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Salma Hayek Says Her Dog Was Fatally Shot on Her Washington State Ranch

Salma Hayek says her beloved pet dog was fatally shot on her ranch, and authorities are looking for suspects.

Mozart, a 9-year-old dog who the actress "personally delivered out of his mother's womb," was found dead on the "Frida" star's ranch last Friday with a bullet near his heart, Hayek wrote on her Instagram page.

"I am hoping that the Washington State authorities do justice to this wonderful dog whom in 9 years never bit or attacked anyone," Hayek wrote. "He loved his territory and never strayed away...he was the most loving and loyal companion. He didn't deserve a slow and painful death."

Hayek, 49, is a self-professed animal lover who told "The Ellen Degeneres Show" in 2013 that she had more pets than she could count.

"I have five horses, four alpacas, one cat, eight dogs, one hamster, five parrots, two fish ... I'm sure I'm forgetting something. This is like giving thanks at the Oscars, you know you're forgetting someone!" she said.

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