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Golden Globes 2019 as it happened: Winners, rousing speeches and moving moments

Follow the 2019 Golden Globes live blog to find highlights from the NBC special, updates on the winners list, performances and more.

The Freddie Mercury biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody" and race-relations comedy "Green Book" won top movie honors at the 76th Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, capping off a loose and sometimes goofy ceremony that largely shied away from political barbs.

Read through our full recap of the awards show and check out the full list of winners here.

Bohemian Rhapsody wins Best Drama to the shock and surprise of everyone

1311d ago / 4:35 AM UTC

It happened: "Bohemian Rhapsody" took home best motion picture - drama, which shocked every person on Earth.

Contending against "Black Panther," "Black Klansman," "If Beale Street Could Talk," and "A Star Is Born," "Bohemian Rhapsody" has been defined by controversy and lackluster reviews (despite earning $600 million at the box office), and its category contenders... well, haven't. Arguably, this win is the real-life equivalent of showing up to a wedding and finding out you will be served cold-cut sandwiches. And Bradley Cooper's expression pretty much says it all. 

President Trump a surprising no-show (in speeches) at Globes

1311d ago / 4:16 AM UTC

By not being name-checked during Sunday's Golden Globes telecast, President Trump may have come out a winner.

Unlike other high-profile award shows, including the Oscars and Emmys, there were limited forays into politics during the Globes, even with the potential for comments on Trump's border wall push with the Mexican film, "Roma," winning for best foreign film.

The Globes were also the platform where Meryl Streep ripped Trump for mocking a reporter with a physical impairment during her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award two years ago.

In fact, the closest thing to a political diatribe on this night was Christian Bale's acceptance speech after winning best actor in a motion picture - musical over comedy for his turn in "Vice." But his barbs were left for former Vice President Dick Cheney and Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

Biggest upset of the night by far: Glenn Close for 'The Wife'

1311d ago / 4:09 AM UTC

Lady Gaga was widely expected to win for her turn as a rising pop siren in "A Star Is Born."

But then... she didn't.

The award for best actress in a film drama instead went to Hollywood veteran Glenn Close for her acclaimed (but far more low-key) performance in the independent drama "The Wife."

It was by far the most surprising moment of the night, and yet another example of the sheer unpredictability of the 90-odd foreign journalists who vote on the Globes.

Chrissy Metz slams 'unfortunate' reports she called Alison Brie expletive at Globes

1311d ago / 3:50 AM UTC

Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate on NBC’s “This Is Us,” found herself square in the middle of controversy after reports surfaced she called Alison Brie a “b----“ on the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday night.

Metz reacted swiftly on Twitter by saying there is no animosity between her and the "GLOW" star, who was up for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy.

Read the full story on here.

Some sidenote Globes commentary

1311d ago / 3:46 AM UTC

The Globes can be summed up — at least so far — by the NBC News live blog crew, as:

Jason Abbruzzese: Lack of politics.

Anne T. Donahue: It's... pleasant?

Anne T. Donahue: Like it's fine?

Jason Abbruzzese: Yeah, it's aggressively fine.

Daniel Arkin: Pretty studiously non-topical, non-political, generally inoffensive, trying hard to be "fun."

Spike Lee loses out at Golden Globes, continuing streak without major directing award

1311d ago / 3:42 AM UTC

Fans of Spike Lee certainly think the Hollywood Foreign Press Association did not do the right thing.

Alfonso Cuarón took home the Golden Globe for best director of a motion picture for "Roma," and in the process extended Lee's four-decade streak without one of the three major directing honors. 

Many prognosticators predicted Lee would win the statuette for "BlacKkKlansman," the first time he was even nominated for a Golden Globe in that category since 1990, which was for "Do the Right Thing."

But 61-year-old Lee has never even received a single nomination for either an Academy Award for directing or a Directors Guild Award — despite a resume that includes "Malcom X" (1992) and "Inside Man" (2006).

He did, however, get nominated for Oscars for screenwriting for "Do the Right Thing" and for best documentary for 1997's "4 Little Girls." And he did get an honorary Academy Award as a consolation prize in 2016, one which was handed out during the Governors Awards three months before the main Oscar telecast.

Rachel Brosnahan wins best actress for 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'

1311d ago / 3:30 AM UTC

Is anybody truly shocked that Rachel Brosnahan picked up the best actress award for her role as Midge Maisel in 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'? Not if you loved the second season as much as the first! (Which I did — #controversial) But if you were gunning for a Kristen Bell win for 'The Good Place,' I'm sorry. It's not your fault, and you tried your best. Your forking best.

See the full list of winners here.

Where is Harrison Ford's earring?

1311d ago / 3:21 AM UTC

While Harrison Ford was presenting the award for best director (to Alfonso Cuaron for "Roma"), we were faced with a shocking discovery: his earring appears to be gone.

The earring has been a staple of Harrison Ford's aesthetic since the late 1990s, and the subject of much controversy — specifically among me and my mom, who have differing opinions on it. So where is the earring? Who took it? Who knows the truth?

Christian Bale on his win for 'Vice': Big thanks to Satan

1311d ago / 3:16 AM UTC

It's a good thing for Christian Bale that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was voting, and not Republicans.

The Welsh-born thespian won the Golden Globe for best actor in a motion picture – musical or comedy for his portrayal of former Vice President Dick Cheney in "Vice" and accepting the award, he made clear where he stands on the real-life subject. 

"Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role," said Bale, 44.

Read our full story here and go here for the full list of winners.

Darren Criss wins best actor for scarring us all for life

1311d ago / 3:04 AM UTC

After terrifying us all to our cores (and giving an incredible onscreen performance of Laura Branigan's "Gloria"), Darren Criss took home the award for best actor in a limited series or motion picture made for television for his turn as killer Andrew Cunanan in "American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace."

He described winning as "totally awesome" and gave a lovely shout-out to his Filipina mom after remarking on how big the year has been for representation. All hail Darren Criss! An actor so talented that despite watching him win and knowing that he is not Andrew Cunanan, he will never not scare me. I love him.

'Roma' earns best foreign-language film prize on road to (presumed) Oscar glory

1311d ago / 3:00 AM UTC

"Roma," Alfonso Cuarón's lush and dreamlike portrait of Mexico City in the 1970s, scooped up the best foreign-language film award — an expected outcome for the critically adored film and a pit stop on the way to a presumptive best picture nod at the Academy Awards.

A long list of Oscars prognosticators and pundits have "Roma" pegged to win best picture, as a matter of fact. 

Sen. Kamala Harris is #TeamBlackPanther

1311d ago / 2:59 AM UTC

"Black Panther" is nominated for best picture - drama. 

Mark Ronson just gave us a glimpse into his post-win celebration with Lady Gaga

1311d ago / 2:52 AM UTC

Sandra Oh makes history (twice!) at the Golden Globes

1311d ago / 2:52 AM UTC

Sandra Oh has a lot to celebrate.

On Sunday, Oh made history twice: she became the first Asian host of the Golden Globe Awards as well as the first woman of Asian descent to win multiple Golden Globes.

"There are two people here tonight that I’m so grateful are here with me," the "Killing Eve" star said, holding back tears, as she accepted the award for best performance by an actress in a television series, drama.

"Umma, appa," Oh said, addressing her parents in the audience before telling them, in Korean, that she loved them.

Read our full recap here and go here for a full list of winners

The Globes love "Green Book," even though critics were pretty mixed

1311d ago / 2:42 AM UTC

"Green Book" was one of the most controversial entries in the 2018 awards season. The movie, starring Viggo Mortensen as an Italian-American bouncer and Mahershala Ali as the gifted pianist he drives on tour, received mixed reviews. It was dismissed by some critics as a tone-deaf and simplistic take on race relations. A.O. Scott of The New York Times, for example, called it "crude, obvious and borderline offensive." (He didn't like it, folks.)

And yet. 

The Hollywood Foreign Press, the group of 90-odd journalists that puts on the Globes, seemed to love "Green Book," lavishing it with multiple nods. As the show unfolded Sunday night, the film was making out pretty well. Ali, who earned an Oscar two years ago for "Moonlight," won in the best supporting actor category, and "Green Book" also took home the best screenplay prize. (It's up for best movie drama, too — but "A Star Is Born" is favored to win there.)

What gives? Well, the Hollywood Foreign Press sometimes likes to zig where the national consensus zags. And they certainly zagged with "Green Book."

Regina King delivers powerful speech as she takes home her first Golden Globe

1311d ago / 2:40 AM UTC

Three-time nominated actress Regina King won her first award for best actress in a supporting role for her role in “If Beale Street Could Talk,” an adaptation of James Baldwin novel.

King noted the importance of diversity and representation, thanking Hollywood director Barry Jenkins for a film where her “son said it was the first time he saw himself.” The actress then pledged that everything she produces in the next two years will be “50 percent women.” King then turned the spotlight to the attendees in the room, challenging "anyone out there who is in a position of power" to continue to push the notion of inclusiveness forward in Hollywood. “I challenge you to challenge yourself."

Your public proposal will never be as good as Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph's

1311d ago / 2:37 AM UTC

Step aside, Glenn Weiss, because when presenting the award for Best Screenplay, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph staged the greatest public proposal of our time. Also, the only public proposal any of us ever need to see again. (Apologies, anyone planning anything for the Oscars or SAG Awards!)

Oh, and she said "yes." Obviously.

HBO just gave us a look at the last season of 'Game of Thrones'

1311d ago / 2:25 AM UTC

Oh... oh boy. 

During a commercial break, HBO showed a teaser of its upcoming projects that offered looks at a variety of highly anticipated projects, including the TV adaptation of the "Watchmen" comic series.

But easily the biggest reveal was a first look at the last season of "Game of Thrones," including Sansa Stark meeting Daenerys Targaryen with the line "Winterfell is yours, your grace."

Even celebrities don't care when another celebrity is speaking

1311d ago / 2:19 AM UTC

Tonight we learned celebrities really are like us: Awful. Terrible. Specifically, unable to stop speaking when somebody else is speaking. This year, you can actually HEAR tables of famous people talking over other famous people. I have never felt better about talking through wedding speeches in my life.

And the award for best supporting mascot goes to...

1311d ago / 2:18 AM UTC

Those of you who caught the end of the Chicago Bears' heartbreaking loss to the Philadelphia Eagles might have missed a great performance that probably won't be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press.

"Shallow" Wins Best Song (Duh)

1311d ago / 2:09 AM UTC

In the least surprising move of the night, "Shallow" from "A Star Is Born" won best song. Congrats! The only downside: this means the equally iconic "Why Did You Do That?" wins nothing other than the respect of those of us who can't stop singing it.

Producer Chuck Lorre dodges question about Les Moonves

1311d ago / 2:05 AM UTC

Mega-producer Chuck Lorre dodged a question on the red carpet about Les Moonves, the former CEO of CBS who left the company following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Moonves, who has denied any wrongdoing, was a powerful Hollywood figure, helping create major TV hits before moving to CBS, where he maintained a hand in the creative process.

Lorre helped created some CBS' biggest hits including “Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory."

At the Globes, Moonves was also the subject of a joke from co-host Andy Samberg, who introduced the cast of the "Big Bang Theory" with the quip that they were about to offer an "unrehearsed takedown" of Moonves.

Carol Burnett wins the first ever Carol Burnett Award

1311d ago / 2:04 AM UTC

After a perfect intro by Steve Carrell (who confirmed that Carol Burnett is so nice that she makes Tom Hanks look like an a**hole) (related: I KNEW IT), Carol Burnett won the first-ever Carol Burnett Award for outstanding achievement in television and beat out legendary comedy heavyweights like Antonio Banderas. She was met with a standing ovation and asked the question on all of our minds: will she win this every year? (She better, TBH.)

Her speech was beautiful, she reminded us that what she did then is not something networks would even bother trying to swing now, and she was warm, generous, and, well, perfect. Here's to reruns and YouTube and our Comedy Queen, Carol Burnett. I'm going to cry through the rest of the show now.

Best joke of the night? You decide!

1311d ago / 2:00 AM UTC

It really seemed like Jack Nicholson was about to come onstage.

You see, Andy Samberg was introducing the next presenter by alluding to a handful of famous Nicholson flicks like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "As Good As It Gets."

And then Steve Carell walked out. (It would have been a big deal if Nicholson, 81, had made an appearance. He hasn't acted in a movie since 2010's rom-com bomb "How Do You Know.")

Nice fake-out, good joke! 

Touché, Netflix

1311d ago / 1:53 AM UTC

Golden Globes co-host Sandra Oh gets emotional about diversity of nominees

1311d ago / 1:53 AM UTC

Amid all the jokes of the Golden Globes opening monologue, co-host Sandra Oh took a serious turn.

The Asian Canadian actress started riffing with her fellow host, Andy Samberg, while discussing the number of diverse nominated movies, including "Black Panther" and "Crazy Rich Asians." In the bit, Oh accused her partner of reading her lines off the teleprompter. 

"Oh my God, I just totally whitewashed your speech," Samberg quipped, "this is how it happens." 

"That's not how it happens," Oh responded. 

"What an amazing learning experience for me," Samberg continued. 

But that's when Oh seemed to go off script to "speak in all honesty."

"I said yes to the fear of being on this stage tonight because I wanted to be here and look out onto this audience and witness this moment of change," she said. "I’m not fooling myself. Next year could be different and probably will be," Oh added, her voice cracking. "But right now, this moment is real."

Patricia Arquette won Amy Adams' Golden Globe

1311d ago / 1:52 AM UTC

Patricia Arquette obviously destroyed her performance in "Escape At Dannemora" (because when does she not), but it could also be argued by some (me) that she was mistakenly awarded Amy Adams' Golden Globe for "Sharp Objects."

Maybe the Hollywood Foreign Press didn't see "Sharp Objects." Maybe they failed to watch the series finale past the end credits the way my lazier friends did. Maybe they've never forgiven Amy Adams for briefly dating Jim Halpert on "The Office" and standing between him and Pam. There has to be an explanation.

Michael Douglas tips his hat to his legendary dad

1311d ago / 1:41 AM UTC

Michael Douglas, who scooped up the first prize of the night for his turn as an aging acting coach on Netflix's buddy comedy "The Kominsky Method," dedicated his award to his father: Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas.

"Altacockers rule," the younger Douglas said in his acceptance speech, using the Yiddish term for old person. 

The elder Douglas, who won a Globe in 1956 for playing Vincent van Gogh in "Lust for Life," is 102 years old(!)

'The Americans' *finally* wins

1311d ago / 1:33 AM UTC

It's about time. "The Americans" — a phenomenal show that ended this year that you should now binge — wins a Globe for best TV series - drama. 

Full winners list.

Who won at the Golden Globes? Full list of nominees and winners

1311d ago / 1:25 AM UTC

For the first two awards, Michael Douglas won for best actor in a TV series - musical/comedy for “The Kominsky Method” and "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" won for best animated film. 

Check back for all the winners here.

Andy Samberg just spoiled the end of A Star Is Born

1311d ago / 1:18 AM UTC

Not to spoil "A Star Is Born," but if you haven't seen it yet, Andy Samberg just totally spoiled the ending of "A Star Is Born." Because while we may all know where Jackson discovered Ally, where she ends up discovering Jackson has been marketed a little less. Unrelated: where is Charlie the Dog?

Did Emma Stone just apologize for Aloha?

1311d ago / 1:13 AM UTC

After Sandra Oh gave a shout-out to the few existing Hollywood films that boast Asian leads (specifically Aloha and Ghost in the Shell #LOL), Emma Stone potentially offered an apology for playing a part-Asian character. Specifically, she may have said "Sorry!" We think. I hope.

Golden Globes hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh play it safe...for laughs

1311d ago / 1:12 AM UTC

The Golden Globes opened following the Golden Rule. 

Co-hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg opted to not only play it safe with their opening monologue Sunday night, but also to poke fun about their decision to playing it safe.

"We are going to have some fun, give out some awards and one lucky audience members will host the Oscars," Samberg deadpanned, taking a shot at the controversy that forced Kevin Hart to step down as host of the rival Academy Awards after several old homophobic tweets surfaced. 

"We are the only people in Hollywood who haven't gotten in trouble for saying something offensive," said Oh.

"You know what race really gets under my skin?," retorted Samberg. "The Hollywood Half-Marathon."

The inoffensive volleys continued to fly.

"If it isn't Spike Lee: Mr. "Do the Right Thing" I'll tell you who does the right thing, you as a director, lifetime fan, can't wait to see what you do next," said Samberg.

"Bradley Cooper, you are hot," cooed Oh. 

Capes are a Golden Globe power move

1311d ago / 1:04 AM UTC

While Billy Porter and Debra Messing showed up wearing two different kinds of capes, their choices to wear ones both bedazzled and sparkling have proven that we're finally ready to take red carpet level to the next level: the most powerful one. One defined by magic. Sorcery. Sequins. Step aside, Timothee Chalamet's harness.

Who's going to win big? The oddsmakers like Lady Gaga

1311d ago / 12:51 AM UTC

Who are the favorites tonight? Well, the odds offer a few heavy favorites, according to betting website Bovada.

One of the biggest favorites of the night is Lady Gaga. She's nominated for best actress in a motion picture, and Bovada has her at -750, which translates to an implied likelihood of 88 percent. Her film, "A Star Is Born," is also a heavy favorite at -650.

Other favorites include "Green Book" for best musical or comedy, Bradley Cooper for best actor in a motion picture, Alfonso Cuarón for best director and "The Marvelous Ms. Maisel" for best TV series musical or comedy.

See all the gorgeous and meh dresses from the Globes red carpet

1311d ago / 12:33 AM UTC

It's Hollywood's big night! The Golden Globes red carpet is kicking off with some gorgeous looks from your favorite stars. Keep checking in for more fabulous fashion from the awards show.

Click here to see all the red carpet photos. 

Lady Gaga seems to prefer acting to singing

1311d ago / 12:31 AM UTC

After her experience filming "A Star Is Born," Lady Gaga might be changing her tune. 

The singer-turned-actress, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, dropped a hint that she'd prefer to continue making movies over making music.

"I think I’ve created characters for years so I could be an actress," Lady Gaga, who took method acting lessons as a child, told Ryan Seacrest during the E! Network's coverage of the Golden Globes red carpet. 

"Because I always wanted to be one and couldn’t make it, so I went for it as a musician."

The Globes could start a little late due to the Bears/Eagles NFL playoff game

1311d ago / 12:16 AM UTC

The Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears are locked in a tense NFL playoff game that is currently airing on NBC — and there's a chance it'll end up bumping the start time off the Golden Globes just a little later. 

An NBC spokesperson said that the plan is to air both events in their entirety. The Globes are scheduled to start at 8 p.m. EST. 

Here's hoping the game doesn't go into overtime... 

Jimmy Fallon shows support for Globes hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg

1311d ago / 12:10 AM UTC

Ahead of the Golden Globes Sunday night, NBC's Jimmy Fallon showed support for hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg — the first duo to host the ceremony since Amy Poehler and Tina Fey in 2015.

Spike Lee says the 'secret sauce' in 'BlacKkKlansman' is connecting past to present

1311d ago / 11:59 PM UTC

Dressed in bright purple, his signature cap and circular glasses, director Spike Lee explained on the red carpet that "BlacKkKlansman" likely struck such a chord with audiences because “we connected what happened 40 years ago to today. That’s the secret sauce.”

Lee’s film, which documents a black detective infiltrating the Klu Klux Klan in the 1970s, earned near-universal acclaim and netted him a Best Director nomination at the Golden Globes. The film is also nominated for Best Motion Picture — Drama, Best Actor for John David Washington, and Best Supporting Actor for Adam Driver.

This is the first film Lee directed that earned a Golden Globe nomination since 1989's "Do the Right Thing." Perhaps if he wins tonight, it will be as memorable as when the movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last year, which Lee called “one of the most amazing nights of my life.”

"Crazy Rich Asians" sequels won't start shooting until 2020

1311d ago / 11:39 PM UTC

On a night when "Crazy Rich Asians" is nominated for the Golden Globe for best motion picture - musical or comedy, the braintrust behind the hit rom-com revealed that the two sequels will be shot back to back in 2020.

Producer Nina Jacobson told The New York Times red carpet reporter Kyle Buchanan that the delay is due to director Jon Chu's crazy busy schedule. The filmmaker is first set to start filming the cinematic adaptation of the Broadway hit, "In the Heights."

Idris Elba has great advice for daughter at Golden Globes

1311d ago / 11:14 PM UTC

Idris Elba's current role is proud dad.The actor's 17-year-old daughter, Isan, is working as a Golden Globes Ambassador Sunday night and star of "Luther" and "The Wire" had some advice for navigating her first major awards show stage."I told her, 'Back straight, elegance, presence. Smile and nod politely even when you can't understand what anyone is saying," the elder Elba recounted to Ryan Seacrest on the E! Red Carpet show, as his bemused daughter listened.

"And if you feel like passing out, don't." 

How to watch the big show on TV and online

1313d ago / 8:33 PM UTC


The ceremony will be aired on NBC and the ceremony will begin Sunday, Jan. 6, at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST.


Last year's Golden Globes marked the first year that the show was live streamed via NBC live. This year, viewers can live stream the ceremony on the NBC website and app.

If you have a cable or satellite subscription, you can tune into NBC Live anywhere you have a Wifi connection. Or, for the cord cutters out there, tune in via various streaming services, such as DirectTV Now, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, etc.


For many, the best part of the awards ceremony is seeing all the gorgeous — and not so gorgeous — outfits. And the best way to catch the carpet is via E! Live From the Red Carpet: The 2019 Golden Globe Awards, with hosts Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic. Red Carpet Live with E! will start at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST and NBC red carpet coverage will begin at 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST.


You can catch all the Red Carpet coverage from any of the streaming and viewing options above starting at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST.

Who is the Hollywood Foreign Press?

1313d ago / 8:32 PM UTC

As the speech clock winds down and music cues that it’s time to wrap up, Golden Globe winners often scramble to remember who to thank. But there’s always one team they never forget to mention: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association. But who is the HFPA?  

Founded in 1943, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is comprised of a group of journalists from some of the world’s most respected publications who write and report on the film and television industry. Every year, the exclusive members partake in an annual Golden Globe Awards vote for outstanding achievements in motion pictures and television. Most notably recognized for the elaborate orchestration of its renowned Golden Globes ceremony, the non-profit organization has also contributed more than $33 million to 80 entertainment-related charities, scholarship programs and humanitarian efforts over the last 25 years.

The first Golden Globes Awards were held in 1944 and the HFPA has recognized achievements in television and film for more than 70 years.