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Bruce Springsteen strikes back over London curfew cutoff with humor, props

Bruce Springsteen, performing in Germany.
Bruce Springsteen, performing in Germany.Peter Wafzig / Getty Images

Bruce Springsteen Tuesday night poked fun at the London concert organizers who had cut off the power during his Saturday night concert in Hyde Park due to a noise curfew.

When he took to the stage in Dublin, "The Boss" flipped a switch on a big prop power generator, the BBC reported. Springsteen said: "Before we were so rudely interrupted..."

The music star immediately went into the last minute of the Beatles' "Twist And Shout," which he had on Saturday performed with Paul McCartney when organizers cut his power off.

STORY: Bruce Springsteen's guitarist slams London concert curfew

According to the BBC, Springsteen also referenced the London incident several other times during the three-and-a-half hour Dublin gig. For example, he earned much applause when he emphasized that there was no curfew in the Irish capital.

At one point, Springsteen also held up a sign that said "Only the Boss says when to pull the plug."

And near the end of the Dublin show, Springsteen had a man dressed as a London police officer hit the stage and try to arrest him, the BBC said.

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