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The amazing Nora Ephron: 5 of our favorite clips

When word of Nora Ephron's death Tuesday began to spread, she was remembered in many different ways. Some loved her novels, some her New Yorker essays. But she was surely best known for her movies, from “Silkwood” to “When Harry Met Sally."

Here are some of our favorite clips from Ephron's films.

1. "When Harry Met Sally" -- Sally's (Meg Ryan) fake orgasm in Katz's Deli

2.  "You've Got Mail" -- Kathleen (Meg Ryan) and Joe (Tom Hanks) are pen pals: "I wanted it to be you"

3. "Sleepless in Seattle" -- Sam (Tom Hanks) finds perfection at the airport  

4. "Julie & Julia" -- Julia (Meryl Streep) discovers she loves to eat

5. "Silkwood" -- Karen (Meryl Streep) sings "Amazing Grace"

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