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CeeLo Green's TBS Show 'Good Life' Canceled After Tweet Rant

A few days after CeeLo Green pled no contest to furnishing a woman ecstasy, the Grammy winner's TBS reality show has been canceled.

"The Good Life" for CeeLo Green is over.

Four days after the singer-songwriter was sentenced to three years of probation in Los Angeles and was ordered to complete 360 hours of community service and 52 Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings, the Grammy winner's TBS reality show was canceled.

Green, 39, pleaded no contest to drugging a woman who later woke up naked in his bed with no memory of what happened. Prosecutors previously rejected a rape charge against Green, after the woman claimed he gave her ecstasy and assaulted her after a dinner party. Green maintained they had consensual sex.

TBS decided not to renew 'The Good Life', which chronicled the next stage of Green's career, because of "poor ratings," a network source told NBC News.

But the cancellation followed a controversial weekend for the former co-host of "The Voice" who went on a Twitter rant comparing rape to a home invasion and claiming that rape is not rape if the victim is unconscious. Among his tweets, which Buzzfeed screen-captured, was: “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously,” he said, adding, “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

Women's rights group Ultraviolet petitioned TBS to cancel "The Good Life." Green has since deleted the tweets, including an apology, in which he stated in part: “I only intended on a healthy exchange to help heal those who love me from the pain I had already caused from this. Please forgive me."