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GoFundMe campaign helps raise over $37,000 for homeless TikTok sensation who went viral for 'Joe Byron' video

The man, identified only as TJ, went viral for his boisterous, off-the-cuff comments about President “Joe Byron.”

A GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $37,000 for a homeless man who went viral on TikTok for his lively quips about President "Joe Byron."

Thanks to the fundraiser, the man, identified only as "TJ," is no longer homeless, according to TikTok videos posted of him since the campaign launched.

TJ became a sensation on TikTok after he was featured on the New York-based street interview Instagram show "Sidetalk."

A September "Sidetalk" episode that was posted to TikTok in October went mega-viral, being used by celebrities like Lil Nas X and, most recently, in a video with the Jonas Brothers and President Joe Biden.

Some of TJ's iconic phrases include "Sup, baby. Take me out to dinner," when he was asked what he'd say to Biden, and his saying around Thanksgiving that he's thankful for "beans, rice, Jesus Christ and Byron."

The hashtag "#JoeByron" has more than 165.5 million views on TikTok.

A user on TikTok who goes by @zoeanneliece posted a video this month of TJ, who appeared to be in tears. When he was asked what he wanted to say to TikTok, instead of his usual boisterous energy, he meekly asked: "Hi. Why am I homeless?"

@zoeanneliece can be heard saying a GoFundMe campaign would be set up for TJ.

"Tj is a homeless man trying to get his life together and off the streets. This will help him get inside and warm place to sleep at night and food to eat. He is sober he just needs a little push," the description of the fundraiser reads.

Since the campaign was launched, @zoeanneliece has posted videos showing TJ doing things like getting new clothes and going bowling.

A video posted Dec. 10 shows TJ holding a set of keys and announcing that he finally has an apartment.

“Hey, my people. Thank you so much. I love you guys! But remember, you do make a difference,” TJ said of the fundraiser in one video.

TJ couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. @zoeanneliece didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.