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Actor from '9-1-1' apologizes after defending the use of racial slurs

"I am truly sorry, hold myself accountable and take full responsibility for my defensiveness and ignorance," actor Ryan Guzman said Wednesday.
FOX's 9-1-1 - Season Three
Angela Bassett and Ryan Guzman in "9-1-1."FOX via Getty Images

Ryan Guzman, one of the stars of Fox's TV drama "9-1-1," is apologizing after he faced backlash for trying to defend the use of racial slurs.

"I know my thoughtless words and actions have hurt people and I apologize," he wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday. "I am truly sorry, hold myself accountable and take full responsibility for my defensiveness and ignorance."

The actor, who is Mexican-American, came under fire after he posted an Instagram Live on Sunday defending his fiancée's use of the N-word in resurfaced tweets from 2011.

Chrysti Ane said in a lengthy statement on Twitter that at the time of the tweets she was dating an African American man and "didn't fully comprehend the WEIGHT of the word."

"I made tons of black friends, listened to the music that used slurs, watched black comedians that freely used the word, and I felt accepted by the black community," Ane wrote, apologizing "for those tweets and who they have offended."

In his Instagram Live video, Guzman claimed that Ane was speaking through Twitter to her black friends who allowed her to use the slur.

He went on to say, "I have plenty of friends — black, white, Asian, Indian, whatever they are, Korean — and we make fun of each other's races all the time; we call each other slurs all the time. We don't get butthurt at all because we know the actual person, we know who each other are."

After he started receiving backlash about the video, Guzman responded to Twitter users saying he does not use the N-word and he misspoke in his video.

"I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for my misuse of 'slurs.' I should have said we make fun of each others 'stereotypes,'" he tweeted. "My friends black friends will tell me to go mow a lawn or hop the border. Out of context that seems racist asf but I know my friends mean no harm."

Some of his co-stars took to Twitter to respond to Guzman, including Rockmond Dunbar who said he does not allow non-black people to use the N-word.

"As a black man this should go without saying but just to make sure people in the back understand when I say this with my whole chest: I don’t condone the s---. I don’t like the s---. And I’ve never been one to allow the word to be used around me by any non-black person," he tweeted.

"And any alleged ‘black people’ that are co-signing their non-black friends to refer to them in that way need their entire a---- checked. Too much history, too much pain. Past and present. S--- is utterly unacceptable."

Actor Oliver Stark said there is no excuse for the use of the N-word and "it belongs to the Black community only and I absolutely don’t agree with it being used by anyone else under any circumstances."

Guzman, in his formal apology on Wednesday, said that he supports the black community and will learn and grow from this incident.