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Best bets: 'Magic Mike' takes it all off

Our three picks for the best entertainment of the week include one TV show, one movie, and one new DVD. We can vouch for the quality of the DVD, and the movie looks promising, but with the TV show ... who knows? Charlie Sheen has proven he can be funny, but will he recapture the "Two and a Half Men" magic with his latest (and final, he says) sitcom? Time will tell.

TUESDAY: 'The Artist' on DVD

Who knew an almost-silent, black-and-white movie would be the big winner at the Oscars? If you didn't get to see this year's best picture winner in theaters, now's your chance to check it out on home video. The film tells a sweet and sad tale of two actors on opposite career trajectories (cue "A Star is Born") just as Hollywood is switching from silents to talkies. It's touching and happy, and cute little dog Uggie is the best cinematic canine since Benji or Lassie. (On DVD and Blu-ray June 26.)

THURSDAY: 'Anger Management'

For a while there, it seemed as if Charlie Sheen was making entertainment headlines every day. In 2011, the longtime actor was fired from "Two and a Half Men" over a much-publicized dispute with show creator Chuck Lorre, and after that, his girlfriend goddesses, "tiger blood," and "winning!" catchphrase were everywhere. Now Sheen's quieted down a bit -- he even apologized to former co-star Jon Cryer, whom he once called a "troll." He'll  try and capture audiences again with his new comedy, "Anger Management," loosely based on the 2003 Jack Nicholson-Adam Sandler movie. No one at FX will be angry, though, if the show captures even a part of the "Two and a Half Men" fanbase. (Premieres June 28, 9 p.m., FX.)

FRIDAY: 'Magic Mike'

Get your girls' night out group together now for "Magic Mike," the film version of a stripper-packed bachelorette party. Channing Tatum plays the experienced stripper who teaches the trade to Alex Pettyfer, but Matthew McConaughey steals the trailer as a charismatic former stripper who owns their dance club. Warning: The film's not in 3-D, so leave your dollar bills at home. (Opens June 29.)

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