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Harry Styles stans are freaking out over the 'Don't Worry Darling' trailer

On Twitter, many fans of the former One Direction member joked that the film would either turn them stark-raving mad or would kill them.
Image: Harry Styles Don't Worry Darling
Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in “Don't Worry Darling”.Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

Harry Styles stans are freaking out over the "Don't Worry Darling" trailer.

The psychological thriller, directed by Olivia Wilde, became one of the top trends on Twitter after the trailer for the film debuted on Monday.

Buzz for the film built after CinemaCon, where attendees were given a sneak peak. But the trailer wasn't released to the public until Monday. And fans immediately went into a frenzy.

“reason for death: harry styles in the don’t worry darling trailer," one Twitter user wrote, a sentiment echoed by many on the platform.

Stans, the super fans who devoutly follow pop stars, actors and other famous people, get their name from the Eminem song “Stan,” which tells a narrative of a crazed fan of the rapper. Stan Twitter is where these super fans come together to celebrate their favorite icon, share rumors and gossip, and, sometimes, attack another fandom over perceived slights.

Don’t Worry Darling," which will be released in theaters on Sept. 23, follows Jack (Styles) and Alice (Florence Pugh), a married couple in a utopian neighborhood. But everything begins to fall apart when Pugh begins to discover the company her husband works for might be up to something nefarious.

The film also stars Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Sydney Chandler and Nick Kroll.

The film isn't the first time Styles has graced the big screen — he appeared in 2017's "Dunkirk." More recently, he was introduced as as Eros/Starfox to the Marvel Universe in a cameo in "The Eternals."

But “Don’t Worry Darling” marks Styles’ first leading role in a film that isn’t about his former boyband “One Direction.”

“me at the movie theaters everyday after don’t worry darling comes out,” one person tweeted alongside a picture of Styles in a theater seat, grinning wide, while a scene from the film played behind him.

Another person tweeted that they will not apologize “for the person i will become when i see harry styles in don’t worry darling.”

Shortly after the trailer was released, grids of images of Styles’ different looks and moments in the film began racking up thousands of likes and retweets.

Some who shared the grid suggested Styles was aging in reverse, said they’d gleefully allow him to “run me over with a car,” and admitted they “will not survive this movie.”

Watch the full trailer below.