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Jitters in London as Bus Explodes for Jackie Chan Film 'The Foreigner'

Some Londoners were left reeling Sunday morning as one of the cities double-decker buses exploded in scenes eerily similar to the July, 2005, terror attacks.

LONDON — It looked like a scene from an action movie, and — to the relief of many Londoners — it was.

What appeared to be one of the city's iconic double-decker buses exploded in spectacular fashion Sunday morning, in a scene eerily similar to the July 7, 2005, London terror attacks.

But the huge explosion, far from its sinister appearance, was in fact a controlled explosion for Jackie Chan's new film "The Foreigner."

Video posted to social media shows the bus crossing London's Lambeth Bridge when the huge explosion hits. A massive fireball obliterates the bus's roof and a black plume of smoke rises into the sky, with London's iconic Big Ben clock tower and houses of parliament in the background.

Authorities had posted notices that there would be a controlled explosion Sunday morning — but that wasn't enough of a warning for some.

"Was far enough away from Lambeth bridge to see bus blow up but not why, genuinely felt it in pit of my stomach," said one Twitter user.

Fifty-two people were killed and hundreds wounded in the 7/7 terror attacks on London's public transport system.

'The Foreigner,' which also stars Pierce Brosnan, is slated for release later this year, according to IMDb.