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'Blind Side' mom tweets critic

People on Twitter often toss off a quick thought or joke, that's the point of the medium for many. But the world -- and sometimes those pretty close to the topic of discussion -- is watching.


Seems like the original point of Tobias' tweet -- that movies about racial issues can be uncomfortable to discuss with family -- got a little bit lost. He wasn't attacking Tuohy or her family's adoption of Michael Oher, he was discussing the movie, as is a movie critic's job.

But for Tuohy, naturally, it can be hard to separate dislike of a film and dislike of that film's subject -- her own family.

Comments on the Huffington Post story as well as responses to Tobias on Twitter were mixed.

One Huffington Post reader jumped in on Tuohy's side, writing "I hate parasites. By parasites I mean critics like this Scott Tobias character who don't seem to have any talents to speak of and who don't seem to have anything to contribute to the world but they feed on the hard work of people like Leigh Anne Tuohy that are inspiratio­ns to films like this and to the hard working people that churn these features out."

But another defended the critic, saying "He was criticizin­g the MOVIE not what she did. I happened to not like it because I do not like Sandra Bullock."

And yet another was impressed with Tobias' original response to Tuohy, writing "You have to admit that was a pretty awesome reply. This guy should get his own TV show."

What do you think? Was Tuohy taking it too personally, or was the original remark worth her response? Tell us on Facebook.

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