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Artist uses 'Draw Something' to animate John Mayer music video

Millions have used "Draw Something" to play a game, but design studio head Jimmy Thompson had a different idea -- he would turn a series of "Draw" sketches into an animated video for John Mayer's "Queen of California." And Mayer approves.

"A must-see. So great," said the musician, posting on his Tumblr blog

The video features some simple and some intricate drawings that help illustrate the song, and it's visually addicting. 

"There is something really charming about the medium -- the strokes -- and I love the anticipation when you watch someone’s drawing being revealed," Thompson, founder of Brainbowinc, told Mashable. "I thought ("Draw Something" would) be a good match for a song with a lot of nouns."

As Mashable noted, Brainbowinc has worked with Mayer's label Columbia Records before, but they weren't involved in his creating the video. Nor is Mayer the first artist to get the "Draw Something" treatment -- singer/songwriter Isaac Simons asked fans to contribute artwork from the game for his "Call to Arms" video in March.  

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