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'Daily Show' pulls stunt on Florida governor

Florida Governor Rick Scott
Florida Governor Rick ScottChris O'Meara / AP

Florida Governor Rick Scott, who supports drug testing for state employees and welfare applicants, was asked on Wednesday to prove he was drug-free himself by urinating into a cup.

The request came from actor and comedian Aasif Mandvi of Comedy Central's satirical "The Daily Show".

Mandvi offered to have everyone in the room turn around, to give Scott privacy, as he asked him to "pee into this cup."

"You benefit from hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars over the year, so would you be willing to prove to Florida taxpayers that you're not on drugs?" Mandvi asked the Republican governor at a news conference.

Scott, without smiling or seeming to get the joke, said, "I've done it plenty of times," but then moved on quickly to questions from other reporters.

Scott, a 59-year-old former healthcare executive who became governor in January, is defending a law requiring drug tests for state employees and sponsored legislation requiring drug testing for welfare applicants.

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