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Can anyone surpass Connery as best James Bond?

Connery. Sean Connery.

He was the first James Bond, but is he now and forever the best?

We asked our readers on Facebook to share their thoughts about the six actors who've played super-spy 007 over the years. In our completely informal poll, Sean Connery came out on top by a mile.

Said Karen Willis: "Favorite Bond ACTOR is, of course, Sean Connery. But I found that the *plot* of some of the OTHER actors' movies really appeal to me more than Sean's! (scandalous!)"

But some viewers feel that it's hard not to have a fond feeling towards whichever actor was playing Bond at the time you grew up.

Says Shundra Stewart, who was born in 1980: "I was in high school going into college when (Pierce Brosnan) was James Bond. So I knew Pierce more than the other Bonds since I grew up watching a lot of his movie and of course Remington Steele."

Current Bond Daniel Craig gets a split decision.

Says Jay Isherwood: "Daniel Craig is doing well, but his Bond is completely humorless and I miss that...I liked Pierce a lot! But Roger Moore is my favorite!"

 Joshua Harrington disagrees, writing "Daniel Craig is very very good as Bond. I like his no-nonsense version of Bond. The movies are much less campy and actually really good solid films."

 No one on our page is a huge fan of one-movie-wonder George Lazenby, although Bill Salterelli does list him third on his Bond list.

Here's our most unscientific list, in order of preference.

1. Sean Connery

2. Daniel Craig

3. Roger Moore

4. Pierce Brosnan

5. Timothy Dalton

6. George Lazenby

Who's your top Bond? Give us your list, and any reasons, in the comments.

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