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More than 70 former GOP national security officials endorse Biden for president

Those who signed the statement include Michael Hayden, Chuck Hagel, William Webster and John Negroponte.
Image: U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel speaks during a media conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels.
U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel speaks during a media conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels.Virginia Mayo / AP file

WASHINGTON — More than 70 former national security officials from the last several Republican administrations and other GOP officials endorsed Joe Biden for president on Thursday.

“While we — like all Americans — had hoped that Donald Trump would govern wisely, he has disappointed millions of voters who put their faith in him and has demonstrated that he is dangerously unfit to serve another term,” the former senior officials said in a statement released Thursday that was expected to run in The Wall Street Journal on Friday.

“We believe Joe Biden has the character, experience, and temperament to lead this nation. We believe he will restore the dignity of the presidency, bring Americans together, reassert America’s role as a global leader, and inspire our nation to live up to its ideals,” the former officials said.

Some of its 73 signatories include former CIA and National Security Agency Director Gen. Michael Hayden, former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, former CIA and FBI Director William Webster, former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, former Reps. Jim Leach, R-Iowa, Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., and Christopher Shays, R-Conn., among others. Four former Trump administration officials, including former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor, also signed the statement.

They outlined 10 reasons why they don’t support Trump, saying the president has “damaged” America’s role as a world leader, solicited foreign influence, “vilified immigrants,” and "dishonored the office of the presidency."

The signatories are part of a new group they formed called Defending Democracy Together and plan to launch a six-figure social media campaign effort in battleground states.