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Lena Dunham Will Pay Book Tour Warm-Up Acts

Lena Dunham is "Not That Kind of Girl:" the "Girls" creator has changed her mind about not paying warm-up acts for her 11-city book tour.

It didn't take long for "Girls" creator Lena Dunham to see the error of her ways. Hours after internet criticism grew against Dunham for not paying the warm-up acts on her upcoming book tour, the "Not That Kind of Girl" author quickly changed her tune.

The New York Times that first reported on the 28-year-old's book tour "circus" and outlined how 600 people responded to open call video auditions on her web site to serve as her opening acts during her 11-city book tour— for free. But on Monday, in a post headlined "Lena Dunham Does Not Pay," Gawker took it further by listing Dunham's alleged annual income ($6 million), her book advance ($3.7 million), and book tour revenues ($304,000).

Dunham took to her Twitter page to admit she had learned a lesson and the artists would be paid, even as she mocked the source of her newfound wisdom. The tour begins in New York City on Tuesday.