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Highlights of Amy Coney Barrett's questioning at Supreme Court confirmation hearing

Democrats grilled Trump's nominee on health care and abortion, among other issues.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett faced questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, the second day of her confirmation hearings for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Barrett, nominated by President Donald Trump, on Monday delivered her opening statement to the 22-member committee, explaining her judicial philosophy and paying tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whom she would replace if confirmed. The senators also read their opening statements, previewing the key points that each side is likely to put forward during their questioning.

Senate Democrats focused their questions heavily on the Affordable Care Act. The Supreme Court is set this fall to take up a pivotal case on Obamacare, which Barrett has criticized in the past.

This coverage has ended. Follow the latest on Day 3 of the hearings here.

Read the latest updates below:

900d ago / 12:31 AM UTC

And that's a wrap: Day 2 of Barrett hearings close out after over 11 hours of testimony

900d ago / 12:15 AM UTC

Harris takes to Twitter after her questioning

900d ago / 12:11 AM UTC

Trump on Harris questioning: 'So pathetic'

900d ago / 12:00 AM UTC

Blackburn last senator to question Barrett on Day 2

900d ago / 11:40 PM UTC

Barrett: 'I am not a liar'

900d ago / 11:23 PM UTC

Harris points out significant timeline on view of Obamacare decision

900d ago / 11:21 PM UTC

Barrett dodges Harris' questions about recusal

900d ago / 11:06 PM UTC

Kamala Harris uses opening to talk about protecting health care, Covid-19 relief

900d ago / 11:05 PM UTC

Harris has started her virtual questioning

900d ago / 10:51 PM UTC

Barrett won't say that Trump should commit to a peaceful transfer of power

900d ago / 10:32 PM UTC

Dinner break until Harris speaks

900d ago / 10:25 PM UTC

Trump says Barrett is doing 'incredibly well'

900d ago / 10:01 PM UTC

Trump responds to Booker in real time on Twitter

900d ago / 9:35 PM UTC

Barrett apologizes for earlier comments on sexual 'preference'

900d ago / 9:12 PM UTC

Trump's words haunt Barrett as she vows not to be a 'pawn' on Supreme Court

900d ago / 8:39 PM UTC

Blumenthal presses Barrett about past signings of anti-abortion statements

900d ago / 8:27 PM UTC
900d ago / 8:00 PM UTC

Committee takes short break

900d ago / 7:53 PM UTC

Barrett says her children don't influence her judicial decision-making

900d ago / 7:40 PM UTC

Barrett discusses her 'integrity' when asked about handling 2020 election case

900d ago / 7:11 PM UTC

Trump attorneys ask Supreme Court for stay in Manhattan DA's tax case

900d ago / 7:09 PM UTC

Democrats keep mentioning that millions of Americans are already voting

900d ago / 6:55 PM UTC

ANALYSIS: Barrett implies Roe vs. Wade is vulnerable now and Brown vs. Board could be if there were calls to overturn it

900d ago / 6:40 PM UTC

Barrett says abortion decision Roe v. Wade is not a 'superprecedent' protected from reversal

900d ago / 6:16 PM UTC

Sen. Gary Peters shares his family's abortion story

900d ago / 6:10 PM UTC

Group of 88 Notre Dame faculty pens letter asking Barrett to refuse nomination

900d ago / 5:57 PM UTC

Blackburn tweets edited photo of Whitehouse presentation deck

900d ago / 5:48 PM UTC

Sen. Cruz defends Citizens United

900d ago / 5:19 PM UTC

Whitehouse decries dark money in court process, does not ask Barrett any questions

900d ago / 4:58 PM UTC

Hearing resumes

900d ago / 4:10 PM UTC

Committee breaks for lunch

900d ago / 4:06 PM UTC

Lee, not wearing mask, goes on at length about judicial philosophy

900d ago / 3:53 PM UTC

ANALYSIS: Barrett concedes point on originalism

900d ago / 3:52 PM UTC

Durbin takes aim at Barrett's interpretation of felons owning guns and voting

900d ago / 3:29 PM UTC

Barrett says George Floyd's death was 'personal,' but she can't make broad statement about racism

900d ago / 3:27 PM UTC

Barrett: 'I'm not hostile to the ACA'

900d ago / 3:21 PM UTC

Democrats again tell stories of Obamacare recipients

900d ago / 3:18 PM UTC

Panel will take a 30-minute break after Durbin, Lee finish questions, Graham says

900d ago / 3:02 PM UTC

'That's impressive': Cornyn praises Barrett as she shows she has no notes in front of her

900d ago / 2:50 PM UTC

Barrett dodges question about whether she'd recuse herself from any 2020 election case

900d ago / 2:48 PM UTC

900d ago / 2:30 PM UTC

Barrett says she has not made any pre-commitments on any issue or case to anyone

900d ago / 2:21 PM UTC

Grassley: 'If people don't like what we do, they can vote us out of office'

900d ago / 2:09 PM UTC

Barrett refuses to express a view on LGBT rights, whether she agrees with Scalia's dissent

900d ago / 2:02 PM UTC

Barrett said she won't be 'legal pundit' when asked about Trump's suggestion to delay election

900d ago / 1:58 PM UTC

Barrett says upcoming Obamacare lawsuit does not challenge pre-existing conditions coverage

900d ago / 1:49 PM UTC

What it's like inside the Senate hearing room

900d ago / 1:48 PM UTC

Barrett declines to say whether Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided

900d ago / 1:42 PM UTC

Barrett talks precedent regarding abortion

900d ago / 1:39 PM UTC

Barrett says she owns a gun, but can rule on Second Amendment fairly

900d ago / 1:37 PM UTC

Graham voices interest in campaign finance reform after being outraised in Senate race

900d ago / 1:30 PM UTC

Biden says he is not a fan of expanding Supreme Court


900d ago / 1:29 PM UTC
900d ago / 1:29 PM UTC

Barrett says she would listen to both sides if she hears case challenging Roe v. Wade

900d ago / 1:23 PM UTC

Where does Barrett stand on Brown v. Board of Education?

900d ago / 1:19 PM UTC

Graham begins his round of questioning by bashing Obamacare

900d ago / 12:01 PM UTC
900d ago / 11:45 AM UTC

Harris, Leahy are only senators expected to participate virtually


900d ago / 10:12 AM UTC
900d ago / 10:11 AM UTC

Here's what happened on Day 1 of Barrett hearings

900d ago / 10:08 AM UTC

With eye on election, Democrats hammer health care on first day of Barrett hearing