32 PM UTC

Lisa Fairfax lauds her friend, Jackson, with praise — 'destined to be a judge'

366d ago / 7:30 PM UTC

Griffith endorses Brown as 'independent jurist'

366d ago / 7:29 PM UTC

Read Jackson's prepared opening remarks

366d ago / 7:19 PM UTC

Ossoff invokes Ahmaud Arbery, voting rights in discussing unfulfilled promises of Constitution

366d ago / 7:04 PM UTC

Tillis says no place on the Supreme Court for 'judicial activism'

366d ago / 7:04 PM UTC

A Harvard Law School alum celebrates her classmate in D.C.

366d ago / 7:00 PM UTC

Blackburn suggests Jackson has a 'hidden agenda' on crime, race

366d ago / 6:59 PM UTC

Padilla invokes his parents, Jackson's grandparents in discussing American dream

366d ago / 6:43 PM UTC

Cotton says Senate will look at Jackson's past decisions on crime

366d ago / 6:32 PM UTC

'Joyous' Booker celebrates historic nature of Jackson nomination

366d ago / 6:08 PM UTC

Hearing resumes

366d ago / 5:32 PM UTC

Committee takes a lunch break

366d ago / 5:31 PM UTC

Making good on vow, Hawley claims Jackson 'lenient' on child porn offenders

366d ago / 5:29 PM UTC

White House response to Hawley's claims about Jackson and child porn offenders

366d ago / 5:25 PM UTC

Sasse says nomination hearings often staging ground for 'nasty evidence free personal attacks'

366d ago / 5:14 PM UTC

Coons says Jackson's role on Sentencing Commission will make her a 'positive force'

366d ago / 5:05 PM UTC

Mood inside hearing room is serious and quiet


366d ago / 5:00 PM UTC

Cruz points to past Supreme Court nominee hearings and Democrats' conduct

366d ago / 4:47 PM UTC

Klobuchar presses direct impact of Supreme Court on Americans, invokes Ukraine

366d ago / 4:37 PM UTC

Jackson nomination hearing draws crowds of supporters, protesters

366d ago / 4:35 PM UTC

Lee speaks about his opposition to expanding the Supreme Court

366d ago / 4:32 PM UTC
366d ago / 4:21 PM UTC

Cornyn 'a bit troubled' by some of Jackson's past cases

366d ago / 4:20 PM UTC

Whitehouse hits Republicans for influence 'dark money' had on their Supreme Court nominees

366d ago / 4:05 PM UTC

Graham suggests Jackson only nominated because of funding from liberal groups

366d ago / 4:03 PM UTC

Chuck Grassley uses Jackson hearing to settle scores over Barrett

366d ago / 3:53 PM UTC

Leahy refutes GOP criticisms of Jackson, says she would be an 'asset' to the Supreme Court

366d ago / 3:37 PM UTC

Grassley criticizes judges who impose policy preferences from the bench

366d ago / 3:35 PM UTC

Judiciary Chair Durbin touts Jackson as an 'independent minded' judge

366d ago / 3:06 PM UTC

Hearing has begun

366d ago / 2:35 PM UTC

Jackson has been prepping for hearings with White House


366d ago / 2:34 PM UTC

The two people introducing Jackson

366d ago / 2:33 PM UTC

Day 1 of Jackson's confirmation hearings begins at 11 a.m. ET