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Dating Shakira could get soccer player kicked off team

Singer Shakira and boyfriend Gerard Pique.
Singer Shakira and boyfriend Gerard Pique.Getty Images file

There are many ways to get kicked off of a professional sports team, but ... dating a celebrity?

Singer Shakira’s swinging hips could become trouble for her boyfriend, Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Piqué plays for both the Spanish national team and for FC Barcelona, and Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola is allegedly threatening to leave the team if the 25-year-old star defender doesn’t get the boot first.

According to reports, Guardiola isn’t exactly thrilled with the influence of the Latin pop star on his player’s game, deeming Shakira “too big of a distraction” for Piqué.

A headline on calls Shakira the club's "Yoko Ono," and the story says problems began when Pique posted photos of himself vacationing with Shakira last summer.

"In the pictures, he was white-water rafting; an activity not allowed by the team," NESN reports. "He had been late to training as recently as October and has consistently broken team rules.”

Piqué may have nothing to worry about, as the team reportedly can replace the coach easier than it can a talented player. The soccer star previously proved his worth as a key player when Spain won the 2010 World Cup. He began dating Shakira that same year, and was featured in her World Cup-themed music video for “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).”

Shakira confirmed their relationship via Twitter in 2011, posting a picture with the tweet, “Les presento a mi sol” (I present to you my sunshine).

The couple has since been open about their developing fling, even caught in some very visible public displays of affection

While some sports fans understand Guardiola’s attitude, others are saying this is all nonsense.

“Guardiola has other issues in mind and I don't think he cares about who Piqué is dating, but it's true that Piqué is not playing well at all,” writes a reader going by naroa728 on MSN.

Adds reader Jeremy, “The silver lining between where a manager involves himself in a player's personal life off the field is not always clear, and differs from every club. Should Piqué be allowed to keep dating Shakira and Barcelona go on to win the Champions league then Pep will be criticized for wanting to split the couple. Should Barcelona let go of Pique and they go on to have a great future without him then Pep will be thanked by all the fans and hailed as a great manager.”

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